Thank you Shanny?

Brendan Shanahan may have done the Rangers a huge favour by suspending Brandon Prust for game four. In the past few years no team has better utilized an ‘us against the world’ mentality better than the NFL’s New York Giants. Consistently written off by the media, the Giants used that apparent lack of respect and turned it into a huge motivating factor that helped win two Superbowls. They played with a chip on their shoulders.

In many ways the blatant inconsistencies so evident in the NHL’s disciplinary this post season and grievances the Rangers have had throughout the playoffs can be used the same way the Giants used the lack of respect to strive for success. The Rangers; such a close knit, team-first-individual-second kind of team will use the absence of Prust the right way. They won’t be crying over the suspension.

Coach Tortorella has been more than vocal in his disdain for the way Brendan ‘losing league-wide respect by the second’ Shanahan has ruled over his players and the way the NHL’s VP of player safety so often hasn’t ruled against others.

The Rangers will have felt a distinct sense of injustice about the Prust suspension. If tiredness is present in tonight’s game four showdown maybe winning it for Prust and putting the proverbial middle finger up to the NHL disciplinary team will serve as motivation to the Rangers. Maybe it can lift the team above any fatigue that is clearly starting to kick in.

The Rangers need to offer Henrik Lundqvist more help. As spectacular and MVP-like that he has been, they cannot expect him to hold the fort for forty minutes while the team find their game.  It’s during struggles where teams, individuals and fans look for something to turn to, to inspire. The NHL clearly haven’t got their act together when it comes to ‘player safety’ and league discipline and the Rangers might use this to their advantage. Whatever works, right?

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  1. Great post Chris…I have had this thought ever since the Hagelin suspension. Get pissed, win for revenge. Use that “us against them” feeling. I hope they can harness that for energy.

  2. There has to be someone pressuring Shanny to make certain suspensions and not make others, right? I mean, this (the inconsistent nature behind the suspensions) reeks of Bettman not wanting to have his stars out of the playoffs.

  3. I can see where there are grounds to suspend Prust. But there were similar, if not more blatant grounds for other suspensions throughout the playoffs that were not even reviewed in some cases.

    I hope the Rangers do use the motivation you mention. Excellent article.

  4. ever since the winter classic the NHL and NBC has done their not so subtle best to hold the rangers to a different standard. This isn’t paranoia or sour grapes. The next compliment that the nbc talking heads give the rangers will be their first.Its just wrong!and unprofessional

    1. Don’t forget that Comcast, and Ed Snyder own some 50% of NBC. That my friend is the ownership of the Filthadelphia Flyers!

  5. It was more then evident in the last game when all the play by play guy could do was say Devils this and Devils that. Up till the time the Rangers took a two goal lead. Then all it was the rest of the game was blowing kisses all over Cally and the Rangers.

    And how they were crying on air about the Prust hit and how it has to be a suspension….

    The NHL and Shanny have gone out of their way to hurt the NHL this year more then any other year. And in my opinion Shanny has thrown away his entire time in the NHL and is quickly becomeing the biggest D bag to ever have anything to do with this league

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