Assuming Brandon Dubinsky is indeed available, Thursday’s news of David Jones being rewarded with a new four year, $16m contract from the Colorado Avalanche may make Brandon Dubinsky’s contract more appealing to potential suitors.

Dubinsky stumbled through a miserable campaign in 2011/2012 with a mere 34 points, a full 20 points and 14 goals less than the previous year where he was the Rangers top scorer. Jones on the other hand got his big pay day thanks to his second 20 goal campaign as he topped out with 37 points. Not much difference yet both players are being treated in very different ways for their respective 2012 seasons. Despite dropping from 27 goals and 45 points the year previous, the Avs felt compelled to give Jones a $1.5m pay rise and four years. Was the pay rise a result of a weak free agent market this summer?

Jones and Dubinsky are quite comparable in many ways. Very similar in age (Dubinsky 26, Jones 27), size (Dubinsky 6’1, 210lbs and Jones 6’2 210 lbs) and recent production (two 20 goal campaigns each in the past three seasons) both players now share similar contract arrangements, collecting around $4m each annually. Is either player worth the commitment?

If the free agent market continues to dry up it may make Brandon Dubinsky more appealing as a trade option to teams that fail to strike it rich in July. Dubinsky should bounce back to some extent next year given that this season his shooting percentage was his lowest since 2008 and comfortably under his NHL career average. Given the probability of a return to recent production and contracts such as Jones’ being handed out, Dubinsky may indeed have some suitors.

As Dubinsky is indeed still only 26 and with a solid if frustrating career to date he’s still got plenty to give to a team, whether that be the Rangers or another club around the league. Thanks to contracts such as the one David Jones received, Dubinsky may be more moveable now than previously thought.