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X-Rays negative on Girardi, fans can exhale (kinda)

First things first, apologies for not having a goal breakdown for you guys. Last night was one of those rare nights where none of the five of us were available to write it. Then again, an angry drunk recap is probably not the best thing for the Rangers fan base right now.

For those of you unaware, Girardi took a rocket of a slap shot last night from P.K. Subban off his right ankle in the closing minutes of the game. He was unable to leave the ice under his own power. With that said, we were able to get some good news. According to Bob McKenzie, X-Rays on Girardi are negative. Whether or not he’ll miss any time is  still up in the air, but for now we’ve all dodged a bullet.

Ryan McDonagh was nailed face-first into the boards by Max Pacioretty during the second period last night. He did not return to the game. Pacioretty’s feet left the ice on the hit and a 2 min boarding call was made, which of course the Rangers couldn’t capitalize on. Pacioretty is expected to meet with Shanaban today. Max was clearly retaliating for a hit McD put on him earlier in the game. Anything less than 2-3 games would be a crime.

There’s no word on whether McDonagh has sustained a concussion, but I would be surprised if he didn’t. Tortorella wisely gave the boys off today, so we may not hear anything until tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted as updates come in.

Here’s a clip from Torts’ presser. Yea, he’s not happy.

Hold fast Rangers fans, hold fast.

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  • From Dale Rolfe being pummeled to Marc Staal being leveled by his own brother to McD being boarded, sadly this organ-eye-zation has rarely showed any sort of “come to the aid” response. Gravy for Mess is about the only example I can think of and ironically, Mark could take care of himself.

    As for McD, we may not be as lucky re: eventual recovery as we were with Marc’s. Let’s hope so. And don’t count on any suspension if Shanny can’t even suspend a guy for blatantly severing someone’s Achilles tendon with their skate!

    Of course, a big on Girardi’s ankle not being broken but still, and with all due respect, why on Earth did he go down to block a shot during a penalty kill with less than 2 minutes left in a 3-zip game….facing SUBBAN, no less?!…Force of habit? Fear of being benched next game? Doing his “best” Cally-Chara imitation? The world may never know…

    • G blocks shots. Always has, always will, regardless of who his coach is. It’s in his DNA for better or worse. But I’m not surprised “those” fans are already pointing fingers at John. Figures.

    • Marc

      Again, it comes back to the heart, and soul of the team of last year, PRUST! He would have knocked the snot out of Pacioretty, instead, he sat on the other teams bench. With him gone, so has the fire in the gut of this team!!!!!

  • Girardi should have the “A” over Richards, you do not take time off due to the score or time left in a game, that is how bad habits develop.

  • Giradi is a warrior and when he went down after blocking Subbans’ slap shot it was difficult not to expect the worse. There should of been some on ice retribution when McDonagh was plowed from behind into the boards by Max Petioretty, if not immediately, then at some point in the hockey game. The same goes for when your goalie gets almost decapitated by a knee in the head when he is in his crease.
    The Ranger squad has become easy to play against. Team toughness plays an important role if a hockey team wants to be successful as does a productive powerplay. The Rangers needs a skilled tough guy and a defenseman who can run their powerplay if they want to make the playoffs.

    As, I continue to blog Marion Gaborik needs to be dangled to meet these needs. While, he may be enamoured by fans at Madison Square Gardens, his style of play would be more suited in the West. He rightfully belongs in Tortorellas’ doghouse. He may be your boy, but he’s not mine.

    • Biron said it best last night when he noted that the Rangers used to be a hard team to play against. They had grit and played physical, they were a shutdown team who stood up for one another. We haven’t seen that yet this year, and Biron said they all have to put in the effort to get back to that identity.

  • I took a look at the upcoming free agents list. The following Rangers are set to become free agents

    Mcdonagh, Sauer, Stepan, Hagelin, Eminger, Delisle, Niemi, Ferriero, Halpern, Gilroy, Pyett, Collins, Palmieri, Segal, Mashinter, Parlett, Vernace.

    I assume the Rangers will resign
    Mcdonagh, Stepan, Hagelin, Ferriero, Gilroy, and a couple of these depth guys. If Sauer does fully recover, than he could get a tryout.
    I assume Halpern will retire. I am hoping Boyle is traded.

    Alot of big names in the free agent market. Semin, Elias, Iginla, Perry Getzlaf, Jagr, Morrow, Antropov, Kovalev. Also there is Eric Fehr, Mike Mottau, Wolski, Dylan Reese, Adam Hall, Dane Byers. I am hoping Slats will consider some of these. Reese can be a bottom pair defensemen. He is cheap. Mottau can also be a bottom pair defensemen. Also cheap. Bottom 6 are paid too much. Boyle can be replace with Adam Hall. Also cheap. Fehr is only 27. He is paid like $600K. Same with Wolski. The big names are expensive. Antropov isnt worth $4 mill. He helped NYR’s PP and had chemistry. I can see Perry/Getzlaf/Morrow coming if Gaborik and Richards are moved. Richards has a NMC. Gabby has a NTC. Jagr could come back for really cheap. And help the PP. We need younger top 6 forwards like Morrow, Perry and Getzlaf

    Season after that, Rangers free agents are, the prospects
    Gabby, Callahan, Pyatt, Biron Girardi, MDZ, Bickel, Stralman, Asham, Powe, Kreider &Boyle. And Hank

    I assume they will resign, Cally, Pyatt? MDZ, Hank, Powe & Kreider

    I assume Asham will retire. McIlrath should be ready after next season so Stralman looks like he’s out of NY.m

    The rest of the big name free agents that i like are Malkin, Vanek, Thornton, Marleau, Heatley, Dan Boyle, Datsyuk, Stastny, Phaneuf, Sedin brothers, Cammalleri, Kessel, Hemsky & Bergeron.

    I would like to see Malkin, Hemsky, Kessel and Bergeron. Cant afford Phaneuf. No point in signing older Players like Sedin bros, Datsyuk, Marleau, Thornton, Heatley. Vanek is paid too much for little value. He cant get another 40 goal season. Phaneuf has 2 20 goal seasons back in like 05-06 seasons. He would be good on the PP but he costs alot and he is a top 2 defensemen. And we pay alot for our defensemen. He is a left handed shot so we would likely have to give up Staal & MDZ/or Mcdonagh. Cause of salary. Malkin would be expensive too. Vanek at cheap price could do it.

    • Too many guys on your list that you mentioned, will need a walking cane soon. Stick to the young kids, let them develope. We tried the other option for too many years, and all we got were over the hill relics, that cost way too much money, for zero return!

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