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Steve Burton: A deal to announce soon?

Update 9:00am: Multiple sources, including Bob McKenzie, have shot this down.

Original Post: Twitter almost broke last night when WBZ’s Steve Burton announced on TV that there was a deal to be had, and will be signed and announced either today (during the NHL/NHLPA meeting without Gary Bettman or Donald Fehr) or tomorrow:

WBZ’s Steve Burton reports that a deal to save the #nhl season could be announced tomorrow or Wednesday – @JoeGiza

Burton, who is widely known as a very reliable reporter, also noted that both sides made significant progress.

It should be noted that although Burton is very credible, Bill Daly has shot this down. That said, Burton was the one that broke the Phil Kessel cancer news many years ago. He’s not a rumor mongerer, he’s very credible.

While this may seem like false hope, this is still the best news we’ve received since September 15th. I think I’m one of the only ones left that believes we will still have some semblance of a season. However, I am losing hope, and fast.

If Burton is right, then we might see NHL hockey (some of the only hockey available on TV in the US) by Christmas. That’s the best Christmas gift for most of us, even if we refuse to spend money on this league.

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  • On one hand no one else has even said anything remotely similar to this. There is no evidence that both sides are close.

    On the other he’s a reputable reporter who broke the Phil Kessel testicular cancer story. He’s also putting his reputation at stake with a claim like this.

    We’ll find out. I hope he’s right but I’m not going to get my hopes up. I won’t scream bloody murder if he’s wrong anyway.

    • All reports are saying this news is a bunch of crock.

      Honestly, I’m still holding out hope. But if nothing comes by the new year, I’m giving up hope.

  • I won’t hold by breath over this!!

    I hope he is right, but how does the negotiations go from nowhere, to a deal over night?

    Let’s wait and see, because that little worm Buttman may over turn the apple cart just to be an ass hole!!!!!

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