Suggestion Sunday: Why not Leetch for a specialist coach?

Bad PP? Wonder who could fix it?
Bad PP? Wonder who could fix it?

I’m assuming the Rangers don’t have an issue with their former legend Brian Leetch and I’m assuming Leetch doesn’t hate Glen Sather for moving him out of New York to the Leafs all those years ago. So, why not get him on board and help right the wrongs of the current roster?

This is just food for thought on a lazy Sunday afternoon but other clubs have brought in specialist coaches such as the Sharks with Larry Robinson and Jim Johnson to directly deal with previous issues. The Sharks had a woeful PK (amid other things) and the new coaches helped right away. They dealt with their issues proactively.

Whether it’s Leetch or not, it’s both puzzling and frustrating that the Rangers don’t appear ready or able to think outside of the box to remedy several issues haunting the club for a while now. Despite quality individuals the Rangers have iced a mediocre powerplay (to put it very, very mildly) for several seasons. In addition, defensemen such as Michael De Zotto and Marc Staal have shown no improvement in their ability to put the puck on net effectively and thus the cry for a powerplay quarterback has never gone away and several Rangers blueliners struggle with their shots.

Leetch is the greatest defenseman the Rangers ever had and he’s still in fine shape. If he was willing to utilise his vast skills and experiences surely he could help and even if he couldn’t, he’s not exactly a sudden burden on the cap. It’s often the teams that continue to seek improvements and who are willing to embrace change that are the successful ones. Maybe the Rangers should strive to improve areas of weakness much like the Sharks did.

Coach Tortorella is a proud, passionate man. He’s loyal and that can be the only reason the coaching staff hasn’t changed. It needs change; it needs fresh impetus to help a quality team with some serious issues. No one is saying Tortorella is under threat (a ridiculous notion) and no one is saying Mike Sullivan needs to be tossed aside for a rookie coach like Leetch would be, but the Rangers need to address the powerplay ASAP, so why not Leetch?

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  • You can teach all day long, but if the players can’t perform their tasks, what good is it? I believe that Brian would be great at teaching the PP, but would Torts ego permit it? As an Italian I can say this, talking to him is like talking to the wall, my mom would say that about me, and she was right!

    On another note, ask the question again about Richards value, and or should we buy him out. The man is lifeless, it seems like he doesn’t want to be here. Maybe we can package him off with Torts, for a number 15 draft pick!!!

  • On a more serious note, lets hope McD, and Girardi are OK, man if they are out for any period of time, call it a season.

  • Looks like Girardi will be ok Xrays came up negitive. Still waiting to here from McD tho. I say its time we saw McIlrath on broadway. It may be our only option right now.

  • As for Leetch stepping in as a PP savior, much as I, you and many of us would ADORE Brian running our PP, that won’t happen for 3 reasons, among others:

    1) Brian clearly enjoys the stress-free, part-time work of being an MSG TV analyst,

    2) From no less than 2 encounters I have had with him during the past several years, Brian genuinely cherishes his free time coaching his hockey-playing kids and doing charity work

    and most importantly,

    3) Why on EARTH would Brian want to work under a stress-inducing, Machiavellian coach like Torts, when he admittedly abhorred “working” for a similar one in Iron Mike Keenan, Cup win to not?

    My hunch is that if there was a different coaching regime in place, Leetchie might remotely consider doing it. But it ain’t happenin’ any time soon with this one, my friends.

    And who could blame him?

  • Coaching would be one thing. The thought of him playing for Torts NO WAY. at his age he is not gonna want to play this style at all.

    And could you even see him blocking a shot at this age NO WAY.

  • I thought for a minute you wanted BL for a non-playing coach. I’ve noticed that the Rangers are the only team I’ve seen all year with only two coaches behind the bench. Clearly Torts is unable to teach/coach a power play. PP is LAST in the NHL as of a couple of days ago, and it has stunk for a couple of years now. Personally I think it’s time for Torts to go. The passive/aggressive nature of the man towards everyone, the inability and impatience to keep lines together in the hopes they gel, the overall lack of scoring pretty much all year all point towards him losing this team and as the old sports axiom says, it’s easier to fire one guy than 20 guys.

  • Please! why not Leech? Tortorella will not allow it. It is his way or the highway. Which is why I said last month, time to set Tortorella’s GPS for the highway. He has lost this team, they no longer want to play for this kind of narcissist. It is too taxing! Let’s get someone in here who is willing and able to allow the talented players on this team play to their abilities.

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