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Rangers ink St. Croix, place several on waivers

Per Renaud Lavoie, the Rangers have signed prospect Michael St. Croix to an entry level deal:

The deal is great for both sides. St. Croix has the potential to be a fantastic scorer in the league, especially considering how he has dominated the WHL. As Lavoie noted, the deal is for $575,000 annually with a $270,000 signing bonus, for a cap hit of $665,000. This also means that St. Croix can play in the AHL in the event of a lockout (if he doesn’t stick with the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL).

Also per Lavoie, the Rangers placed eight players on waivers yesterday:

This is in preparation for a lockout, as these players need to clear waivers prior to playing in the AHL. It’s expected that all will clear waivers. The only player on the roster that does not require waivers is Chris Kreider, who will also be a part of the Connecticut Whale in the event of a lockout.

It is expected that several other players (those that will certainly be claimed on waivers), including Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin, and Ryan McDonagh will sign AHL-only contracts and join the Whale when the lockout begins. This is to ensure that the players remain within the organization and in hockey shape.

Welcome to Lockout City, Population: Us.

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  • NOW, Is the time that we all need to stop buying, thinking or anything else about NHL HOCKEY !! especially buying anything that these creeps, either side, can make money on. these complete idiots really don’t know how good they have it and it’s about time they were shown. i for one have absolutley had enough of these spoiled brats not being able to get along and just screwing the hell out of us normal hockey fan folks. pressure should be put on these two sets of idiots by us as fans and the tv people that pay them to broadcast their games and finally the media that covers these blooming a–holes. sooner, hopefully they’ll get the idea that without us, (THE FANS), they are nothing butt DOG SH*T !!!! BOYCOTT OR WHATEVER LET’S DO IT—-because they think they’ve got us right by the short hairs. some how they need to pay !!!!

  • So the Whale could be fun to watch while we wait for the NHL to get itself together. Hopefully MSG will broadcast some games for us.

  • love the st.croix signing and fire buttman 3 lockouts under his term that has to say something about him. and to rich prick owners like ed snyder and jimmy dolan dont sign webber to that offer sheet and dont give richards 65 million so stop your whining saying the players are making out better your the morons that are giving into there demands

  • Agree. Fire Bettman.

    You all do know that Bettman gets a cut of the owner revenue. So of course he is going to side with the owners.

    Shanny for Commish.

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