Arnott does not pass physical, deal with Rangers is dead

Per John Shannon, the “newly signed” Jason Arnott did not pass his physical for the Rangers. This will kill any potential deal with the organization, and Arnott will return to the free agent pool. No details have been released about what prevented him from passing the physical. However, Arnott did have knee surgery over the summer, so that may be what killed it.

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  • I think this is first time I have ever heard of a player not passing a physical, in any sport. I’m not too familiar with what arrnott brings to the table but 1.6 mil seems like a steep price tag for him

  • Honestly, whoever we sign now isn’t going to be as motivated knowing they weren’t really who the rangers were looking for. should give Ferriero a good look. Bringing in anyone now, to me, doesn’t seem like a good move.

  • The Rangers don’t need Arnott if he has Drury knees. It might be time to hang them up after 20 years. Not everyone can be a Jagr or Salanne.

    It was only 1 game, but lets see what Ferriero brings to the table against the Flyers on Tuesday. He looks to have the speed and grit to fill in while Kreider deals with his ankle issues, and learns the Pro game.

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