As we approach the lockout deadline – faster than most people would wish – lets jump straight into another episode of Musings and talk about non – CBA, Rangers orientated stuff.

Personally I’m somewhat underwhelmed with the Steve Eminger re-signing. Yes, he fits in well with the club and has had partial success with the Rangers however the Eminger and most, if not all, veteran defenseman available would have limited offers at this stage. My preference would have been to invite Eminger and a couple of other veterans to camp (if there is one) and have an open competition. Everything seems pretty safe and secure now, heading into camp. recently started discussing fantasy options (getting ahead of themselves?) and they talked about Chris Kreider as a strong sleeper candidate. Kreider is exactly that. He can’t be a sure fire draft pick and his actual (non fantasy) production can’t be projected too closely, despite his playoff exposure. But Kreider has tremendous potential next season; for fantasy owners and the Rangers.

Another website of note, looking ahead to next season, is The Hockey News. In an article discussing ‘teams to watch’ next season they list the CCHA’s Michigan Wolverines, in part because of the incoming freshmen including Rangers’ draft pick Boo Nieves. Nieves has high expectations placed upon him, but is going to a strong program, as Rangers fans know thanks to Carl Hagelin. Nieves won’t be rushed into becoming a pro but is definitely one Ranger prospect to watch closely.

We know its Glen Sather’s M.O. (‘hardball’ with RFA’s) but would you offer Del Zotto an improved offer to get him under wraps pre-CBA?

Marian Gaborik made the news in the last day or two because he started skating during the informal skates. It means very little in regard to his injury but it’s still encouraging to see. If Gaborik can get back to full health ahead of schedule it’d be a big boost to the Rangers.

Former Ranger Michal Rozsival signed a 1 year, $2m contract with the Blackhawks Tuesday. It seems a win-win scenario. Rozsival is still a decent depth defenseman and the Hawks need just that: defensive depth.

Several big name NHL players are being linked to European clubs with a lockout in mind. The latest: Jason Spezza and the DEL’s Ice Bears Berlin have been linked via player agents. Wonder how many Rangers have been touted around by their agents?

Question Time:

  • Should the Rangers have pursued Rozsival at the price the Hawks’ got him?
  • Gaborik’s games played next season: over/under 50?
  • Who will play more, Steve Eminger or Stu Bickel?
  • Who will score more powerplay goals next season, Rick Nash or Ryan Callahan?
  • Who is the better, natural goal scorer: Rick Nash or Marian Gaborik?

Bonus Question:

How many Sean Avery related chants will be heard at the Garden next year? Happy musings folks!