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Nashville matches Philly’s offer sheet; Weber remains a Predator

Ranger fans around the globe can breathe a sigh of relief, as the Nashville Predators decided to match the Philadelphia Flyers’ ridiculous offer sheet¬†of 14 years and $110 million. The compensation heading back to the Predators, had they not matched, would have been four first round picks. There were rumors of the Predators trying to work out a deal with the Flyers, where Philly would keep their first round picks, but give up players from their roster in exchange for Weber. These talks did not materialize.

The prospect of having the Rangers forwards and defensemen diving in front of that howitzer that is Weber’s slap shot six times a year was definitely a scary thought. Luckily (and expectedly) the Predators matched, and Weber remains in the Western Conference for at least the next year.

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  1. Paul Holhmgrum is sitting there with his thumb up his rear, chocking his chicken!

    How is this for some wonderful news, we get Nash, Filthadelphia gets the shaft. Couldn’t have happened to a more low life outfit. Let the season begin!!!!!

  2. Rangers clearly the favorite in the conference and league I would imagine. Couldn’t have worked out better. Suter and Parise to Minnesota weber stays home we get Nash.let them overpay Doan but I still think he will come toNYR for less because of the relationships with the staff, cup contention and playing in the best arena in the world in the best city. The best would be Doan rejecting a 30 mill deal with Philly and signing with us for 10 mill and less years.

  3. I wish Suter stayed in Nashville too. Other things i want to point out to you fellow die hard NYR fans. They will win the Cup next season. Semin will not be on team. The Whale has got depth. The NYR organization is pretty organized. There are very few holes to cover (pk & d) & goalies for CT. Otherwise Sather has done a tremendous job as the NYR GM this offseason. Well done!

  4. For awhile there (the last couple years), it seemed that everything was going Philly’s way in trades and signings. Now that Richards & Carter have a CUP and the Flyers can’t seem to bring in anybody, I am liking every second of this. I did a monster fist pump when Nashville matched, because Weber is a stud. I give it a few days and Bobby Ryan will be a Flyer. Maybe Yandle is a possibility as well, though other teams might be involved in both.

  5. Can you explain offer sheets a little more? Is it only for RFAs? How is the compensation for team the player is departing from determined?

    1. Only for RFA if UFA weber can sigADHD he wishes without Nashville having chance to match which they did. If they lose player they get an equivalency of picks comensurate with the value of the deal that he signs in this case 4 first round picks.

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