Rangers at informal skates

Although the lockout is imminent, it is not stopping several Rangers players from getting together today for an informal skate. Per Andrew Gross, 14 players were on the ice for a skate today:

14 players including newcomers Rick Nash, Taylor Pyatt and Jeff Halpern along with veterans Henrik Lundqvist, Brad Richards, Marc Staal, Dan Girardi and Anton Stralman as well as younger veterans Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan, Stu Bickel, Carl Hagelin and Chris Kreider.

Gross also notes that Michael Del Zotto, despite not having a contract, was also on the ice today.

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    • I’m not that concerned about it. They are probably waiting for the new CBA. There are a ton of RFAs without contracts still.

  • Great to see the listed players that were there, starting with Nash, and including McD, and Step!

    Somebody put a contract on Buttman, so we can proceed with a hockey season. Just kidding folks!!!!

  • Nobody is willing to be done? I can’t do another lockout. Enough is enough! My tickets will be left for the team to sell! Give me a refund, I’ll watch on TV! This is ridiculous! Love the Rangers, but are we gonna do this every time?

    • I understand how you feel completely and I have been wrestling with this idea for quite a while… Do we as fans really stop going to MSG to see the team we love? Granted I only have the finances to be able to go to around 3 games a year but are you willing to punish yourself? Watching on tv is great and all, but IMO there is nothing like the atmosphere of being at the garden and watching the Rangers play. At what point are we cutting our nose off to spite our face if we dont go to games?

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