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Rangers call up J.T. Miller/Brandon Mashinter; Send Benn Ferriero down

In the second big move of the day, the Rangers have called up forwards J.T. Miller and Brandon Mashinter from the CT Whale, and returned Benn Ferriero to the AHL. Despite impressing in his debut, Ferriero saw reduced time on the ice, and with the acquisition of Darroll Powe, the writing may have been on the wall for the forward. This won’t be his last trip to the NHL.

In eight games with the Whale, Mashinter has a line of 3-4-7 and has been one of the best forwards on the ice. Miller, the Rangers prized prospect, has a line of 8-12-20 in 37 games, and has really picked up his game since his slow start to the season.

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  • Is this the prelude to something bigger? On paper it looks like Powe will slip into Rupps place so what is the point of recalling two prospects? I doubt they would be brought up without the intent of playing them.

  • This Rangers team is beginning to look much, much different than last season. Prust, Fedotenko, Anisimov, Dubinsky, Rupp, etc all gone. Now we have Nash, Pyatt, Halpern, Powe, Mashinter, Miller. There are also injuries.

    Is anyone concerned about a lack of chemistry, or a lack of cohesion? The bonds that led this team to sacrifice for eachothet last year just doesn’t seem to be there this year. All the momentum of last season, gone. This is no longer the team anxious for a second chance. It’s a team about to clumsily search for a new identity. I know it’s early, but I chalk this season up to the growing pains of a very new NY Rangers.

    • If he plays more then 5 games I think he loses that. I think its changed this year due to the strike but Im not sure.

    • I don’t think you throw away an enhanced shot at the Cup this year just to save a year on Miller’s ELC. The question is “Can Miller be a big factor this year or not?”

  • They also placed Callahan on IR – somebody will have to go when he is reactivated. Regarding Miller, where does this 5 game thing come from? Everything I can find points to a 10 game max.

  • Usually the limit on games before your charged against your ELC is 10 years. Because of the short season, that number is reduced to 5 games.

    I am looking forward to seeing Miller at this level, I believe that he can, and will stand tall!!!!!

  • I think calling up Miller could be a smart move. By the time his 5 game limit is reached, we will have a good idea of what he can do out there (maybe try playing him with Stepan and Hagelin). If they like what he is doing, then we keep him up and welcome Cally back and our squad looks stronger. If he looks like he needs more time, send him back down to the Whale and replace him with Cally. Either way works and keeps us from taking any backwards steps. However, if JT plays well and earns a spot on the team, then expect some contract disputes with some of our better players a few years from now.

    Also, can someone clarify if this is the Palmeiri from the Devils a few seasons ago? If so, then I am pretty excited. I remember thinking that this guy had some potential, so don’t count him out on providing some depth on our third or fourth line.

    • Yes it is. He also played on the U-20 team with Step if I remember right, and has an edge to him. Could use a little more improvement on the skill side, but that could come in due time.

  • I am almost certain that since Miller is playing in CT and not Plymouth (juniors) this year his first year on his ELC is already used up. In other words the 5 game window doesn’t apply here.

    When the Rangers decided to place Miller with CT in September 2012 they already burned year one of his ELC.

    • Chris,

      Normally you’d be correct, but since Miller is only 19, his time in the AHL will NOT burn a year on his ELC. His ELC will only kick in if he stays with the big club for more than the trial period- normally 10 games but only 5 in this shortened season.

      That’s a tidbid I learned from reading this blog. BSB FTW

  • As well as Pyatt is playing I would like to see Miller get some help in the NHL and be brought along with the likes of Hags and Stepan (the young guns). I think putting torts will/should slot him there. He wouldnt have been called up to play fourth line minutes. Here are the lines I’d like to see:


    Finally no Bickel!!!!!

    • JT Miller is better at Center and he also plays LW. If they used him there The line would have no real size. Play him with Gaby so that the heat is off him and give him a real chance. To get the job done. Besides that Stepan line has something going right now We shouldnt mess with it.

  • Ruff was definitely a character guy. But I think injuries have taken their toll on him and he had slowed down a step. I like what Sather is doing: building a stable of big, young grinders, who got something too prove. His last few trades have been good ones.

  • No doubt Ruff was a character guy. But I think injuries have taken their toll on him and he had slowed down a step. I like what Sather is doing: building a stable of big, young grinders, who got something too prove. His last few trades have been good ones.

  • Maybe we will see other prospects. Would love to see mcilrath for a few games. As well as Thomas and borque

    • I dont think we will be seeing any of those guys this year. Thomas doesnt give us anything we need right now. He is too small for 3rd and 4th lines. And just doesnt score enough to go to the top 2 lines.

      Borque is losing what was once a promising future. But its still too early to know for sure.

      And McIlrath is recovering slowly from an injury. He is playing again But not really doing much yet.

  • Mike Rupp gave us all he had, and I thank him for that effert. We got him in his twlight of his career, but he was very good with the kids, in the locker room, and based on last season, he really didn’t have much left in the gas tank. Good luck to you Mike!

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