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The question no one can answer

How will this lockout affect the future?

How will the lockout affect the game’s future?

The other night on Twitter I posed this 3-point question:

  1. How betrayed/disrespect do you feel by the NHL and NHLPA?
  2. How much does that really matter to your interest?
  3. Bottom line: will it really stop you from spending money on tickets?

Plenty of Rangers fans are outraged and insist this latest work stoppage is an unforgivable foul. I suspect that some of the fan base has really been turned off, but not a big enough part to make any difference; the Garden will still fill up.

But for the league in general, I’m not so sure. We already know how much the people in the southern areas of the country care about their teams, so what’s going to happen to the health of the league?

For some reason, there’s still talk of expansion within a few years, which is sort of mind-boggling when the NHL is having trouble supporting the 30 teams it already has. Perhaps the supposed failures of some of these clubs were exaggerated a bit, but the question remains whether the league’s general fan base is engaged enough to continue carrying it forward.

The league execs must be extremely confident that the NHL’s economic health is not at all in jeopardy, otherwise its kind of hard to understand why they’d be carrying on with this lockout.

Can they really just be that stubborn? It’s a popular storyline right now, but I don’t really buy it.

Both teams are supremely confident that there’s an endless flow of cash to support the whole operation, but the key question is: will fans continue to allow that to be so?

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  • got to feel for the people of canada thats all they know . us americans can fall back on football and basketball plus the baseball playoffs are among us but they love there hockey and nothing else they dont care about football or any other besides hockey

  • i think we should all just watch the NHL 13 game simulations. Its like watching the real thing. THEY HAVE HIGHLIGHTS. (rangers started out 2-0-0 so far)

  • If this crap continues a single day after either te Yankees are eliminated or win the World Series then I’m really going to get angry.

  • I would answer the questions.

    I feel betrayed by the NHL.

    The players not so much. I have listened to both sides and deemed the owners more at fault while not 100%. About 80%

    I don’t support things I can’t stand behind. I can’t stand behind the league not budging on their line. The players already made a decent compromise while the league has hard lined themselves.

    I will not buy another ticket till Bettman steps down.

  • I try to go to a game or two each year, but I’ll be taking the year off if they even play. Same goes for merchandise – I’m not spending my money if these children can’t hold real negotiations.

  • The NHL has allready lost me for this year. And if they lose the whole season I will never buy another NHL item ever again.

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