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Breaking down the goals from ECSF Game One

The Rangers opened up the series with a 3-1 win over the Capitals at MSG. This was one of those games that saw it all: great goaltending, offense, defense, and penalty killing. The powerplay was lacking for both sides, but that’s what happens in this kind of game.

Here’s the scoring:

1-0 Rangers

There’s not much to be said on this goal but dumb luck. Artem Anismov picked up the puck behind the net, swung it around, and got a few lucky bounces en route to a goal. It happens, this time it worked out in the Rangers favor. But give the kid credit, he out muscled Mike Green’s check around the net, which is nice to see.

1-1 Tie Game

This goal was a matter of perfection from the Capitals. Brooks Laich wound up with the puck on his stick, and floated a perfect saucer pass to Jason Chimera, who just had to make contact with the puck to slide it through Henrik Lundqvist’s five hole. There was nothing the Rangers could do on this goal. It was a perfect pass, even Bobby Orr had no shot at that.

2-1 Rangers

This goal was the product of solid defensive pressure and opportune timing. With the Caps pressing, Derek Stepan wound up with the puck on his stick with some room. The Capitals were in the process of changing their defensemen at the time of the turnover and Step made them pay for this coaching mistake. He hit a streaking Kreider with a perfect pass in the neutral zone. Kreider ripped a shot from the hash marks that Braden Holtby should have stopped, but it went in the far corner for a 2-1 Rangers lead. Sometimes a great shot beats a hot goalie, this one of those times.

3-1 Rangers

Apparently Brad Richards is allowed to walk into the goal zone unopposed.  Well, I guess it’s only when Kreider gets him the puck. Kreider won the battle along the boards, and fed the puck to Richards. Chimera lost his man (Richards). The defenseman had to cover Marian Gaborik in the slot, but he over committed, leaving Richards free to walk in on Holtby. Dennis Wideman was the defenseman on the play, but he had to do dual duties of covering Richards and covering the pass to Gaborik. Few can manage that, and he was not one of them.

Luckily from then on the Rangers were able to hold a two goal lead. This win gives the Rangers a big advantage, as they were likely to have some sort of hangover from the victory over Ottawa. Winning the first game means a lot for the Blueshirts.

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  • Unlike the 94 Rangers, these boys play better with less rest.
    Am I the only one who can’t stand Mike Emeric? I like him as a person, but I can’t listen to his high-pitched voice. And if we can’t have any MSG broadcasts, then why won’t NBC replay the game anywhere?
    Finally, Chris Kreider’s goal last night was a real special one: an old-time open-ice blast of a goal, that is so rare for the Rangers. Very exciting indeed.

    • I agree 100%. I can’t stand listening to Emeric and Pierre Mcquire drives me nuts. I’m really going to miss Rosen and Michaletti.

      • JUst be glad you don’t have Bob Cole doing the play by play. Whenever I watch him do the game I wonder if he is calling a different game than the one I am watching.

      • Ah, c’mon boys. Anyone pining for the incessant groveling of Joe Micheletti should have his head examined. The guy is so biased, any contact with a Ranger is a missed call, all Rangers penalties are borderline calls, and even the slightest “heads-up” play is “perfect,”0 “beautiful” or better. The guy has a hard-on for the Rangers, and it’s tough to listen to, even for someone who has been a die-hard fan my whole life.

        Emerik is exciting, and passionate. He reminds me of the broadcasts I heard as a kid.

        • I know I’m going to wade into sketchy territory here, and as much as you make some valid points about Michelletti Chris, I absolutely LOATHE Doc Emrick. His shrill, high pitched voice is like nails on a chalk board. He is constantly making up terms that don’t apply to the game and his nonsensical habit of turning adjectives or nouns into verbs drives me nuts (“waffle boarded? really?) He is also consistently slow to pick up what exactly is taking place on the ice and his homerism for PItt and Philly (NBC owns the Flyers) borders on professional misconduct.

          He drove me crazy as a Devil’s announcer for more than a decade, and he somehow ends up as a national broadcaster…what happened to Gary Thorne and Bill Clement? Ray Ferraro and Brian Engblom? There are tons of capable play by play guys who do a fantastic job. The only one who I can confirm is substantially worse than Emrick is Rick Jeanneret. /end rant

          • lol really justin Brian Engblom? I think we can just all agree that no one will ever touch Sam and JD. Now… a Blues Rangers final will get JD back to the garden for a moment at least, though i’m not sure that’s a team I’d prefer to play for the Cup.

          • Ha, you got me on Engblom Scully…I just have a soft spot for him and his former mullet. Sam and JD are easily my favorite booth tandem, but for a national game, I’d go with Thorne/Clement, or basically anyone but Doc.

          • Just for your information, before Emerick went to do the Devils games, he work the Flyer games for some 8-10 years, also with Bill Clement.

            Comcast ownes the Flyers, and Ed Snyder owns some 50% of NBC! That is the reason he carries so much weight with the NHL.

            Did I tell you that my 2 favorite teams are the Rangers, and whoever is playing the Flyers!!!!!

        • I’m not a fan of Joe either, but you can’t really compare Joe to Doc. One is a color analyst and the other does play by play.

          For play by play Emerick just doesn’t fit my personal preference. I don’t like his voice and he over calls the game in my opinion. Not trying to convince anyone to change their opinion of him, I just rather mute the TV and listen to the radio when our games are on NBC.

          • Agreed 100% Suit. I just try to mentally tune him out so I can still hear the rest of the sounds on the rink.

          • I love Bill Clement! So, we definitely agree there. And, I’ll even concede your points about Doc’s technical analysis deficiencies. I just like his energy and excitement.

            Joe, though, is a caricature of bias.

            Long live Sam and the JD!

    • If you live outside NYC like myself, we were stuck with Brian Hayward for the entire senators series. He is absolutely the worst and a big ‘Sens’ fan as this is what he called them the entire series….

  • New PP’s
    Kreider Stepan Hagelin Br McD
    Cally Boyle Gabby BR MDZ
    Can’y hurt to try these when Boyle comes back
    Whats to lose PP pct can’t get any worst than it is now . Hags and the kid are hungray and want the puck

  • I was listening to the Dan Patrick show the other day and Patrick was waxing poetic about how Doc Emrick is the best play-by-play announcer in the country of any sport. I find Patrick entertaining and knowledable, but I couldn’t disagree more. Emrick calls every game as though it is Game 7 of the finals. Probably good for the casual fan, but very grating for true fans of the game.

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