Rangers sign Jason Arnott

Via Darren Dreger, the Rangers have agreed to terms with veteran center Jason Arnott on a one year deal worth between $1.6-$1.7 million. ┬áMore to come as details become available, but considering the Rangers’ lack of depth at forward and the early season face-off woes, I think this is a great pick up.

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  • Would he play 2nd line or third? Stepan probably wont play LW cause hea a right handed shot. Which means its hard to pass and accept a pass.

  • Happy about the signing. Not happy if it pushes Boyle to wing. Boyle is the only player who is 50+% on faceoffs, and it’s not particularly close. Stepan long term just doesn’t seem like a C. We’ll see.

  • Great now all we need is a goalie. Lundy is just not ready yet he is the only player that gets a free pass. I thaughthaving an Allstar goalie was suppose to give us an edge???

  • I love it when I call a player out. And he comes thru. Hank got better as the game went along.

    As for this pickup of Arnot I do not see it as getting older. We dont have enough players on this team with his years. He has been thru all the wars that we want to be in. I think at the moment its the best deal we can make without having to lose players.

    Another big body that can still skate. ts a shortened season. He can win important faceoffs and can still score. He will make the players around him better as well. And this team can sure use that.

    Just where will he fit in is what Ide like to know.

    Ide like to see us spread out the off now. lines could go like this.

    Gabby, Richards, Cally

    Nash, Arnott, Pyatt

    Hags, Stepan, Boyle

    With lines like this Torts wouldnt have to wear down the top line.

    • The lines make sense, and if Jason can play at the level he played at last year, that would work!

      Still believe that Torts should use the fourth line more than just 2-4 minutes a game. Look at NJ, Montreal, Caps, Philly, Pens 4th lines, they get their time out there and are effective. With the short season, give these guys a little more ice time, don’t run the top 2 lines into the ground.

  • With the Rangers needing a forward that can handle the puck what would you guys think of putting Gilroy at the wing? Ide like to see him on a line with Boyle at center.

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