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Goal Breakdown: Flyers at Rangers

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Tonight’s breakdown is courtesy of The Suit and Dave. All in all, the Rangers played a very strong game. They followed up their great win against Toronto with another good showing against a Philadelphia team that will likely be heading to the playoffs.  The game had its ups and downs, and the Rangers took way too many penalties, but their special teams came to play, killing off several third period penalties. It also helps that Ryan Callahan added a powerplay goal in the second.

On to the goals…

Flyers 0, Rangers 1

Great forechecks breed gret goals. The play starts with Boyle and ends with Boyle. Brian was working the puck deep in the Flyers endzone, using his big frame to protect the puck. Ferriero comes in along the half boards and provides great puck support. Benn passes the puck to MDZ at the point, who just rifles one through traffic and in. Boyle moved into the high slot and screened Bryz.

Flyers 0, Rangers 2

The Rangers finally got some player and puck movement on the power play and when you get those two elements, good things happen. The play starts with MDZ finding Nash on the zone entry. Nash takes it low in the zone, draws coverge and works the puck up to Girardi at the point. Girardi feeds MDZ with a lateral, who draws coverage and sends it back to Girardi. Dan finds Nash in the high slot and litterally draws the whole PK towards him. Nash passes the puck to MDZ, who dropped behind coverage and was stationed at the left post. MDZ one touches it to Cally for the put home. Just a terrific goal.

Dave’s got you from here…

Flyers 1, Rangers 2

Joe actually had a nice breakdown of this goal on TV, and there’s not much to add here. The Rangers, after taking a bad penalty, got caught out of position with three guys battling along the boards in the corner. Jeff Halpern was the lone Ranger not in the corner, but he too drifted way too far in the play. Once the puck was free, Halpern bit on the play behind the net, leaving all four Rangers either in the corner or below the goal line. Once Halpern bites, it means there are at least two open Flyers at the point. Kimmo Timonen makes a good call and moves to the top of the circle. All Wayne Simmonds had to do was put the puck on his tape. It also helps that Timonen had a perfect shot.

There were a lot of tense moments in the closing minutes, but Hank stood tall and preserved the 2-1 win. The win gives the Rangers their first back-t0-back victories of the year, and gets them back to .500.

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  • I usually hate the Orange Crud, but I would like to give kudos to Max Talbout for immediately calling for the trainer when Cally went down. After watching Dave Schultz hammer (pun intended) Dale Rolfe, it was nice to see someone on the Flyers actually be more concerned about another human being than the color of his uniform.

    Very impressed.


    • HEH THE SUIT…I normally do not reply to comments, not because I am anti-social, its that I do not have a lot of time, and keep my comments to the ISSUE @ that time…BUT HERE YOU GO…I do get the feeling this team is coming together..PP better…FACEOFFS better….GOALTENDING much better….BUT,,Captains Injury huge…I still feel we will need to add scoring to 3rd & 4th lines.

  • Hags isn’t producing much in the way of point production, but he is sure turning into a premium penalty killer. I also liked Girardi’s composure on the Power Play. Any news on Callahan? I was hoping you guys had an update as it doesn’t sound good. Cally is an inspiration to every grinder who has laced up a pair of hockey skates.

  • They’re reevaluating him tomorrow, so stay tuned. My guess is it looked like a hyper extended elbow or shoulder when Talbot pulled on him after he was down.

  • Hags used his speed real well tonite, Led to some good things. And Del Z shows what happens when you shoot the puck. Lets hope this team can keep doing that.

    No goals from the big three tonite. But Nash was still someone that had to be delt with all night. LOVE IT

  • Hey, Del Zotto shot it low and hard! Been waiting for him to do that all season. He does it and good things happen.

    Low and hard is the way to go when shooting from the point.

  • Let’s remember that Philly is a mid-tier team. If we can look the same against the Bruins and Pitt, then I can come back from the ledge.

  • Just careful when you think like that…

    We did beat Boston already (albeit gave them back a point) and only play them once more. Only the third time (Feb 12th) will we have had enough games under us to give us a decent clue on how we pair up.

    Also it’s hard to compare with such a small sampling of games…we played them opening night after 5 days of camp, and then a few nights later. Hard to really pin down an accurate assessment off of two games given the timing. When we play Boston on Feb 12th, it will be the last time we see them until May, if at all. Who knows what either team will look like then.

    When it comes to PIT, we beat Toronto, who had recently smoked Pittsburgh. Then PIT also got smoked by the Isles last night. While the Isles don’t look as terrible as usual (so far), they don’t have anyone shaking in their boots. We will see how we look on Thursday, but it’s also just one game. I’m more interested in March 16th and April 3rd and 5th.

    I’m more concerned about play game-in, game-out. If they play well it will all work itself out, no matter who the opponent. With that said, I’m currently on the ledge waiting for news on the captain. Ugh.

    • I never get how inter-team relationships are so inconsistent: the Isles seem to have the Pens number (remember the Isles beat them twice in back to back nights last year to help the Rangers keep first place?), but the Pens run circles around the Rangers.

  • Someone said no points from the big line, but Nash was a monster last night. He played as sound a game as you can ask for, without scoring himself. He did PK, and was a force to be play against last night.

    Get well Callie!

    • Nash did get that secondary assist on the PP, so he got one point.

      Man, I know it won’t be quick getting news about Cally, but I can’t help myself from refreshing web pages twice a second!

    • EEEEESH…MRI later this afternoon. . Keeping fingers crossed, at least it’s late January and not late April.

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