Kreider, Gilroy at camp as only CT participants, for now

Per Jim Cerny, both Chris Kreider and Matt Gilroy are skating at “camp” today. While Kreider was an expected Whale camp invitee, Gilroy’s status was always a bit up in the air. With his inclusion in camp, two things are assumed: 1) Gilroy will likely get an NHL contract when the league resumes business as usual on Sunday (this could be dependent on how he performs at camp), and 2) Kreider and Gilroy are the only players from the Whale roster who will get a look during mini-camp.

If assumption #2 is correct, then J.T. Miller may not be invited to camp. This is mostly because of the nature and timing of camp this year, and not an indication of how the organization views Miller.

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  • Asham is suspended for one game right? If Kreider and Gilroy are the only camp participants from the Whale, does it mean that one of Gilroy/Bickel/Eminger will be the 12th forward for game 1 of the season.. (And one of them will be the 6th D)
    Or just play with 7 D and 11 forwards for game 1?

  • Is it only me, or am I the only one who is glad to see that Gilroy most likely is back with the Rangers? I mean, Stu Bickel? No, Matt Gilroy. A tremendous difference if you ask me. He’s not a fighter, but he’s good for a few goals, and that, even if he only gets one goal all year, is a huge upgrade over Bickel.

    • I like it because of the matchup possibilities. Gilroy can skate a lot better than Bickel. Bickel’s better defensively, but Gilroy can move his feet.

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