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Thursday night open thread

Since people appeared to enjoy the last open thread we had on Tuesday, we are going to continue these until the end of the playoffs. The Devils/Panthers, Bruins/Caps, ‘Yotes/Hawks, and Blues/Sharks are all in action tonight. The Yankees/Twins game is also on tonight.

Talk about whatever you want, just play nice.  Enjoy!

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  • I love how anything short of coming out and handily sweeping Ottawa seems to be a cause for concern for the Rangers, at least if you take what all that analysts say as truth.

    Just got through listening to Milbury et al. bash the Rangers for being tied 2-2 with Ottawa, while praising Van. for fighting back and avoiding elimination to make their series 3-1. Hmm.

      • Yes, he is. But it’s not just him. I hear much more criticism of the Rangers for being tied 2-2, than I do of the ‘Nucks for being down 3-1, or the Pens for being down 3-1, or the Hawks for being down 2-1, or the Devs for being tied 2-2, or likely what we’ll hear if the Bruins being tied 2-2. Basically, in all the series where the better team is down or tied, the general consensus seems to be that these are just teams facing really good opposition but they can rebound, whereas in the case of the Rangers I’m hearing alot of “panic mode” analysis.

        Sometimes it sucks being a Blueshirts fan, as the only positive assessments we ever get come from MSG personnel. Not that it really matters, but ir would be nice to read or hear a fair assessment coming from an allegedly objective source for once.

  • Who cares what Milbury says, he is nothing but a mental midget!!!!!

    Sorry to offend the vertically challanged!

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