Getting to know Taylor Pyatt

When the Rangers inked Taylor Pyatt to a two-year deal last night, there were more quizzical expressions than when the Rangers signed Arron Asham. The signing of Pyatt likely means that Ruslan Fedotenko is done in New York, like the way Asham’s signing meant Brandon Prust was done in New York. The swapping of bottom-six players isn’t all that uncommon, as players bolt for paydays and teams part ways for cheaper options.

But as we pointed out before, the Rangers downgraded (albeit slightly) in Asham over Prust to save some cap space. Pyatt’s signing of $1.55 million annually is a $155,000 raise over what Fedotenko brought last year for similar offensive production. While this isn’t a clear-cut substitution the way Asham was for Prust, there is still some comparison to be made between Pyatt and Fedotenko.

Much like the Asham/Prust comparison, Pyatt and Fedotenko’s offensive numbers are a wash. Also much like the Asham/Prust comparison, where Prust was considered to be a top penalty killer and Asham was not (although he has killed penalties before), Pyatt is not a noted killer of penalties the way Fedotenko is. But that isn’t the whole story. Let’s look at the advanced metrics for defensive play:

QoC Rcorsi Ozone % DGVT GVT PVT
Pyatt -0.049 -9.3 41.2 0.6 0.7 0.23
Fedotenko 0.012 -10.0 36.5 2.2 1.8 0.60

Just by looking at the table, you can see that Pyatt appears to be a downgrade defensively over Fedotenko. Pyatt faces lower quality competition, starts more shifts in the offensive zone, and although he has a marginally better puck possession metric (RCorsi), he is still worse in the standings based on PVT and GVT than Fedotenko.

The difference isn’t as bad as the Asham and Prust difference –which is still a marginal difference– but it’s clear the Rangers downgraded on paper here as well. However, Pyatt is a significantly better skater than Fedotenko, who was getting beat regularly late in the season and in the playoffs.

While we may not know what Fedotenko’s options –if there are any– will be, we can rest assured that the management team saw Pyatt as an upgrade over Fedotenko in terms of potential skill and foot speed. The numbers may not agree, and for all we know the salaries may not have agreed, but the Rangers made another move that saw the old guard move out for a new player that appears to be worse on paper. Note the keyword of “appears.”

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  • “The numbers may not agree, and for all we know the salaries may not have agreed, but the Rangers made another move that saw the old guard move out for a new player that appears to be worse on paper. Note the keyword of “appears.””

    I agree with this sentiment. I think a lot of Ranger fans also thought that bringing in Prust/Boyle/Feds didnt look great ‘on paper’, either… but they have worked out rather well for what they provide(d), in my opinion.

    • That’s the thing. Stats say one thing, but even as Smurf pointed out below, they don’t tell the entire story. It’s about what happens on the ice. You never know if someone exceeded expectations or just had an off year.

  • In 10-11, Pyatt had the 2nd hardest Rel QoC on the Coyotes, and was sub 40% zone starts too. He didn’t do great at it, but he can play a defensive role, it seems.

    • So he saw a decline last season, not exactly promising.

      I’m not big on this signing, but if he can do what Feds did, I’ll be happy.

      • If he can only do what Feds. did for the Rangers last year, then I’am not happy at all.Why would you pay the guy over a half million more per.just to get a same production. Does not make sense to me.Also the devil you know is better then the one ou don’t

          • I read somewhere that the Rangers were looking to sign Feds. for one million. That,s one third more then they signrd Pyatt.Fed’s knows that his services are not in demand and he just want’s to play for Torts.

          • Feds lost a step last season. Hopefully this guy is a better skated and can play better along the boards. No stats for that.

          • No publicly recorded stats that is. There are teams out there that track touches and board battles.

            Feel free Suit!

  • You know the more I think about it, the more I like the past few moves.

    Prust is a borderline 3rd line player being paid as a true 3rd line player. And getting injured in fights and being less effective.

    This put a 3rd line player, getting paid reasonable on the 3rd line and puts a Ashram/Haley on the 4th where they belong. They fight, they get injured, spend 5min in the box….we still have our 3rd line intact.

    and what’s to say Haley cant become the next Prust? When Prust came here he was not a defensive forward. Perhaps the scouts saw that potential and the coaches helped him achieve it.

    Perhaps they can do the same with Haley? For our system, Hayle’s speed and toughness should work well.

    Also, we need a spot for a prospect to slot in if they are ready and Torts wont waste development playing them on the 4th. So if someone makes the cut, Pyatt gets dropped to the 4th and a fighter sits out. Beter depth.

    • It’s been an offseason of modest spending, which is rare. Prust got an absurd amount of money, but that’s it.

      Haley will likely be in the AHL. Can’t imagine him being used regularly.

    • IMO. We will not see much of Haley in the Ranger uniform. I think he will play for the whale in place of Newberry who will be with the Rangers replacing Mitchell.

  • I posted last night that I believe we are a better team with this signing. Trying not repeat myself, Pyatt brings a versatile player. He can play both wings, PP, PK, solid defensivly, and softer hands than Feds. In the play-offs he produced more than Feds, and Prust combined. We get two players, Asham+Pyatt, for the price of Prust alone.

    That should be it for now, we have our 3rd, and 4th lines, lets get the sniper we need. How about Kane, shouldn’t cost us the kitchen sink, soft hands, and tough as nails. I saw him fight Cooke of the Pens, and he knocked the dirty bastard out cold. Now that is my kind of player!

    • Close but not yet. I like the signing’s But still not happy with the off season so far. But its way to early to judge anything just yet.

    • I agree with Walt Kane would be a great pickup. He needs to mature a bit But on the Ice he is a beast. We could get him for way less then Nash. As for Aham and Pyatt they add size and something that Corsi numbers does not show. They go to the net and go there often. Thats something we didnt have before.

      Prust had a style that everyone loved. But he was way too small for that roll. And was almost useless by the end of the season. I hope he finds what he wanted he will never be loved as much as he was in NY.

      • Spot on… I love Prusters game but not in the role as inforcer…. And if the Rangers get anyone….ANYONE to go to the net consistently win win!

    • Forget about Kane. The Jets will do everything they can to re sign him and he will stay in Winnipeg.

  • I like the signing as well. I think we need to relax as fans for a bit. Whoever we get, whether through free agency or trade, will be going through Torterella’s training camp and they will begin to know what it means to play Rangers hockey. If they don’t like it, they won’t see the ice. As we said all year, Torts holds everyone accountable.

    This team is one cohesive unit as evidence by everything we saw last season including 24/7 (I mean, how many teams have an ugly christmas sweater party and EVERYONE goes? One of my favorite moments from the show btw) Signing Pyatt, Asham and Haley isn’t necessarily going to disrupt anything because everyone has bought into the system. These guys will just have to adapt. I like the signings because for the bottom 2 lines we are now a little more tougher and have a little more offensive skill. Let’s just see how this plays out.

    Sather is saving every penny to sign more of our core next year/during the season. We can’t be jumping off the roof just yet.

  • what are pyatt’s advanced stats like compared to john mitchell? i see pyatt as more of an upgrade on mitchell, rather than a downgrade on fedotenko.

  • How many 4th liners do we need? Boyle asham Haley now pyatt. If any of these guys are on the third line we can not consider ourselves cup contenders.

  • You do realize these stats are useless for the most part. He is coming to a new team with new line mates and blah blah blah. Is he an upgrade over Feds, Don’t know, he does play Ranger Hockey though. So let’s welcome the lad to the big Blue. Let’s Go Rangers

  • Which rookie do youse think will crack the opening night roster? I believe with no more moves 1 roster spot is still open

      • Miller is my dark horse to. Thomas here is your opportunity, show us what ya got…kid….rooting for Thomas…hope he makes it and makes a huge impact

    • Would have to agree. Looks like more spots open on defense. Have a feeling that McILrath will not make the team (hope he is not traded). However, with Gaborik down and if they dont make a trade i could see bringing up a scorer.

  • Sign Doan. Put Kreider on top line. Bingo. Or Sign Doan and trade for Bobby Ryan, Nash or Kane. Kane is the youngest and is bringing his goal total up each year. Than you have
    Hagelin-Dubinsky- ? (prospect)
    Note* I included Anisimov in a trade for Kane. I think Rupp should be traded as well. Pyatt is better and plays more minutes.

  • I dont get the fascination with Doan and people thinking he puts the team over the proverbial top. Nice player but with Gabs coming off shoulder surgery a 35 year old winger with many miles shouldn;t be the answer to a team already short on scoring who happens to also be without their best scorer for a few months (at best).

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