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Addressing the P.K. Subban rumors


Bruce “Malkin To The Kings” Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun made news yesterday when he mentioned the Rangers in an article involving the Habs and P.K. Subban:

If the Habs decide to deal Subban, Detroit, Philadelphia and the Rangers will make a push.

Naturally, throwing the Rangers out there is par for the course with pretty much all rumors, especially one that involves a soon-to-be star. But this one appears to be a little too much when looking at Subban’s contract demands:

As reported last week, Subban wants a five-year, $27.5-million deal at $5.5 million per season. Sources say Bergevin used Florida D Dmitry Kulikov (two years, $5 million) and New York D Michael Del Zotto (two years, $5.1 million) as comparisons.

The middle ground between the ask price and the counter is about $4 million per season, or five years, $20 million. This would make Subban the highest paid Ranger defenseman. But that wouldn’t necessarily be an issue. The issue is that $4 million price tag, especially heading into next season and the season after. This season, the Rangers would be able to handle that cap hit, as they can place Michael Sauer on LTIR, giving the $1.25 million extra in cap room to work with.

Looking at next season, the Rangers have 16 players under contract with roughly $11 million in cap space. That does not include the expiring contracts of Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan, and Carl Hagelin. We tackled the issue of getting the Rangers to the proposed $60 million cap hit prior to the end of the lockout. Without rehashing the entire post, the Rangers would struggle to hit the $60 million cap hit. By adding Subban and the $4 million cap hit (proposed), they would essentially need to do the same thing, but with 17 players under contract instead of the 16 currently locked up.

Getting to $64.3 million with Subban, especially considering the fact that a trade would reduce that number, isn’t an impossible task. However, the cap is supposed to dip to roughly $62 million for the 2014-2015 season. Complicating this is that the Rangers have just three players (Henrik Lundqvist, Brad Richards, Marc Staal) under contract for that season. That gives the Rangers roughly $46 million to get an entire team under contract. With Subban and the $4 million cap hit, it would give the Rangers $42 million to get 19 players under contract. Considering the players that would need to be re-upped, that would be extremely difficult.

While the Rangers would be a great fit for Subban, and Subban would give the Rangers the best blue line in the league, the timing of this just doesn’t work out for the Rangers. They need to see how much they have committed to Stepan, Hagelin, and McDonagh before they can commit more money to a player like Subban. It’s a nice rumor, but the timing doesn’t work out.

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  • Dave your right on the money with this one .we would be pushing it with that type of contract.did the numbers on cap geek and it just doesn’t fit.also you read a lot about his atitude and that he’s not a great presence in the locker I say pass on this one.

  • If there is any truth to the story, Slats would be crazy making this deal!

    Paying Subban $4+ mil per year, what do you pay McD, whom I believe is a better all around d-man, and is a class act. I question Subban’s character, and from what I understand, they named a street after him, “One Way”, horray for me, and f**k you.

    People throw names out there to stur the pot, but as good as this guys is, and I will give him credit, he is good, I think he would be a cancer in the locker room. With quotes like ” I want to be paid what I’m worth”, this kid has a high self worth, is out of touch with reality.

    The cap is what it is, the days of run away contracts is gone, these guys should be realistic with their demands!

  • He thinks he is bigger than the game, not a good fit for NYR. The more he sits out the more money he is losing, I give the Habs lots of,credit on this one

  • According to Cap Geek, 2014-15 only sees Staal (3.975 mil), Richards (6.667 mil) and Nash (7.800 mil) still signed. As much as I like the Nash move right now, that’s a big number for a long time, and if his performance dips even slightly after a couple of years, he’s gonna get a lot of flak.

    • Over the long term, that might work out from a “cap” standpoint, but that is a lot of talent to give up.

    • So we still have a problem with our defensive depth and are even thinner at forward? Subban’s great but we are creating more problems then we are solving there.

  • Slats has to get involved here, if for no other reason other than to raise the price on Holmgren.

    I think it would probably cost MDZ and Kreider to get him, but it sort of makes sense if it is going to take Kreider two to three years to become a 25+ goal scorer and we’re in the whole “win now” mode. Subban (who I personally don’t like) absolutely gives us two shutdown pairs, so it’s tempting. But again, Slats has to at least put a bid in to make things interesting.

    • Disagree to giving up Kreider and his potential.
      I’m more flexible about MDZ, but moving him for a D is a lateral move.

      Would be good with Stepan and a throw in like Thomas or Bourque, maybe Habs also need a replacement D now, add Eminger.

      Subban is obviously a + and – in obtaining and keeping.

  • I think Subbans attitude would be much better NY than Montreal (and by better I mean more positive than in Montreal). If you look by last years standing he goes from number 15 in the conference (last) to 1 (first). If a legitimate shot at a cup doesnt make you more happy and positive, I dont know what will.

    Attitude asside, I still would not take him. Too much would need to be dealt to the habs and would only amplify our lack of depth issue.

  • Bah. It doesn’t matter who you get, the system sucks. Per Torts

    “It’s such a strange year with a lot of teams, a lot of players struggling because of a lack of camp,” Tortorella said. “Let’s face it, that’s the reason. It’d be nice to keep that line together but other guys need to get going. I can’t get a dependency there because if that struggles, we have no chance.

    That’s the reason, lack of camp makes it easier to pick apart his Kindergarten breakout strategies, and neutral zone rushes….

    Not to mention his “Special” Teams strats.

    Need to be more dynamic. Otherwise the Zamboni operator will only have to do half a sheet of ice….

    • No matter how many x’s and o’s or system related posts I do, you still spew this garbage. I mean we score a beauty from a designed breakout play (Richie’s neutral zone tip?) and this is what you waste your time typing? When will you learn Mikey with three y’s, when will you learn…

  • You are so weak on this subject. Now that he’s signed, lets start talking sense. Lets support PK & the Habs. We’re off to a great start for a change. Lets talk of the positives like Bourque’s play & especially the confidence Therrien is showing him. The past coaching staff tried to harness PK & control him. I believe Therrien welcomes him with open arms & uses the “Secretariat” method: “Let him Run”! His gunslinger style will give the Habs an unpredictable element will give us an edge & the fans the excitement they deserve.
    Go Habs!

  • Replying to the general article, the only solution to salary cap long term appears to be to trade Brad Richards, or use buy-out on him next year or right after.

    Nothing vs. BR, just saying since we are not losing Nash or Gaborik, and thinking of asking Hank to take a little off top of next contract, Richards is one heavy # we have to axe to keep everbody else.

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