Report: Fast heading to Whale, and potentially Rangers, on loan

S/t to Blueshirt Banter for the report.

Per Alex Nunn, who is a must follow for those wanted to keep track of Ranger prospects overseas, the SIHA¬†(Sweden Ice Hockey Association) has reached a deal with the NHL to allow prospects to come over to the NHL before the World Championships. For the Rangers, this means that Jesper¬†Fast (Fasth in Sweden, Fast in the US) will be loaned to the Connecticut Whale of the AHL until April 15. At that point, Fast must be returned to Sweden for the World’s.

Fast, who is already signed to a contract, may see some time with the Rangers. Scouts believe he is NHL ready, but he must first prove himself at the AHL level, which is the right move.

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    • Because the Hartford team is functionally contracted to the NY Rangers to provide players available on the current roster or the roster of other teams contracted with the Whale, Jesper becomes available… although he is considered “on loan” (contracted to SEL) he will occupy a Whale roster spot, making him eligble for promotion to the Rangers.. but in reality, I don’t think we will see him up with the big club for more than one game (if at all) due to the short time he is “on loan” (three weeks) and I suspect there are some injury liability clauses that the Whale does not want to risk.

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