Musings: Why are people always saying to trade Marc Staal?

Did you know that Staal has brothers? (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Did you know that Staal has brothers? (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Over the past few days, we’ve covered the need for a bottom-pairing defenseman here, here, here, here, and here. Suffice it to say, we think it’s a glaring hole that none on the current roster can adequately fill for a Stanley Cup contending team. But yet, despite that glaring hole, many think that the Rangers should trade Marc Staal for reasons that we will get to below. It just boggles the mind. Here are a few of the reasons why people think the Rangers should trade Staal:

1. He hasn’t been the same since his concussion.

This was absolutely true last season. Staal was clearly off his game when he returned for last year’s Winter Classic, and his struggles followed him right through the playoffs. That said, he was still able to be a big minutes eater in the postseason, and there’s nothing to lead us to believe that he is still having issues from his concussion. We think he’s going to be a major difference maker this year. It’s been a year since his return. He’s had some obvious rust, but let’s give it at least five games before you say his brains are mush.

2. He has brothers in Carolina and obviously won’t re-sign with the Rangers.

Wait…the Staals are brothers? I had no idea.

3. His contract is expiring and he won’t re-sign with the Rangers.

Staal has two more years at $3.975 million per season. He’s one of three Rangers signed past next season. He’s not going anywhere.

4. He wants to play with his brothers.

Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he likes New York. Maybe he wants to set himself apart from Eric and Jordan (Jared doesn’t count). Maybe he realizes that the Rangers are much closer to a Cup than the Canes.

5. Some combination of 1, 2, 3, and 4 means the Rangers want to trade him…to fill a defensive hole?

Well this just makes zero sense.

This ridiculousness has actually gotten to the point where an entire musings post was dedicated to it. Bottom line: The Rangers would be ill-advised to trade Marc Staal at the moment. He plays a too-important role on this team, and dealing him would be a gigantic step backward. Can we end the crazy talk now please?

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  • Who would trade for Staal knowing he could bolt for Carolina in the offseason and why would Carolina trade for someone they may sign in two summers anyway.

    If we’re gonna lose him, we’re gonna lose him. Nothing we can do about it, but try to win a Cup while we have him.

  • The team needs to strengthen their D not trade one of them away. Just silly to think Staal is going anywhere…

    • I agree. He was strong most of the game. i think he will have his old, dominant season, like he did before last year.

      WOW! This might be the first musings I have ever seen that was entirely devoted to 1 “muse”

  • I don’t think there is any chance the Rangers trade Staal. He finally was hitting his potential right before his concussion, and after last night it is starting to look like he has found his game again. he was joining the rush, pinching at the right time, making smart passes…when he is at full health this guy is one of the best defensemen in the league. once he gets his offensive game back going again…he might be the best defenseman in the league. no way the rangers trade him unless carolina offers up something ridiculous (Skinner, Faulk, 1st round pick).

  • How does Sather usually work in these situations? Will he open a dialogue next offseason about a possible contract extension to get a feel towards where Staal is leaning towards? Or does he usually go in to the season and let it play from there? I’m assuming that he would extend Staal if he could.

  • Now is the time to trade Stall because: he now has a concussion history, he only has this yr. and next left on his contract, and would NY extend him, and for how much? Trade him to Carolina, who would overpay a little – Faulk and 1st rd. pick. We keep the pick and trade Faulk to Montreal for PK Subban.

    • He has two years after this one. And you really think everything would just fall in line that perfectly? And we wouldn’t be addressing finding more quality Dmen, we would be scrambling to replace one we just traded, net zero. Makes zero sense.

    • Also funny that in under ten minutes you have more thumbs up than any post I’ve seen put up here, yet no one agreeing with comments…interesting.

    • Well golly gee, while you are giving away Staal then you might as well trade Lundqvist cause he sucks. Yes he sucks because the Rangers haven’t won a single cup since he has been here.

      Not to mention he will be a UFA in 2 seasons and he will leave because he sucks. |

      Given your expertise as a NHL GM I am sure you can come up with a trade that would be better than anything Sather could do (and you know Sather sucks too).

      Mike why not offer Lundqvist to Vancouver for Luongo? Toss in that Kreider player (because he sucks) and maybe Brady Skjei too.

      Then take Brad Richards as he is not scoring goals so package him and Stepan and send them both to Calgary for Jarome Iginla.

      Now hang on while I press the refresh key a bunch of times so I can thumbs up my posts too.

      • The worst is that he would have to log in through different devices (or maybe delete cookies by my guess) to do that. It actually took effort and time.

  • Staal is not a sacred cow. He should not be shown the door, but if a deal improves the team, he like anyone else, should be available for a deal. That said, Staal not going unless a real sniper comes back.

    • I agree and in the end, like you said, that is the same with every player. The issue here is folks were/are saying he sucks/has concussion issues/only wants to play with his brothers.

      Even if we ignore the merits of those arguments (or lack thereof), the same folks are then suggesting we trade him, ignoring the fact that if the flaws were actually true, other GMs would somehow be totally blind to them and give us top assets in return.

  • He plays good defence but is a give away machine when he gets beat he gives up he is not realy an offensive threat and is teariable with break outs his skating and balance is average he is not the player they thought he would be when he was drafted he would not be a top 4 d man on most teams i say trade him with joe m and al rosen (the msg anouncers lol) and a pick for a good second pair deman or a player like prust or even for prust and a third d man

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