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Jeff Carter traded to LA, Nash to NYR next?

Jeff Carter trade

Jeff Carter was traded late tonight to the LA Kings in exchange for defensemen Jack Johnson & a first round pick, ending his short stint with the Blue Jackets after just 39 games.

Despite the absurdity of trading this contract for the second time in under a year, I think this will be a good move for both sides. The Kings desperately needed offense. They also have a very structured defensive system that will likely mask Jeff Carter’s defensive deficiencies. Ultimately if they can get the puck on his stick, he will get them the goals they need. Just beware of his non-existent backchecking!

Johnson on the other hand really needed a change of scenery. I think he has potential to be a lot better than he is, but Columbus has to give the kid some rope and not expect him to go out there and shutdown the Western Conference’s elite every night. It won’t happen.

Rick Nash to NYR?

All of which leads us to Rick Nash, who I believe will be traded to the Rangers before the deadline is over. The Rangers are really the last team in the running and unless another team swoops in last-minute, I have a hard time seeing Nash being moved elsewhere.

I was initially vehemently against this trade when Kreider was being rumored to go in the other direction, but after Larry Brooks’ report on Thursday that Sather won’t move him (or MDZ, McDonagh, or Miller for that matter),  I feel a lot better about it. The final trade in my opinion likely includes Dubinsky, Thomas, and either McIlrath OR Erixon. It’s a tall order, but it’s doable.

The Rangers have been floating Dubi at the deadline for the last two years. Thomas becomes expendable if we have Nash, Kreider, & Hagelin on the leftside. McIlrath should end up being a good hard hitting defensive defensemen, but is he really needed when your top 4 is Staal, Girardi, MDZ, & McDonagh? Hard to say. Whether he or Erixon goes probably depends on whether or not CBJ wants a future puck moving defensemen or a stay at home guy.

The real issue with this potential trade is Nash’s $7.8M cap dent. I have to believe if Nash is coming to the Rangers, there has to be a second deal to unload another RFA contract, especially with the CBA talks & cap uncertainty looming.

Dubi and prospects just doesn’t cut it. In my opinion that guy has to be Artem Anisimov. Whether he’s included in the Nash deal (maybe instead of Thomas) or moved in a separate deal, I think he is your cap casualty. Arty has been a solid player for the Rangers, but he’d probably be better off in a system less reliant on deep forechecking and end-to-end skating.

Well that’s my thoughts. However it goes down, hopefully Sather will be patient and continue to let the cost come down. One thing is for certain, how Sather plays this will likely define his legacy as the Rangers GM.

***Update: There are rumors floating that Dustin Brown may be available as well. Although I don’t think Brown will be traded, Sather would be smart to leak our interest in him. The more trade candidates that are available on the market, the more leverage Sather ultimately will have in the Nash talks.

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  1. I just really hope they don’t trade for Nash period. I think Anisimov will become a really good player for the Rangers within the next few years, and passing up on him would be a big mistake. Getting Rick Nash’s absurd cap hit would be detrimental to the future of this Rangers team as well as the many RFAs to come within the next 5 years. I’d rather have a good young solid core for the next half decade instead of the Chicago styled one and done (at least so far).

    1. First of all Chicago with their ‘one and don’t did indeed win that cup – which we all want.

      Secondly, amid an injury prone season and in the very deep west they are still 33-22-7, a good record and have several quality players signed long term. There are much, much worse situations to be in.

      If getting the Rangers the cup meant dealing core – but not essential – guys like Dubinsky or maybe girardi away due to cap constraints, but still left the club with a lot of quality, it’s got to be done

  2. I hope they don’t trade for Nash but assuming they do, is there any way to get Wolski and his cap hit off the books? For a young kid who’s still learning, Anisimov has put up decent numbers (almost as good as Dustin Brown, another rumor target, but at half Dusty’s price) and it would be a shame if he were a casualty. The Nash cap hit is surreal, but if the Rangers don’t want to keep Gabby past his contract, I guess it makes sense. Crazy game of roster chess…

    1. I would love to think that another team would take a flier on Wolski, maybe a team that’s more of a east/west style of play, but it doesn’t sound like there’s a market for him.

      Dustin Brown would definitely fit our system, he’s a very good forechecker. But I doubt LA would move him.

  3. First, I thinknthrcRangers include Wolski in the Nash deal or potentially in a separate deal for a Bottom 6 Torts style forward.

    The man that the Rangers need to remove for long term cap reasons is Staal. He is clearly not the player he was before the injury and if the Rangers can get value then by all means he should be traded. Potentially for high motor young bottom 6 grinders with scoring potential.
    The other player that should be traded is Richards. He is looking old and if you can get good young players again it would be a good move on the ice and in salary cap land. Furthermore, it would open a center ice position for Anisomov. Once again, I stres these deals should be done in the summer when blockbuster value type deals can be negotiated and after this group wins the cup!

    As for Nash being a big cap hit, I do not see it. He is 3 million more than Dubi but can actually contribute on offense.

  4. No one could argue that Nash doesn’t have a huge cap hit but I don’t think it becomes a real issue until 2014/15 when you have Cally, Gabby, Henrik, Girardi all hitting UFA.

    That gives NYR 3 postseasons with the same group intact + Nash (minus Dubi due to trade)

    After that is where it will get interesting/challenging but 3 years away is enough time to work with it. Worst case scenario is you have a 30yr old Nash instead of a 33yr old Gabby.

    1. Good point BIP, that’s why Slats isn’t worried about the cap issues, they are way down the road and after a new CBA which might make them moot anyway. This deal needs to happen if the Rangers want to make a real run. As long as the only current roster impact player included is Dubi, they have to make this deal. I’d move any two prospects plus Dubi to get it done. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CAN’T MISS PROSPECT! Anybody remember Hugh Jessiman, he was supposed to be the next Eric Lindros and he turned into the next Brett Lindros.

  5. Dubinksy, McIlrath, Thomas and 1st round pick is simply too high for Nash. Dubinsky, Erixon (NHL-ready at CBJ and most other clubs) and a 2nd round pick gets it done. Have we overlooked the fact the CBJ organization is desperate and within a meltdown, whereas the Rangers have possibly the best prospect pool in the league? Dustin Brown would likely be a more cost effective option to purse as well.

  6. think your blog is right on. wolski traded or waived. my problem is this, torts says all players will block shots or not play. do you really think nash is going to block shots?

    1. Depends on how he is utilized. A lot of our blocked shots comes on our penalty kill, where we collapse to the net. I don’t think Nash will be on our PK, so that probably spares him much in the way it does for Gabby, Stepan, etc.

  7. Everyone is saying the Bluejackets need a defensman in the Nash trade. They just got Jack Johnson in the Carter deal, and that gives them a pretty good set of six d-men. Maybe the Rangers won’t have to give away either Erixon, or McIlrath after all.

    Dubi, in any senerio, is history. That stated, we can afford to include Thomas, and a #1 pick, because if we get Nash, we will go deep, very deep, if not the cup itself. The #1 pick for all practical purposes will in effect be a #2. I think that more than this offer is over payment!

    Wolski is gone, no matter what other trades are made. If we can’t get Nash for the package I mentioned, the Justin Brown kid could work for us. He is a hard nosed, two way player, with softer hands than Dubi, and he would welcome that move, being from NY State. No way should the Hemsky clown be considered, as mentioned in the past, he is nothing but another WW, who won’t check anyone unless he hits you with his purse. As for AA, I love the kid but he is easily knocked off of his skates, and isn’t really tough. He needs to add some 20 lbs on his frame, and get his nose dirty a little more. Just my thoughts!

  8. Gotta dump wowo’s contract to make this work.

    Him and dubi clear up a lot of space for Nash. But can we demote wowo without someone taking a bite at him to split the cost with us, then we need to move more for the cap.

    I don’t particularly like Nash. He seems disconnected. And his stats don’t scream 7mil a year to me.

    I think there are other options that will net the same result without having to give up so many pieces.

    Plus we are tops in the league right now. Do we want to mess that up with potentially moving important pieces and not getting a return like expected.

    On top of that it takes a month or two for new players to acclimate to torts system. Can Nash change to fit?

    Too many questions for me @7m a year.

    1. I was gonna save the Nash talk for the chat today, but cap hit/trade cost aside…’Cmon Mikeyyy, what in the world is not to like about Rick Nash? The dude is an elite power forward in the prime of his career. He is by all accounts a good locker room guy and leader, and if you look at the nosedive the Jackets have taken the last couple years, I’m not surprised his numbers fell off. Look how he performed at the Olympics for Canada…

      1. It’s not that I don’t like the guy, I just don’t think he is worth 7mil per. Iginla at 27 was worth 7. Even now he’s worth 7. Nash was not.

        I am banking on history here and hoping that Sather waits for the offseason for the big splash.

        1. Sorry Mikeyyy, I had to:

          “I don’t particularly like Nash.”

          But yes, I see some of your point. I think he’s worth 7 in Columbus compared to the relative roster, but it could cause issues here.

          With that said I’d definitely do the deal floated in the poll ( Dubi, Thomas, & McIlrath (or Erixon) for Nash). I just think it’s worth the push we may get in the end, and I think the cap space will be dealt with in a reasonable manner. And with THAT said I still go back and forth on this minute by minute.

  9. We wouldn’t be talking about a Nash trade at all if Richards was contributing commensurate with HIS contract…in this system. There’s no reason to think Nash will fare any better.

    1. That’s broken logic Jon. Richards and Nash have two completely different skill sets. If Richards was producing at a 70-80 point pace, would there be less pressure to make the trade? Absolutely, but Richards was not brought here to score 30-40 goals.

      Richards was brought here to be a playmaker with good leadership skills and improve the PP and face-offs. Nash is a power forward expected to put up 35-40 goals a year and play a strong physical game. Nash does everything well, he can back check, play physical, plays both the wall and the crease well. He would fit perfectly into Tort’s system.

      And because Richard’s hasn’t played up to expectations, Nash is destined for failure? They are two different people in two completely different contexts that are not in any way dependent on each other.

      1. If Richards was doing what he was “brought here” to do…Gabby would be posting the numbers, and we still wouldn’t be looking to Nash.

    2. I dont agree with the notion that Richards has been a disappointment here. Yea he may not be putting up huge point totals like he was expected, but look who he’s been playing with: his best linemate has been Callahan, who is a grinder with good scoring ability. In Dallas he was playing with 2 bona fide scorers in Eriksson and Neal. Yea he’s been streaky at times, but he’s still on pace for a 25 goal season, which is exactly what he’s expected to score. Put Nash on his wing and you’ll soon be eating your words about Richards being a disappointment.

  10. While we’re playing change it up…

    Here we go;

    Nash for Dubi, Thomas, Erixon
    Semin & Brouwer for Gabby, MZA

    Line up;

    Cup contender?

    1. One thing sure looks right in that lineup, and that’s the idea of getting Mitchell and Hagelin back on the same line. Those two have chemistry on the rush that is missing when they are separated.

  11. Section121
    Nash for the package mentioned-OK
    That puss Semin & Brouwer for Gabby and MZA? You can’t be for real, are you? Gabby is playing very well for us, and he is defensivly responsible, while the cun* Semin is one dementional, and doesn’t show up in the paly-offs at all, especially after a good body check on him!

    1. I seem to remember it was Semin who single handedly knocked us out last year after back checking, stealing the puck and burying a goal and knife into our team’s heart all in one foul sweep.

      Let’s see about playoffs for Gabby and Semin in the last 5 years;

      2007 – 0 games
      2008 – 7 games, 8 pts
      2009 – 14 games, 14 pts
      2010 – 7 games, 2 pts
      2011 – 9 games, 6 pts

      2007 – 5 games, 5 pts
      2008 – 6 games, 1 pt
      2009 – 0 games
      2010 – 0 games
      2011 – 5 games, 2 pts

      playoff absence, hmmmm?

      1. Well if you are playing with that offense only cast that Semin plays with (and also their talent level), more points should be expected.

        Which is also the main problem with Semin…this system requires back checking commitment. I wouldn’t expect Semin to provide that.

  12. Semin doesn’t backcheck, Gabby does and has succeeded in NY under Torts system, Semin has not. No thanks.

  13. I visited the site on my Android, and the mobile version showed the headline “Jeff Carter Traded to LA, Nash to NYR…”

    I almost died…

      1. Granted, I shouldn’t have been reading my phone while driving, but I nearly hit a guard rail because of that headline… Thanks Suit! 😉

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