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As I mentioned yesterday, we here at Blue Seat Blogs like to dig deep and cover the Rangers from a very analytical level. Sometimes that’s systems posts, other times that’s advanced stats post, other times it’s scouting report-type posts. Today we wanted to go a different direction and get off our high horse. We reached out to one of our frequent readers, Vince Rosalia, to step back and give you all an overview of the Rangers from a fan perspective. We hope you enjoy.

Man, this team is done. From the coach on down everyone just sucks (except Nash and maybe Cally). We need to get rid of Gaborik, he is just a bum.  Can you believe he only had two assists the other night? Please, it was the power play, so it hardly counts.  He is only number two on the team in scoring, a whole two points behind Nash!

I don’t care if Gabby’s tied for the top goal scorer on the team for the second year running (as of Monday). It is clear Gabby is done and there is no chance of him picking it up this season. His current pace of 17 goals is a total loss.  We had better trade him for top talent while we can.  I mean, I am a commenter on a blog, so I know more than a GM and his scouts would.

And look at Kreider, he sucks too.  It was clear from the small sampling of last year’s playoffs that he was one of the next numbers to be raised to the MSG rafters. But now he is destroyed due to Torts constantly berating him.  I mean, we haven’t heard Torts trash him, and he has even said to the media that the kid is just learning and is fine, but WE know what is really going on behind the scenes and Torts is just feeding us lines.

I can’t believe Torts ruined him during the lockout while Kreider played poorly in the AHL.  And then he ruined him in the NHL by putting him in his famous dog house by not giving him top minutes. I can’t believe a coach would force a kid like Kreider to back-check and worry about playing defense. He kept him in the NHL too long.  And don’t tell me about needing to fill Nash’s spot due to injury.  Injuries are NEVER an excuse!  RUINED!

And look at what Torts has done to all the young forwards.  He clearly ruined Step and Hagelin.  Those guys are just simply floundering. In fact let’s give every forward on the Whale a slot on the top six on the top club! It’s a perfect plan.  Everyone knows that every one of our prospects are locks to be the cream of the crop of the NHL. It’s a no brainer.

Speaking of defensive responsibility…MDZ, that kid will be polishing Suit’s shoes real soon. He’s 22, with three seasons under his belt. Plenty of time for a dman to develop into what he is going to be. He’s another one that Torts ruined by holding him accountable and insisting he improves upon his mistakes. I wish Torts would just shut up and coach him.  Clearly that kid hasn’t shown improvement since his rookie year.

I mean it’s clear that the only players worth a damn on the team are Cally and Nash.  And Nash is clearly an idiot saying stupid crap like this the other night after a dominant performance over Tampa:

“You look at that first period and after, we stuck with the system and obviously the system works.  So if we can all buy in to that and stick with the system, we’re a good team.”

LOL Nash, clearly an ass kisser. Forget your systems and stats posts guys. This is where the Rangers are really at. 😉

Side note: If you can’t detect the sarcasm, you should just give up.

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  • I recall someone named Callahan being sent back to the minors several years ago.

    I wonder what ever happened to him? 🙂

  • I’m confused. Is Vince Rosalia Vince R? Or is the R in Rosalia just a code for Ricky Rants?

    • Man, you just gave me an existential crisis Spozo! No it’s me. And BTW everyone, I know I spar with Ricky, but it’s not directly at him (hi Ricky). Obviously some things are picked out of what he said, but most of this is based on various comments from the past few months (some regulars, some one-offs) and the stuff I hear in the stands at the game.

      • That was good lol. O and Hi VinceR.. Clearly Im not a rah rah fan of the NY Rangers I give them credit when its due But I also ride them like a rented mule. If everyone in here just went along with the happy go lucky. There would be no need for this forum.

        My name is made up from part of My real name. You will never see me say something and run away. I come back and read your replies. I am not here to cause trouble Nor am I a troll. I love the Rangers just as much as you all. Only I see the good and the bad.

        I have been all over and all for trading Stepan, And I still would for the right player. But I also gave him his due in a post in here last night. He looks like he is coming around.

        I have also ridden just about every player on this team to includ Hank. Sometimes its ment. And sometimes its just funny how players you talk smack about happen to make you look like a fool that night. And its all good.

        But like I said I speak My mind and I come back. At this time I am not happy with Gabbys overall play. And the only reason more arent all over him is because this team just happens to be in a playoff spot. I feel that if we were not people would see it like I do. I still feel he is being over paid for what were getting from him.

        Well now on another note and something we are all in agreement of. s hoping that Staal is not as bad as it looked last night. And that Roman has a few good games left in him.

        • I’ll probably not agree with you often, but I’ve come to know you aren’t a troll and aren’t here to push people’s buttons…and I have a good time sparring with you 😉

          Just wanted to point out the post wasn’t aimed necessarily at you, although I know you have a thick skin anyway.

          • O trust me I read just about everything in this forum. And I know that wasnt all about Me. I do feal that My last few posts might have had something to do with it. But hey If it was thats why we come here.

            I can take it just as much as I can give it. Besides when I get it in here I know Im getting it from Ranger fans who are just as much into this team as I am.

            All of you do a very good job. And I know that…

          • Vince- Great job with the post today buddy. This was very entertaining and a nice change of pace from the deep dive stuff. I appreciate a little sarcastapuck every now and then and this hit on that pretty well.

            Ricky – We don’t always agree with you, but know that your opinion is always welcomed here from the BSB guys. We enjoy reading comments from fans with all different opinions, so long as those comments are respectful of others within our community. And we know that your not one of those people looking to start a keyboard war.

            Good work gents!

  • So correct me if I’m wrong, but what you’re really saying is “bring back Avery!”

  • Surely a parody with a purpose. While some always believe the Cup is half full and others believe the Cup half empty, reality is in the standings. 8th Place is better than 9th. Consistency stems from hard work and good preparation. Surely moving in the right direction in the last 3. Let’s hope it lasts through the next long roadtrip.

    • If all we have to go off of are the standings, then what’s the point of even analyzing the Rangers? We’re trying to do more than just be an ESPN power rankings. I don’t believe our record tells the entire story.

    • You don’t understand how hard it was to keep this as short as it was…so many directions to go 🙂

  • Originally I meant to end it with this, but accidentally cut it out when I sent it:

    “Clearly he is another stupid Torts sympathizer so hell, let’s trade him before Torts ruins him. Let’s get some good talent back for him while he’s still worth something. Let’s just dump everyone but Callahan and get some decent players back. Because the time to make a cup run with this core is NOW!”

  • I dont think anyone ever said we lost chemistry solely because of the Nash trade. I think most were well on board with getting Nash.

    Its just that the trade gets brought up by some. Because of all the other moves that were also made. We lost six players from last years team not just two.

    At the time the deals were made no one knew there would be a long lockout And no one knew what young players would or not make the team this year.

    I only wanted them to keep John Mitchell He is having a great year and could surely be used on our team.

  • Clearly this site has their head up Gaboriks’ backside. He doesn’t hit, doesn’t kill penalties doesn’t block shots and when was the last time he put the puck in the net. Is he even in the top 50 in NHL scoring. Right, you never looked at how others are performing only your fair head boy Gabs. The sooner they dump him and his bloated salary, the better off the franchise will be. Open your eyes.

    • So you are completely disregarding the year he had last year? Yes he has not played great this year, but to get rid of him after playing “mediocre” (still second on the team in scoring) through twenty games after having shoulder surgery? Do you know what a knee jerk reaction is? That’s what it is.

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