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Should the Rangers trade Staal?

One of the keys to remaining an elite franchise in the NHL – or any sports league for that matter – is the ability to continually evolve, integrate players, coaches and systems and build a solid foundation on which a club grows. In the NHL, the best example in recent times has been the Detroit Red Wings.

Despite never enjoying the benefit of lottery draft picks, the Wings found ways to win Stanley Cups and be a consistent contender thanks to routinely excellent decision making and timely roster management. They are in many ways the model NHL franchise.

The Rangers have begun to show the same traits as the Red Wings over the past few years and it is therefore no coincidence that the Rangers boast a quality prospect pipeline, have their most successful season in recent memory just behind them and a bright future ahead of them. The Rangers however, need to continue with their evolution to remain successful and it is this reason why the club should seriously consider moving Marc Staal.

There are many reasons Staal is a ‘keeper’. There may however be more reasons to trade him. No one foresaw the rapid development of Ryan McDonagh. The young Ranger is arguably already the best defenseman on the team; is a future perennial All Star and has a more rounded game than Staal. With Dan Girardi and Mike Del Zotto fixtures on the blueline going forward and the likes of Mike Sauer and Dylan McIlrath in the mix the Rangers can afford to move Staal if the return is favourable.

The timing of all of this is also an important factor. While Staal represents good value for money, his (almost) $4m salary will be money well saved when the likes of Ryan Callahan, Henrik Lundqvist, Marian Gaborik and Ryan McDonagh come calling within the next two seasons. Moving Staal for picks and prospects would mean a crucial chunk of cap space can be spent on players that are crucial to the cause, something that Staal isn’t necessarily part of any more – thanks to the continued excellence of Girardi and the aforementioned emergence of McDonagh.

The Rangers have drafted excellently for the best part of a decade and Staal should fetch a nice return in picks, prospects and/or young NHL players. He’s a former All Star that is still young, with a dominant defensive game and the aforementioned solid contract; Aside from the injury issues there’s not much not to like. He’d fetch a fair return and it’s a fair bet that the Rangers could draft a batch of potential NHL’ers with the return on Staal.

Finally, there is the Carolina factor. With the Hurricanes attempting to reunite The Waltons the Staal family in one location there is an opportunity to get a club to pay over the odds for Marc Staal. You just know Jim Rutherford constantly has Eric and Jordan in his ear being him to acquire Marc from the moment Jordan was acquired this year. Would Jim say no to the franchise cornerstone and latest, big acquisition? One thing not to forget, Carolina are by no means guaranteed a return to the top end of the NHL with their recent moves so picks gained from moving Staal could very well be high end picks.

Make no mistake; the Rangers boast one of the best blue lines in the NHL in part because of the presence of Marc Staal. He is quality player, an excellent home grown Ranger and potentially a key part on the Rangers for a long time. However, he is no longer irreplaceable and any franchise that expects to remain in the upper echelons of the league owe it to themselves to look at ways of getting better. Would you take a couple of prized prospects and high draft picks for Marc Staal considering what else the Rangers boast on the back end? It’s certainly worth considering.

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  • I never even thought of the possibility of trading away Staal, and when I saw the tweet, inthoight it was crazy.

    Buuuuut, after reading it, I’m open to and even support the idea.

    Well written.

    • This is CRAZY. Let’s see…you’re counting on a guy with a concussion returning for a long career (Sauer), a minor leaguer with no experience and an injury history who still hasn’t shown he has top 4 defensive chops (McIlrath), we already have a very weak 3rd pair (Stralman and Bickel) that the coach doesn’t trust for big time minutes, we have limited depth at blueline in the organization, and you’re assuming DelZ is the real deal which, let’s face it, is not a sure thing. And you’d let him go for prospects and draft choices?! Luckily, there is no way Slats or Torts would even consider this.

  • Not this season, but potentially after. The pieces are in place right now for a cup run and having three legit first-pair guys in Staal, Girardi and McDonaugh is a big reason for that.

  • I would like to see it but not this year . Go for the CUP this year with him , then get as much as you can from a bottom feeder . Trade him now and you might only get a late 1st round pick , trade after the season to one of the bottom 5 and hope to win the lotery pick . I think you get more for him this way . If Sauer comes back all the better

  • THANK GOD someone has finally mentioned this. I wanted to move staal before he got concussed. He isnt everything that hes made out to be, but is still a very good defender. The only worry about moving Staal is that no one knows about Sauer yet or how Mac will develop. We need to acquire a NHL caliber D man in this trade even if a bottom pair guy to fill the hole

  • I got bashed on a message board when I said this, but I think its a great idea. They also have 2 interesting pieces in that one would have to be landed in the return. Justin Faulk, 20 year old right handed defenseman, or Jamie Mcbain, 24 year old right handed defenseman who played at the University of Wisconsin. I think thats a good starting point, plus a pick and a prospect (level depending which dman they give up).

    I wouldnt mind waiting until after this season (if there is one), let Staal be back to full form to raise his value and hopefully a cup.

  • Staal is one of the reasons we are where we are. If some team comes along and offers a prized young offensive D-man for Staal, then you listen… otherwise why on Earth would you trade him??? I believe this was a good post to stir the pot and let the crazies come out of the woodwork and comment, but it just isn’t happening. If you Staal looks like he is headed to Carolina at the trade deadline before his contract is up, then you obviously move him… but there is no other reason to.

  • Interesting article but flawed: 1.) you open with saying the NYR team is emulating Detroit; who you hold out as succesful; so why change ? 2.) you make a point of blueline strength raving about RM, DG, and MDZ – that is only three d-men…..last month you claimed the Rangers were weak with 5 d-men…so which is it ?have McIlrath and Sauer mysteriously improved ?? and 3.) you cite the strength of the Ranger pipeline – which already is loaded, so why get rid of today’s assets only to fill the pipeline with picks/prospects which you DON’T have room for on the roster in Manhattan ? Just a weak article, but the summer is a little slow now.

    • I disagree JimBob, I think you may have misinterpreted the analogies Chris employed with the post.

      1.) the Detroit comparison was used only to illustrate agility in the marketplace and an ability to maintain contending status without the benefit of lottery picks or a rebuilding mode. Variables such as viability as a free agent destination, scouting and development departments are all left undiscussed. It was simply an observation about a club which is similarly situated. No need to apply it literally.

      2.) The top 3-4 defenseman that the Rangers currently boast are enviable to the better part of the league. Most teams are lucky to have one elite pairing, much less 4 guys who could all potentially play top pair minutes. Sauer and McIlrath haven’t miraculously improved, but the ability to be difference makers when healthy hasn’t changed.

      3.) I’m sorry but I just don’t buy the “you shouldn’t have too many assets because you won’t have room for them” argument. The prospect attrition rate is high enough and injuries happen frequently enough that you can never have too many high end assets. That doesn’t even address the flexibility to make future moves to shore up areas of need using those assets.

      Well done Chris. I don’t know if I’m in the “trade Staal” camp specifically, I guess it would all depend on the return. Great food for thought during a slow news period.

      • Too many times, we over-value our players and under-value the return. Is Stall is a top 2 defenseman on almost every other team in the league? Perhaps. Is he top 2 with the NYR? (I say no). His value to others (f he is top 2 to someone else) is high. Therefore, I would approach a trade with a team deep in some other area. I still do not think our 3rd & 4th lines scare anyone. We could use a speedster/sniper who can win more than 50% of their face-offs and be a 2nd line PP forward. If we can get that and a top D prospect, send him packing.

  • A few weeks back I posted that we should look at the possibility of tradeing Marc because of the Carolina developements. I still feel that we could, and should entertain the thought of a trade if, and only if Mike Sauer is healthy, and we see real developement advances with Mc Ilrath.

    There is a real possibility that Marc may want to join his brothers, and if so, after seeing the above portion of this post, make a deal. We are all assuming that he may want to go, he may not, what then? Glen should have a 1 on 1 talk with Staal, and see what his plans are. If he wants to stay, leave well enough alone, if he wants out, show him the door!!

    Now on to McD, he will be a great d-man, has come sooooooo far so quickly, you have to love the guy. He and Dan make a great shut down pair, but Torts has to cut their playing time some, he will wear the kid out before he turns 30!

    The pipe line has some talent coming along. Mc Ilrath, and the Skjei kid we just drafted, look to be good prospects. Along with McD, Girardi, MDZ, Sauer, Stu, and Strahlman, we still are deep on D, and depending on what we get in return for Marc, D should not be an issue for us in the long term.

  • Obviously much of this depends on McIlraths development and Sauers health, but in theory, sure, sounds very plausible.

    • You make two HUGE points here and remember McIlrath had knee surgery as well. We will need to see how this year’s #1 draft pick pans out…

  • Sorry but a very bad idea unless you are getting an elite NHL D in return. Defence is THE key to winning a cup and Staal is a warrior and the second best on the club. Sorry Dan. Prospects at this point don’t cut it. It takes a long time for a defenceman to evolve in the NHL and you don’t trade them away for prospects. With the way the game is played now you need at least 8 guys who can play because you are going to get injuries on the blueline for sure.

    • I think you fail to realize that he probably wont resign when his contract is up since all 3 of his brothers are with one organization. Its better then losing him for nothing.

  • Unless one of the two kids we drafted this year and Sauer and McIlrath are ready right now. YOU DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT THIS TRADE.

    But with all things being equal. Sauer and McIlrath being healthy. And te team getting another D man somewhere between now and a deal. To build up the depth. Then maybe you can start to think about it.

    But what you should really be asking yourself is this. Would this even be a legit subject if Staal doesnt miss half a year? The way he was coming along I doubt it.

    • If Staal gets traded there will be an in-house replacement ready, not happening any other way. Besides, he and McDonagh represent the same type of player, so it will come down to cost and cap space. I do however feel that McDonagh has a higher ceiling…

  • It all depends on what Staal plans to do. He becomes a UFA and we can lose him for nothing. Trading Staal for Evander Kane straight up is ludicrous. Staal is a bonafide number 1 defenseman who has not reached his potential offensively. He has to be dealt for much more than just an Evander kane type player straight up.
    If he decides to sign with the Rangers for a 5 year deal then he is a keeper. If he decides to test the FA route he must be dealt for at least a player, a depth player and a number 1 pick that will be a high pick, not a 20 to 30 range 1st rounder. Since Carolina will be a very high probability other than the Rangers as a likely destination then we must evaluate the Carolina players and prospects and their potential placement in the draft and consider a trade there, I hardly think any other team would deal for him with the notion of losing him as an unrestricted free agent.
    If a deal can be made with the knowledge that Staal plans on signing in Carolina then the trade must be made. I am sure Sather will have a plan in place for Staal and endear him to sign with the Rangers instead.

    • Looking at the Carolina roster not a single player stood out to me as a player off of the roster the Canes have that we could get as a return for Staal. The Canes wont trade Skinner or any of the Staals, As for prospects aside from Victor Rask, Zac Dalpe and Ryan Murphy there is not much else.
      I doubt that the Canes will be bottom dwellers so the 1st round pick should be in the 18 to 24 range.
      If I was going to trade Staal to Carolina my offer would be Staal, Bourque and a third rounder this year(the lowest of our thirds); for Murphy, Rask, a 1st this year and a 1st next year and a 2nd rounder this year.
      So we lose a star player for two potential NHLers in Rask and Murphy and a bunch of picks. This is a tough one to assimilate. Is this which I think is what is a fair return for Staal worth it? Honestly I look at what is the best Carolina offer we should ask for and still I don’t think it is enough of a return.

      • I think if we could get Faulk he is younger and thus far has shown the ability to make a good first pass out of the zone. He also had 22 PTS in 66 GMS as a rookie last year and in staals best year so far he had 29 Pts in 77 gms. They are close offensively and Faulk will get better with age. 2 years down the line or so (not sure when the contract is up) this could make sense as a cornerstone for the trade if they get a prospect and a pick or 2

  • While I’m not against trading Staal altogether, Im not convinced we’ll get as much return as other believe.

    Carolina isnt going to ante-up because they know that Marc will likely sign there when he is UFA, so why would they give up assets when they can get him for nothing in a few years?

    That leaves the other 28 teams… all of whom are likely to believe that at the end of is contract Marc would bolt for Carolina. So why would they have any desire to send equal value back to NYR in a trade?

    This is, of course, all assuming that Marc has plans to join his brethren in Carolina. If this is the case, it puts the Rangers in a really tough spot, IMO.

  • You are all just assuming he wants to go to Carolina. Big assumption. If that becomes evident toward the end of his contract, then Rangers will have to trade him. But why speculate until then?

  • Couple things: First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a player bending the ear of an NHL GM. That’s kind of like an executive assistant storming into the CEO’s office, sitting down and proceeding to tell him how to run the company.

    Second BIG thing some people are forgetting here is that there are right-handed shooting defensemen and left-handed shooting defensemen. Staal is a leftie. And if you’re going to trade him, you need to replace him with a lefty. The most NHL-ready lefty in the system just got dealt to Columbus. Though I do expect Skjei –another lefty –to compete for an NHL job within three years, he’s not going to be doing that much before then. Pashnin, I suppose, is another you could thrust in there. But he’s signed for another year in the KHL, so you’re not doing that deal any time soon.

    Third, anyone who thinks Staal is ‘over-rated’ is clearly not watching this guy play. As someone said, he’s a legit first-pairing defenseman and the only reason anyone is even thinking it would be a decent decision to move him is that McDonagh is also a legit first-line pairing; one that could very well cost a lot more than $4 million after next season.

    In summation, an interesting thought. But it doesn’t past the smell test. The Rangers are a cup-contending team, arguably in the top four in the league. The only deal you make now is one that makes them better. Trading Staal, unless it’s for a defenseman who is better than him, is just a bad idea.

    • Jesus christ… thank you. I have no idea what everyone is smoking today. Even if McD becomes a Norris winner so what… as long as we can afford everyone (which i get is an if) why wouldn’t you want as much top line defensive depth as possible?

  • other than skinner or his brothers, carolina has nothing of value to give us for mark staal. Nobody else gonna trade for him because they fear he will leave as a UFA to join his siblings in 2 years. So mark staal is not going anywhere. Slats probably gonna sign him long term.

  • They better not trade Staal. The Rangers have such a great defense corps. That would be a huge mistake of the trade him.

  • No way can you consider trading Marc Stall.Ask the Predators how good defensemen come and go.Plus McDonagh has just developed and who’s to say he might not take a step back.Then there is girardi who before this year was considered a borderline bust.Keep the defense core together for the cup run.Factor in injuries also!

  • NO..the Rangers boast one of the best D in the league and Marc is a big part of it..he will be back to his old self this season, if there is one. He was just hitting his stride during the playoffs. Why would you deconstruct this team ? Marc is a huge partthe Rangers core…absolutely no way should they trade him…and if you were going to, not to an EC team, especially one you are going to play against often and vie for a playoff spot with.

  • crazy thing is the head injuries. How can someone write any analysis and include Sauer? Kidding? We’re praying for him not counting on him. Nobody’s irreplaceable and decisions will ave to be made along these lines – but we need Staal to get a cup while Henrik s young. Also, will a team give us a lot witn Marc’s history?

  • What about if New York traded Staal to Carolina for Justin Faulk, Jamie McBain, and Ryan Murphy? Think the Rangers could also get a pick? Is Carolina giving too much?

  • Staal can only be traded to Carolina now. Why would anyone give up anything of value for a guy that would bolt to carolina the second he is a free agent in 3 years. He will play out his contract with the rangers in an attempt to win a cup. Then he will sign with carolina or the rangers will try to deal him there if there is any value to be had. That is the only way this plays out

    • Although it would make sense, theres is no guarantees that Staal is heading to Carolina once he becomes a FA. I will say this with some assurance and that is the Rangers will trade one of their top 4 D-man before 2014. This will give them time to evaluate both McIIrath and Sauer (who is a FA in 2013 but will most likely get re-signed). Andersson and Skjei will have 2 years to develop and moslty be ready for the NHL. The Rangers also still have rights to Valentenko and Pashnin. So based on all this; I firmly believe the Rangers will make a move involving one of their top 4 D-men.

  • Staal is one of their most consistent and reliable defenseman. And he is young. And there is no way to tell if one of the other d men gets hurt we have a problem. Your suggestion to trade him makes no sense at all.

  • first off who says he wants to go play with his brothers carolina has nothing to offer what the hell is this the sutter brothers all over again give me a break sauer could possibly be done nobody knows about mcllarth we already traded erixon bickell sucks so why would sather do it. unless staal says to slats he is not signing long term then sather will look to make a trade but i will tell you this we better get a top 10 d man because staal in my eyes is a top 10 d man in hockey

  • To early to trade him now slats will let him go when he can fleece a willing suitor. He is a very solid d man but is offensively challenged.

  • Sorry but really all this post is showing is that people are running out of things to write regarding the Rangers.

    Don’t get me wrong I have all the respect in the world for the folks who run this place but talking about trading Staal while the NYR barely have enough NHL quality dmen on the roster is Larry Brookish.

  • I think the idea is crazy. Staal, when healthy, could be the best Dman on the team. He has shown that he can be a great 2-way talent. In my book, it is better to have 4 all-star calibre defensemen than 3 plus two maybe stars.

  • Here’s one I’ll throw out there, would you do Staal and Christian Thomas or JT Miller for Skinner and a pick. I would.

    • I would do it in a heartbeat BUT Skinner just signed for 6 years, I believe, and he is face of franchise and a bona fide superstar.

      • He is a superstar in the making, not sure he’s quite there yet. I don’t think Carolina would trade him either, but if a trade was going to happen, that’s what I think would be fair to both sides.

  • I would be more comfortable knowing Sauer’s health prognosis, but, I think it could be a plus for team if Marc could join his equally overrated Carolina captain brother in exchange for top prospects.

    • If Carolina is willing to part with Prospects Rask or Dalpe and Murphy for Staal, I would do it. Two Top 5 prospects for Staal is a fair deal. if not, then keep looking.

  • McIlrath is one guy that many are not being fair too. This kid is still very young. He’s a huge Def player. That kind usually takes far longer to make it to the next level.

    He is only 20 years old. McDonagh was 22 when he made the jump. Girardi 22, Bickle 24. So even if he takes 2 more years for him to make it Say this year in Hartford and the following in NY? that would be right where you want him.

    So even if a trade was gonna happen. It wouldnt be right away or even this year. If his cap hit for next year is gonna be an isue then fine. You see if Saure is gonna make it back. You find out if McIlrath gets healthy again. And if all goes well you trade him after he has built his rep as one of the top D men in the game back up again.

    Then make a move. Then Anderson and our first rounder will be one year closer as well.

  • Obviously, the Rangers are not looking to trade Staal at least this season. I do however believe that many feel that if the Rangers do decide to trade any of their top 4 D-man (Girardi, McDonagh, Staal, MDZ) it would be Staal. Staal will be a UFA in 2015, however; other viable components such as McDonagh and Sauer in 2013 and then Girardi, Gaborik, Callahan. Kreider and Lundqvist in 2014 will all be either RFA or UFA, so decisions will need to be made. In regards to possibly trading Staal to the Hurricanes, with the exception of prospects Victor Rask, Zac Dalpe and Ryan Murphy, I don’t see the Rangers getting fair value for Staal with the remaining prospect pool, so perhaps a trade with Carolina would not be a good fit. Besides alot could happen from now and until 2014. Maybe the Rangers might trade Girardi instead of Staal or maybe MDZ. Anywhere, good read article that opened a can of worms.

    • MDZ has a higher ceiling then STAAL. I can take not having an i at the end of Girardi as a typo, but Stahl spelled Stahl or Staal drives me nuts.

  • I think the rangers should trade Staal to either the Hurricanes or the Oilers. If they trade him to the Hurricanes they should get a pretty good deal. They should trade him this year because next year is his contract year and teams tend not to like to trade for that. It should come at the price of Ryan Murphy, Drayson Bowman, Chris Terry and 1 first round pick. With the Oilers the Rangers should get 3 years of first round picks and David Musil

    • I think Staal is a very good D-man and I can’t see the Rangers trading him or any of our top 4 d-man this year or possibly next season as well, unless they are blown away with a trade offer. However; I do see the Rangers trading one of the top 4 by or before the 2014 season starts. WIth as many as 11 players becoming FA, the Rangers will definitely re-sign some and not re-sign others. Also, by 2014 McIIrath, Skjei, could be a fixture on D for the Rangers. Also, there’s a possibility that Sauer recovers and joins the mix. Let’s not forget that the Rangers still own the rights of Valentenko and Pashnin and both are very much on the top of the Rangers Management minds. As for your trades to Carolina and Edmonton for Staal. I don’t think the Rangers would want Bowman or Terry, but I could definitely see them wanting Murphy. I don’t see the Hurricanes giving a 1st rounder if Murphy is included, so perhaps an offer of Murphy, Rask and a 2nd rounder for Staal. Now with the Oilers, there is no way the Oilers part with 3 1st round draft picks for Staal. perhaps a deal involving Sam Gagner and a pick out of these 4 Defensemen prospects (Martin Marincin, Oscar Klefbon, David Musil or Martin Gernot and a 3rd rounder. Again, don’t expect any of the Rangers top 4 d-man being traded at least until early 2014, before the FA signings.

  • I’ve been saying this for two years, and partly it becomes true at the end of the last two seasons, but will have a greater effect in the coming seasons: Girardi breaks down at the end of the year. We all know why. Sure, he scored some important goals in the PO’s, but we don’t pay him to do that. The wear and tear on his body for blocking the amount of shots he has the past few years is gonna take its toll, and I fear sooner rather than later. AND if the league does institute some kind of shot-blocking prohibition, Girardi’s effectiveness as a dman is significantly marginalized. Try to remember a few seasons back the countless times he’d be out of position trying to defend. Great shot blocker, but not a great dman. You cannot get rid of Marc Staal. Period.

    • Excellent point regarding Girardi. I think the Rangers will trade one of their current top 4 D-man. but not now. I expect this to happen before the 2014 season. That’s when the Rangers have 11 players becoming FA and one of them is Girardi. Now it’s very possible that Girardi could be the odd man out as you mentioned the wear and tear and the effectiveness or lack of it in his game by then. Anything could happen from now and until then, but with McIIrath coming soon, Skjei and Andersson developing, Sauer recovering and lets not forget that the Rangers still own the rights of both Valentenko and Pashnin and the Rangers brass think very highly of both D-man.

  • In two years at contract time something is going to have to give, and there could be worse things than this.

    • I totally agree, when 2014 approaches the Rangers will have a lot of tough decisions to make on who to re-sign and who not to re-sign. Here’s a list of the 13 FA on the Rangers in 2014:

      Kreider-RFA Biron-UFA
      Callahan-UFA Gaborik-UFA
      Lundqvist-UFA Rupp-UFA
      Boyle-UFA Stralman-UFA
      Pyatt-UFA Girardi-UFA
      Haley-UFA Bickel-UFA

      From this list it seems obvious that Callahan, Kreider and Lundqvist are definites.

      Gaborik, Girardi and Boyle are maybes

      Pyatt, Haley, Asham, Biron, Rupp, Stralmen and Bickel not likely.

      So the tough decisions on the maybes is the key here. Perhaps by then the Rangers will have suitable replacements already in hourse to replace Girardi, Gaborik and Boyle. I don’t know.
      Thats why its going to be a very tough offseason come 2014 for Sather and the Rangers. They must make the right decisions or it could hurt them down the road.

  • You guys impress me with your knowledge. Seriously. I’m thinking composition of team depends a lot on Tortorella remaining. I just can’t agree with his sacrifice your body (or life) approach to block shots. Harry Freakin Howell could not play for Bird Face. Funny how opinions change.
    Before last year I thought Girardi was just average. Not so now. Sure wish they got some value for Boyle after his fluke year. No lockout please.

    • Girardi’s success can be a direct style of play that Torts likes to play. His style of play fits perfectly with Girardi. This is not to say that Girardi wouldn’t be a quality D-man in the NHL if he was on a different team. He might good, but not as good. As long as the Rangers are successful, Torts will remain the coach along with his style of play.

  • edmonton have a few youngsters.
    carolina for skinner + picks
    dallas for benn + picks
    detroit for nyqvist + picks

    • Have you seen Skinner play often? The kid is awesome. Carolina would be crazy to make deal for Staal.

    • Whether the Rangers do decide to Staal remains to be seen. however; if they did, Carolina would be interested, but not for Skinner. Again, this was a fun article for discussion, but prematurely as the Rangers will not trade one of their top 4 D-man at this moment. As I mentioned in past comments, look for the summer 2014 for this to be reality.

  • Many Ranger fans and also sports writers are forgetting that the Rangers still own the rights of Valentenko and Pashnin, who are both playing in Russia. Both are very physical stay at home D-men and both are still high on Sathers and the Rangers list as prospects. It would not surprise me if the Rangers offer Valentenko an invite to compete for a spot on the blueline for next season. The kid almost made the club in 2010 and then got hurt in 2011 camp. anyway, with McIIrath and Sauer (if he recovers and i think he will) the Rangers will have 3 solid and tough D-man competing for spots for next season.

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