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Justin Schultz is not coming to New York

***UPDATE: Schultz agreed to terms with Edmonton.

In the end, the Wisconsin connection just wasn’t enough.

New York made it to the final six in the Justin Schultz sweepstakes, but in the end the 21-year-old Badgers defenseman chose to play elsewhere.  TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports that Schultz won’t be joining the Rangers, meaning he’ll end up with Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, or Edmonton.

The Rangers made their pitch to Schultz on Thursday, during which time Coach John Tortorella reportedly attempted to point out the team’s recent track record with college stars.

However, all week it was rumored that Schultz preferred to play closer to his Kelowna home in Western Canada.

The allure of joining former teammates Ryan McDonagh and Derek Stepan carried the Rangers deep into the process, but Schultz simply had other priorities.

There’s no one to blame here.  GM Glen Sather did all he could to bring Schultz on board, but he didn’t have the ability to outbid other teams financially, so Schultz’s decision really came down to personal preference.

Rumors have been swirling all morning about Schultz and the potential domino effect his signing could initiate, perhaps culminating with a trade for Rick Nash.  But with Schultz now out of the picture, it’s still a complete mystery how the next 24 hours will play out for the Blueshirts.

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  • Good luck to him, now I would like to mention that his situation should bring up a point in how to deal with a situation like this. Anaheim should be compensated. What if for example Griffin Reinhart decides he doesn’t want to sign and becomes a UFA in 3 years and the Islanders get a 2nd round pick. If say Reinhart didn’t sign the Islanders should get the 1st and 2nd round picks of the team that did sign him plus the compensatory pick. This is bad business for a player with no games played holding a team in ransom with no reprecussions to him. Then say Reinhart would have to sign a 6 year ELC with a base minimum for salary. A rookie should never be in a position of strength to dictate squat

  • Prospects are prospects. Many of them never set foot in the NHL. No one will remember that Schultz didn’t sign here, epecially as the Rangers hoist the Cup.

  • Schultz decided to go elsewhere, good luck kid!

    That stated, we have no idea that this kid will indeed work out in the NHL. Look at the hype when Gilroy came out of college, where is he now? I’m sorry, but the kid has to prove himself, and the demands that he be a starter, having it handed to him, well kiss my ass kid!

    I don’t want to sound like sour grapes, but a man has to earn his keep, and that is the only thing that upset me about this whole ordeal in the first place. Look he may be the real deal, and I do wish him well, but let him earn it!!!

  • The bigger issue at hand was that this would have been another young asset. I have no idea if Schultz would have panned out, but it sure would make trading for Nash easier. If a nash trade happens, which I think will most likely happen in the next week, MDZ or Erixon will most definitely have to go the other way. With Schultz, it would have lowered the pain of trading one of our potential offensive defenseman.

    I do applaud Schultz for picking a team that has young talent, is rebuilding and is definitely not a big market. He will be the center piece of that defense, as the Oilers have only drafted offense the last 3 years so I can see how he would want that.

    In the end, he is missing out on living in the best city and playing on a cup contender. Not only that, he would have had henrik to bail him out on his growing pains defensively. That will not be the case in EDM

  • Good we dont want a loser anyway. Anyone who only wants to play where he lives and is willing to play for a losing team Is not someone I want on my team. He will now be known as a loser

    • That’s harsh, there’s nothing wrong with his decision. As a 21 year old with his potential, winning the cup right away doesn’t need to be a priority. The priority should be development and Edmonton will give him the ice time to do it.

      • Totally agreeing here. He’s young, he’ll be playing near home, and he gets to progress with a young team that’s stacked with offensive talent that can rival Pittsburgh in 2 or 3 years while giving him tons of playing time so that he can develop. Plus if he’s successful, he’ll be lauded as the lynchpin of their defense.

        The Oilers will be real scary soon, so I can’t hate against his decision.

        • Scary indeed, I knew they’ve been drafting very high the last few years, but didn’t realize they had the last 3 first overalls in addition to Eberle. Their core should be excited to stay together and run the league someday.

        • yeah watch out for the oilers. In the next fewyears it’s gonna be columus who each NHL team will have to watch out for. Oilers have a good chance winning a lot of games next season

      • Y watch out for the oilers. Thisloser team has been drafting near the top since Messier left and what has that gotten them. We all know they cant keep players because they are not willing to pay them. Thats why they got rid of the great one. But they are also drafting poorly. Just how many of these players have panned out that well??? Overall the Rangers have drafted far later then them. And yet have gotten better results Face it Shults chose to play for a loser. That tells me all I need to know about his mind set.

        • The bottom line is: He signed with a weaker club that will give him more ice time and more responsibility. I read this as him wanting to be a major contributor in his future team’s success rather than going along for the ride. That shows character in my opinion.

          Aside from a handful of budding superstars, you’re right, the Oilers have little to show for their recent string of lottery picks. But, they certainly have all of the tools needed to start making some cup runs in the near future.

  • Go green. C’mon.

    We need a Brian Leetch type player

    Green or Erik from Ottowa

    And Kane. No reason we can’t get him on board.

    • right on man i been saying we need to make offers for green and kane but some people say green would not be a good fit hey he is one of the best offensive d men in the nhl when healthy that is his problem

  • If Schultz would have been a 1st rd pick then the Ducks would have been compensated for the “loss of a defected player”.

    Still I for one am glad Schultz chose the Oilers. He picked a team based on where he could play not where he could win. That says a lot about himself

    • I agree. Especially considering his age, there’s no reason for him to rush his way to a cup by playing somewhere he doesn’t want to.

  • I have to add a thought on this guys Schultz. The Rangers were in the running, and he selected the Oilers, fine. If the team he picked continues to be a loser, as we all think, then when he becomes a free agent, and has a desire to win, he will come a knocking on our door!

    If that should be the case, then, as stated earlier by me, he will have to earn the spot on the starting defense, and not have it handed to him!

    • He might not have to earn it per say. At that point he’ll hopefully have proved that he wasn’t just an over hyped prospect.

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