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The Latest on Rick Nash

12:47pm: Via Mark Spector, talks between the Rangers and Blue Jackets regarding Rick Nash have “advanced.” The reported package includes one of Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto, a prospect (apparently Tim Erixon), and a first round pick. The Rangers believe this offer gives them the edge over the Maple Leafs, and I would sure hope it would. That’s a serious haul.

As Dave said on Twitter, any deal bringing Nash to New York would have to involve Brandon Dubinsky going elsewhere for salary purposes. Columbus apparently doesn’t want him, which complicated things. It’s worth noting that Wojtek Wolski was not placed on waivers today according to Bob McKenzie, so his rather pricey salary will still count against the cap on Monday, trade deadline day.

I’m of the belief that the Rangers should look for an upgrade over the Stu Bickel/Steve Eminger/Jeff Woywitka trio, not subtract potentially two defensemen. We’ve seen the d-men get beat with speed quite a bit lately, and I don’t think that’s an accident. Dan Girardi, McDonagh, and MDZ have logged a ton of ice time this season, so adding another guy to soak up some minutes down the stretch makes sense. Anyway, I’ll update this post with any Nash-related rumors throughout the day.

Update (2:24pm): Per David Pagnotta, the Blue Jackets badly want Derek Stepan but will settle for Carl Hagelin. He mentions a package of Dubinsky, Stepan/Hagelin, Chris Kreider, plus a pick (not necessarily a first rounder), though it’s unclear if that’s on the table or if he’s speculating. Meanwhile, Larry Brooks hears that there’s nothing to the MDZ talk, but Erixon is in play. After the Wolski trade, the Rangers can add close to $11 million in cap hits at the deadline according to CapGeek. The money’s there if they want to do something big, or even two something bigs.

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  • keep mdz, mcd, others. my call, dustin brown, and leave nash for toronto. nyr and hartford right now lack depth, couple of injuries, and we go down quick.

  • I know Nash has never been surrounded by much but is he really that good?

    Any deal for Nash is risky given the long term cap/salary implication. Including one of the likes of MDZ, RM, Stephan, etc. is going to alter the chemistry greatly and you have to wonder if he offsets that.

    What would be really interesting (although probably a virtual pipe dream) would be Marty St. Louis. Tampa is selling and a lot of Marty’s buds are Rangers. He makes less and he could be had for less. Not sure if he would though but i think would given the recent sell-off. Just a dream…

  • There is no way you make the deal or Nash. Nobody is talking about Nash’s 7 million dollar cap hit. All of these young players at some point are going to get paid. I think Brown is the right move.

    There is no way Slats makes this deal. This team as it stands I today could goto the cup this year and for many more years.

  • Stepan/Hagelin? When did they enter the mix? Way too high a price for Nash. I would still do Dubi/Erixon for Brown, leaving some powder for a depth D-man.

  • I like the fact that we got a pick for Wolski. For all of you people advocating a trade, do not be surprised when no significant trade occurs. The only name mentioned in a trade that actually resonated with me was for Dustin Brown. That is a sensible trade for a player who will fit the system at a much cheaper price. I still maintain we keep the course and negotiate with Parise for his services as a UFA .

  • Erixon in theory could come close to replacing MDZ but there is no one in the system that can replace McDonagh so why in the world would he be included. And on that note, why would Erixon AND MDZ be in the same deal, again, makes no sense.

    • Mac, Del, Step, none of these kids are being moved. You can bet the house on this!!!!!

      I think that Slats is playing games with the Jackets, and if anything he will make a minor move. Did yoy see where WW scored for the Panthers yesterday? Maybe all that water theripy worked for this clown.

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