Hagelin suspended three games, Carkner gets only one.

Per Bob McKenzie, Carl Hagelin has been suspended for three games for his hit on Daniel Alfredsson in Game 2 of the Rangers/Senators conference quarterfinal. ┬áHere is Brendan Shanahan’s video explanation.


Update: Per, Carkner has only been suspended for one game. Here is Shannys video for Carkner.

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  • No history, no intent, but just because he is a relative no name unlike Weber and Alfredsson was injured in the after math, HE GETS 3 GAMES

  • Carkner gets 1! I can’t even type. I want to leave the apt and cause a ruckus at NHL headquarters. I’m absolutely apoplectic.

  • This will be Shanny’s last year in this position. Way to inconsistent – owners and GMs have had it. No way you can suspend Hagelin 3 games for a hockey play penalty and not give Webber 10 games for his non-hockey play move. Let’s see what the cry babies from Pittsburgh get for their actions today.

  • the nhl is a freakin joke!! webber a dirty hit with a second left gets NOTHING!!! and hags a clean players gets 3??? alfredsonn better be out a couple a games now.

  • I want to see what happens with James Neal. His situation is hagelin’s but so much worse. He blind sided coutourier, left his feet, hit to the head and was not even making a play on the puck. On top of that, he caused an apparent injury and has no prior history. 5 games?

    It is amazing listening to shanny in both videos. He contradicts himself within 5 minutes of making each video. The only difference is that hagelin caused an injury while making a hockey play. In the carkner video shanny clearly states there was intent to attack boyle AND he has prior history so he gets one game? What a farce.

    And lastly, the point of suspensions is to eliminate illegal hits period. Phillips rammed callahan in the head finishing a check with his elbow also. Just because callahan was fine and alfreddson was not warrants 3 games? We also have no idea the extent of alfredsson’s injury.

    Hopefully we rally around the clear NHL bias against the new york rangers.

  • Love the NYR response, can’t wait for Monday and the team’s response on the ice:

    “The New York Rangers accept the NHL’s three-game suspension of Carl Hagelin and will not pursue an appeal. However, we are thoroughly perplexed in the ruling’s inconsistency with other supplementary discipline decisions that have been made throughout this season and during the playoffs. We will have no further comment on this decision.”

  • What a joke, truly a shame on the behalf of the NHL to make mockery of all these incidents in this years playoffs. Who holds the league accountable and punish these idiots, to include the referees? Plain and simple, what a joke

  • WOW. Can’t believe Hags gets 3 games. Watch – Alfie will be playing tonight, nice vet response to the check.

    It certainly was NOT malitious, he was simple finishing a check. Maybe one game, for the first time ever.

    But to give Weber nothing = mind boggling.

    NOW, I hope this motivates the Rangers, to take it to another level. Put 5 goals on them in waves and never let off.

    Kreider – please stand up. Put your name on the Stanley Cup. Take advantage of this situation, and never let off the gas!!!

  • All in all the Rangers need to find a way to take advantage of this. The Sens will be down two D men atleast for tonite. And Alfie more then likely isnt coming back. We need to go in hard and hit them everychance we get. Wear on them like a cheep suit.

  • Any credibility the league may have established early this season is completely gone. There were some questionable calls in the second half but the Weber, Hagelin, Carkner decisions are completely slanted. Anybody with a shred of objectivity could tell you this.

  • Listening to Shanny try to justify his sophistry on Boomer & Carton is nauseating…

    First, he claims that Hagelin’s elbow to Alfredsson’s head was completely different than Phillip’s elbow to Callahan. He claims that the Phillips hit was a body check, with some slight incidental head contact. False!

    Next, he claims that Carkner’s premeditated assault of Boyle was only deserving of 1 game simply because of the severity of the continuance of punches being thrown while Boyle was down. Not because he sucker punched him to begin with, not because it was premeditated, but only because he took it too far.

    Next, he unequivocally defends the notion of Hags getting 3 games, because Alfredsson went down and didn’t return, and according to Shanny, has a concussion. Though the Senators claim he passed a baseline test.

    So, to recap. Premeditated assault that doesn’t leave any visible injuries is a one-game offense; overzealous hockey play in an intense game that unfortunately leaves a player injured is a three-game offense, and would have been more, he says, if Hags had a history. And yet, Carkner’s history of sucker-punching players, vis-a-vis the Islanders, oddly didn’t get him any additional games.

    What an asshole. I can’t even think straight after listing to that chicken-shit spew his illogical inconsistencies. It’s becoming more and more evident that the storyline is of utmost importance to the League, no long the actual game.

    Can’t have Shea Weber getting suspended, that’s not good for the Det-Nas series, which in turn is not good for the League.

    Don’t look at Phillips’ hit on Callahan, because Callahan doesn’t have star-power; but throw the book at Hags because of who Alfredsson is.

    Finally, only give Carkner 1-game (probably the easiest player to the throw the book at) because, well, having him back before this series ends could provide some exciting fireworks, no?

    Shanny, Cambell, Bettman, the League can all go straight to hell!

    • It’s a damn shame, but your analysis makes far more sense than any justification the league has thus far offered.

    • I just gave it a listen. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he says that Boyle “not defending himself” factored into his 1 game decision for Carkner. How can you expect a player to sufficiently defend themselves in Boyle situation?

      I suppose Shanahan could be referring to Boyle turning down Carkner’s initial attempt to fight, but that shouldn’t even be a factor.

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