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McIlrath, Miller, Erixon, and six others called up

Yesterday the Rangers announced that they had recalled nine six players from the Connecticut Whale of the AHL. The Whale were eliminated from Calder Cup contention last week, and the nine six players called up will serve as the “taxi squad.” As per Andrew Gross, they will practice separately from the current roster.

The players called up include:

G – Cameron Talbot

D – Tim Erixon, Dylan McIlrath

F – J.T. Miller, Casey Wellman, Kris Newbury, Chad Kolarik, Marek Hrivik, Jonathan Audy-Marchessault

It is interesting to note that the Rangers called up the players judged to be the best at their position during the regular season and postseason for the Whale. Notables missing here are Chad Johnson, Ryan Bourque, and Pavel Valentenko.

If McIlrath or Miller play, they will burn a year of their ELC. Wade Redden could not be called up due to salary cap constraints.

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  1. If Dubie can play at some point do you sit Mitch.4th line is giving some good minutes in the last few games , not hurting at all . think if we could ever go up by 2 goals in the 1st we would see them get 10 minutes playing time a game

    1. Eh, Dubi is an upgrade over someone like Mitchell. If he’s ever better, it would be nice to see him slide in there.

      1. If Dubinsky were healthy I’d prefer him to Rupp. Mitchell is competent on the forecheck and in the defensive zone, he can win faceoffs, he hits, high effort guy. Rupp is good for little else than an occasional hit and occasional minor penalty.

          1. In what way has he been better than Mitchell? He’s a worse skater, useless in the defensive zone, hits a little bit in the offensive zone, and what?

            What specifically has he done to be “excellent” in the playoffs?

            1. Google “forechecking”. Look at what that line has done with that in the playoffs. And he’s hardly useless in the dzone.

              1. Thanks for the tip. And given the chance to pick two out of Rupp, Mitchell and Dubinsky to forecheck, I’ll take the two who can skate and have hands.

              2. we’ll just have to agree we’ve been watching different games of you think Rupp hasn’t been great out there.

  2. I am starting to wonder if Dubi has some type of fracture or even a high ankle sprain… both of which would keep him out for the rest of the playoffs. It doesn’t matter to me though, because Dubi had previously done very little this year to help the success of the team.

    I am more interested in what happens when MZA returns. I am NOT a Mitchell fan, so would love to get MZA in there instead for some more offensive firepower. He was helping the PP a lot before he got hurt. I stab my eyes out every time Mitchell is out there on the PP. He is terrible in that role.

  3. I think that Bourque being excluded shows how far he has dropped in the eyes of the organization. Many experts had suggested that it would be tough for him to make the jump to pros and so far they are correct. Unless there is some injury I don’t know about.

    1. Ihink you are wrong about Bourque He has been mostly used in a Def first roll. And the team is very happy with that He played wellin the Playoffs. The only thing that doesnt fare well with him is he failed to gain any size since he was drafted.

  4. Interesting. I thought there was no salary cap in the playoffs because I read somewhere about the canucks possibly being over the cap and it wouldn’t matter because it’s the playoffs.

    Could be wrong though about that.

  5. Got to love how much experience all these young guys have been getting. Now the next tier of prospects will get to see what its like to be around professional post season hockey…

    The lack of chatter on Dubi leads me to believe his down for the playoffs, maybe witht he Rangers…

    Also, i know i will be killed for this, but where has Ryan Callahan gone? Of course his defensive game and his penalty killing has been superb but on the offensive side other then the 2 on 1 where he shanked the shot or maybe Brodeur got a piece of it, i don’t remember even hearing his name on the puck. Would like to hear his name being a little more involved in the play.

    That being said, you have to get excited about the way this team came back on short rest and came away with a great 3rd period victory. I agree with the John Gianone comment on the other thread, hit the bricks with these dumb questions, i think the players must be laughing about them later… just dumb

    1. I won’t kill you for that Mark, I think Cally has been a little quiet. I do bristle, however, when someone all of a sudden calls him a “joke”.

      But he’s out there to lead with his energy and his sacrifice and his, err, rightwayedness? And he did have some good pep last night leading some charges and making some opportunities happen. This is strictly my memory from the seats, I haven’t watched the broadcast yet (maybe a quick lunch break here).

      He hasn’t had a terrible playoffs by any means, was phenomenal in some games (I believe Milbury said he was “proud to be part of the NHL family watching him play the game” after one game vs. Ottawa or maybe Wash–kinda made me feel dirty liking something Milbury says).

      I admit he has been a little quiet the past few games. It happens over a stretch like this, but I’d expect him to be more noticeable as this series continues.

      1. I’ve been suggesting for some time that Callahan is trying to do too much. Any strength taken too far has the potential to become a weakness. What I fear has happened is that Callahan understands how big this is, and he thinks he needs to make every play, and be the leader on every shift, and it has worn on him over the long haul of the season. What I hope Cally can realize, is that he has a group of comrades which have all stepped up their leadership. Those include the Boyle, McDonagh, Girardi, Staal, and even Feds (his experience really driving his confidence).

        Now, I may be off base on this, and Cally could be injured (like some suspect), but I think he’s just trying to hard for big moments. I also noticed him diving a bit more lately, trying to draw calls. I think he’s caught up in the moment a bit too much.

        1. I think Cally may have been slowed down by all the pucks he eats every night. He has to be a walking Black and blue

  6. Honestly, as poorly as Dubinsky performed this year, I’ll be very disappointed if the Rangers go on to greatness this year without him. Even if he is not in a Rangers sweater next year, he’s done so much for this team, and traditionally given it his all…

    I would really like for him to get back on the ice and play a part of this before it’s all said and done…

    1. Well said. The guy still led us in scoring last year, and he bleeds ranger blue. I think he’s gone either way, but I’d love to see him raise the cup first (even if it’s from the 4th/3rd line)

      1. I agree – Sick of the hating on Dubi. Yeah he may not have a great season, but I never saw any evidence to question his heart or his commitment to the team. Some of you need to stop being bandwagon fans.

  7. Interesting that the Rangers organization went from being widely known as a poor path for youth to develop, to one where I have toi believe the most elite youth prospects want to play! Great job by Sather, Schoenfield, Tortorella and Clarke in turning this ship around.

  8. On the NHL network after the game last night they were talking about how Kreider holds his stick. Kevin Weekes was saying because he holds the stick up higher with his hands closer it’s very tough for the goalie to tell what kind of shot is coming. Weekes also said only a few players in the league hold their stick that way and it was good company.

    I noticed after Kreider scored Marty was staring him down to get his # or something, because he was obviously fooled by the shot.

    What do you guys think about this? I did not notice his hand position before hearing this.

  9. I think only Talbot, Erixon, Newbury, Kolarik, and Wellman can play. McIlraith and Miller were signed, but they were removed from the 50 man roster when they went to juniors. Such players can be put back on sometimes, but the Rangers have 50 players on the roster. There is no room and no way to remove players to make room. JAM is Connecticut property. Besides the 50 man roster problem, I don’t think he is on the reserve list and is actually a free agent.

  10. The call-ups tell us something about Ranger plans. The fact that Johnson, Vernace, Valentenko, and Deveaux didn’t get the call likely means they are gone next year. OTOH, I think the Rangers will try to sign JAM and Hrivik. This will make them feel more a part of the Rangers. Thomas will spend next year in Connecticut, not NY.

  11. Unless there is an injury there is absolutely no chance that Torts changes the lineup for a minor leaguer or Dubinsky or Zuccs

    Why mess with chemistry and balance?

    Rupp is Rupp and does what his role apps for. Mitchell is good on face offs and should not be on PP. second unit sb Krider Boyle Hags Giradi Staal.

    Key in game 2 is to play the aggressive checking style and do not let the Devils have open chances.

    Neither Ranger goal was a great shot but good shots off a screen. Every time the puck can be shot the front needs to occupied for a screen or rebound

    1. What I would argue would be Zucc’s nearly immediate impact on the PP in the regular season. Not sure if it would be the same way with his injury recovery time as opposed to the previous call up from which he would be a little sharper, but I think it would have to be considered.

  12. Hey folks…sports is about what have you done for me lately. If anyone can seriously say that Dubi hasn’t lost his guts, I would challenge that persons hockey knowledge. Truthfully he had a miserable / lazy season…didn’t do a thing when he played in the playoffs and overall his play has gone the way of Scott Gomez and Ray Ferraro before him…sign a safe, don’t get too involved or invested.

    He is the type of fat-cat player we had for years…has to go and good riddance !

    1. I have been saying this all season!

      It took this injury for everyone to agree!

      Trader Glen can hopefully get some value out of him. He had a cheaper contract than Gomez do we deserve at least 1 future All Star!

  13. Was the adjustment from nine to six names a true correction or just a technicality? JAM and Hrivik couldn’t officially be recalled because they are not Ranger property. And Kolarik wasn’t actually playing for the Whale. But has this trio been invited to practice with the other six?

  14. Does anyone remember how good Hags & Mitchell were when they both came up from the Whale. Then Torts did his usual line tinkering. If Torts wants to double shift hags thats 2/r of the line.

    1. That line is noticeable every time they are on the ice. They seem to be able to produce an extended forechecking shift at will. Rupp seems to be winning board battles and throwing hits most of those shifts. He is noticeable every time he is on the ice, and not just for his size.

      Add the veteran leadership on the bench I just don’t think he should be dismissed as easily as some are doing it.

    2. I think Rupp’s played his role well ie hitting bodies, getting in on the forecheck, and keeping the puck in their end zone, etc.

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