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Around the Farm: St. Croix nets three points in victory

Michael St. Croix continued his high scoring ways last night in Edmonton, leading the Oil Kings in the WHL to a 7-0 victory. St. Croix scored Edmonton’s second goal of the contest, and added two more assists in the win.

The only other prospect in action last night was Peter Ceresnak of Peterborough in the OHL. Peterborough got spanked last night by a score of 9-4, but Ceresnak managed to chip in an assist and managed to maintain an even rating for the game.

Be sure to check after the jump for the full scoring lines for the games. Also check out our Prospect Stats page for season long scoring lines.

  • WHL
    • Michael St. Croix (Edmonton, W 7-0): 1 G, 2 A, 0 PIM, +1
  • OHL
    • Peter Ceresnak (Peterborough, L 9-4): 0 G, 1 A, 0 PIM, Even

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  • Players like this are putting us into a situation. Michael St. Croix 5’11 179 Shane McColgan 5’9 165, Ryan Bourque 5’9 170, Christian Thomas 5’9 170, Jesper Fast 5’11 165, With only having around four other prospects with decent size. I think its time for the rangers to move one or two of these guys.

    Marek Hrivik, Kyle Jean, Andrew Yogan, Jason Wilson, Steven Fogarty, Boo Nieves and Oscar Lindberg are the only other prospects that havent been called up allready that this team has with any real chance of making it in the near future and some of them could be 3 to 4 years away.

    So with having five undersized guys that might have a chance at cracking the top six one day. You would have to say that only one of them is gonna make it, Only Bourque and McColgan are third line players, The rest would have to make the top six And with Miller, Kreider, Nash, Cally, maybe being LOCKED in. And other young players that have more size. These smaller players arent going to get much of a chance.

    SO I say lets make a deal now. Maybe a 5 or 6 D man. Or another Power forward. If you go after the right player you could make a package of Hags, And one or two of those smaller players I mentioned and maybe even a pick And you can make things happen.

    Dont jump all over Me because I only used Rangers players as trade bait. I did not mention any player comming our way So you cant say You will never get that player for what your offering. And hell if Sather can get Powe and Palmieri for Rupp Ide love to see what he could bring back for Some of those players I just mentioned.

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