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Bickel clears waivers, unhappy with treatment

As expected, Stu Bickel cleared waivers and will be sent to the Connecticut Whale in the AHL for tonight’s game. Bickel was not happy with the way he was treated, as Andrew Gross has some interesting quotes:

“It is what it is,” Bickel said. “It’s been tough for me to get an opportunity to play any minutes on the backend to develop some confidence.”

“I came up last year and I performed and was able to play some minutes and play well,” Bickel said. “I did everything I could with the opportunity. Getting less minutes, it’s more difficult to do what I want with it. (Now), it’s wait and see.”

It’s unfortunate that Bickel did not see much ice time, but when he did, he wasn’t too effective. Hopefully he can rebuild that confidence in Connecticut and make an impact.

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  • Torts never liked the kid, and he was always in the bow wow house!!!!

    Good luck Stu, your not as bad as they make you out top be. Improve on your skating, and try to have fun.

    • WHAT…? Tort’s LOVED this kid. He got WAY more chances to stay with the club because of his grit and his skreet! The problem lies in the fact that he has the lateral mobility of a telephone pole and skates like he’s in 3″ of SAND.. I don’t think he played badly other than his skating and mobility issues. I think a full season in Hartford and working with a power skating coach will improve his ability to stay with the Rangers (or some other NHL team) next season.

    • You’re kidding right? Bickel was Torts pet he played him in front of better players like Gilmore and Eminger at the beginning. At the end he did’nt play because the Rangers are desporate for points.

  • Bickle wasn’t ready to go after the lockout. He has to play more of a complete game to play in the NHL. Playing time has to be earned, it’s not peewee hockey.

  • I agree Bickel was not ready. However Stu Bickel had more points (9 last year) than Marc Staal, Eminger, Woywitka and a lot of other people. Now dont get me wrong, Stu played 51 games last regular season. Staal played 46 games in the regular season. Staal had like 16 PIM. Bickel had 108 PIM. So how does Bickel get more points than Staal? Now Bickel an play Wing or defensemen. So that is probably te reason why he stayed with te team. Torts could give a defensemen or a winger some rest or fill on for an injury. Not many options last year. Brendan Bell has experience. But be has to go though waivers and can’t play wing. Also Bickel started playing wing last season. He matched the same characteristics as a 4th line forward. Physical, can fight, etc. one other person comes to mind. Jared Nightingale. Nightingale isn’t ready and probably never will be. But out of all the options, Bickel was really the only option who can play multiple positions, fight, play a physical game. Slats should have found a better option than Bickel but there weren’t any options. So we had to deal with Bickel.

  • It was amazing to me that he did nothing to improve his skating skills in the long off season. He had to know what he needed to do and he either couldn’t or wouldn’t work to improve. I hope his time as a Ranger is over.

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