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Is Richie the most important Ranger outside of Lundqvist?
Is Richie the most important Ranger outside of Lundqvist?

The hockey world is back up to full speed, and it’s hard not to be excited. See you soon New York; my annual regular season trip is now in the planning phase. Cannot wait to be back at the Garden, something I’m sure we all are excited for. Musings Time!

Pat Leonard of the NY Daily News reported that the goalie starts for the Rangers will continue like last year’s split which would mean Hank getting ‘only’, (approximately) 36 starts, which is exactly what Suit predicted a couple of weeks ago. That’s bad news for you fantasy hawks that drafted the King in the first round of your drafts but good for Henrik in terms of staying fresh for the playoffs. The Rangers are blessed that they’re able to lean on a back up of Biron’s quality.

I’m going to predict the Rangers regular season: 35 wins.

I can’t express enough disappointment that Chad Kolarik got waived this week. Clearly he wasn’t a serious option for the Rangers management even though he’s always produced at the AHL level when healthy.

The Rangers added Brandon Mashinter yesterday and as Dave suggested it’s a minor deal but he does add size, some offensive ability  and should help make the Whale nastier. A friend of mine is a Sharks fan and while he said his NHL upside is limited he did say that Mashinter was good defensively and unafraid to take on anyone in a fight (including George Parros a few years back). Could be an option for a bottom six role.

Given the compressed schedule/abbreviated season news that the Rangers will travel the second fewest miles in the league is worth noting. The Rangers had a long year last season were running on empty at the end. Anything that can give them an edge toward the Cup finals has to be a good thing.

Stu Bickel. The more I saw of him last year the less I liked yet he’ll have an important role to play this year given the lack of reliable depth behind him including the lack of NHL readiness of Dylan McIlrath. I think Bickel has some potential but a limited ceiling.

Wade Redden. That is all.

Food for thought (and I’m not against Mike Rupp, just his contract): Had the Rangers not brought Rupp on board would they have kept Brandon Prust (A far more accomplished Ranger)?

I drafted Brad Richards in a fantasy league. I really hope he’s a point per game player this year and with his potential line mates think he has a great chance to do just that. Being a Ranger fan and a Richie ‘owner’ I’d consider that a win-win scenario. Richards having a strong regular would be huge and you could argue he’s a more critical part than Nash or Gaborik.

Not sure there are many teams with a tougher start to their seasons than the Rangers with Boston and Pittsburgh first up. Coach Tortorella will know quickly, where his team is at and what he’ll need to address.

The TSN top 50 list was released this week and the Rangers had four in the top fifty led by Lundqvist at 15. I agree with the general (Ranger fan) consensus that Gaborik – third in the league last year in goals don’t forget – should be rated higher than 45. Brings us to the theory: has Gaborik ever received the league-wide respect he has deserved?

Question Time:

  • Henrik Lundqvist total wins – over or under 25?
  • Who will score the most powerplay goals for the Rangers?
  • Are you happy with the Rangers depth at NHL level?
  • If you could add one of the two prospects mid season: Lindberg or Fasth?
  • Did you laugh as much as I did when reading the Flyers/Luongo rumour? (p.s. Please do it Ed)

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  • If Hank starts 35 games, he wins 27 of them

    Nash scores most PP goals

    OK with it, but could use one more scoreing forward, and solid d-man

    Lindberg, after burners for speed

    Let the Flyers get Luongo, he’s nothing but a chicken choker, and with the fan fare down there, he will fade away come play-off time, as usual. The only negitive, we won’t have space cadet to laugh at!!!!!

  • – Over (sad he wont get 30 for the 8th season in a row)
    – Richards
    – A little concerned about Center position but happy.
    – Lindberg

  • I didn’t understand the reference to Kolarik. Was he claimed by another team? The Rangers didn’t really have much of a choice. Each year, the Rangers must assign roughly half of their players under contract to Connecticut. This year is weird in that the assignments are taking place in January and so the Rangers are just assigning players already playing in Hartford to the Whale. Nonetheless, the assignments are more than just a technicality as eight of those players cannot be assigned to the AHL without clearing waivers. Racall we lost Dale Weise this way last year. QUESTION: Does anyone know if a player who is claimed is definitely lost or whether the Rangers can choose to keep the player in NY instead?

    • If claimed off waivers now belongs to new team.

      However if I recall he cleared with no takers.

      It also opens a window of 30 days for the big club to move him up or down. We had done this before. Once a player has played a certain number of NHL games and / or reaches age milestones and/or has clauses in contract they must go through waivers system to allow moves from ahl to NHL or vice versa.

  • To respond:

    1. if Hank starts 38 games, he will win over 25. if he starts 36, that is a tough one. Maybe not.

    2. Gaborik.

    3. Would love a big bruiser and another speed guy around, but what we have is Stanley Cup caliber.

    4. Don’t know enough about either one, but I love the season Lindberg is having.

    5. Not really. Nothing Philly does surprises me anymore. I take everything from them with a “ho-hum” attitude.

  • 1.24-26
    2. Callahan
    3 4th line is meh. Top 3 lines are good
    4 Lindbeg, because faceoffs are important
    5 I think Bryzgalov is headed for a buyout anyway.

  • Take a look at the month of January for the Rangers. They play 7 games. 2 against the Penguins, 2 against the Flyers, 2 against the Bruins, and a single game against the Leafs. The Rangers, Bruins, and Penguins are generally believed to be the three best teams in the East and all are legitimate cup contenders. The Flyers will make the playoffs and depending on how the cosmonaut plays, they could be a threat for the eastern conference final. As Ranger fans I think we shouldn’t panic if this team is 4-3 coming out of the month of January. Just some food for thought!

  • 1. OVER
    2. Nash
    3. No, i would liek to see better depth in the back end of our forwards and efense. Bickel is terrible and Rupp/Asham aren’t cuttign it for me, but if that is my only gripe, i gues i can live with it.
    4. Lindberg because of his facoffs and defensiveness, but Fasth could be a nice boost of offense if we ever need it.
    5. Luongo did nothing but win, not a cup, but that wasn’t all on Bobby Lou, yet he is out… crazy… I really would not want him to land in Philly… Stay out of the Atlantic.

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