The Sunday Link Dump – Game Day Edition

It’s Sunday morning and what better way to wake up than to check out what’s happening in Ranger-land this weekend. Here’s your link dump.

The Post are leading with an interesting story about Neil Smith and his moves that helped turn the Rangers into a Cup winner back in 1994. I agree that despite the stellar career Tony Amonte went on to have; you can always justify moves that give you a cup. It’s a shame the way that Rangers core (including Keenan and Smith) crumbled so quickly.

Rangers Review provide their own damning words on Martin Biron and take a look at the Rangers loss to the Hawks, which was indeed anything but pretty. Do you agree with the Review in regards to how bad Biron has been?

The Boys at Blue Line Station have a nice post about our King in goal and the crazy guy manning the net in Philadelphia. It makes good reading, the title alone made me laugh. Poor Ilya.

Every year approaching the trade deadline TSN always breakdown the status of each club in the two conferences, listing the pending free agents and what each club likely need to do at the deadline. Here’s the link to the Eastern conference, including your very own Rangers. Do you agree?

Finally, Andrew Gross at Rangers Rants discusses Dubinsky, Torts and the sideshow that is Rick Nash (in tonight’s game against Columbus) It should be a comfortable win for the Rangers on home ice but with all the distractions that will likely be around this game it will be anything but. I have to say I just love how Tortorella doesn’t know when the deadline is (apparently). Just like he previously said about players ‘I knew nothing about him’. Either our coach is blissfully ignorant or he’s a terrible liar. Or he just doesn’t want to give anything away.

It should be an interesting game and game day. Check back later for the game preview and the recap later tonight. Let’s Go Rangers!

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  1. The assessment of Biron was a lazy, frustrated rant without bothering to do any research. If I was behind the bench, granted, I probably would have flipped the two game (Hank v. Chicago, Biron v. CLB) but it’s not really a big deal. It’s an out of conference game after something like 6 games in 9 days.

    Biron’s worst statistical month (aside from the 2 games in Feb. of course) was Dec. with a .912 save %. Even though I think that stat is garbage, when your worst month of the whole season is .912, there is nothing wrong with the way you are playing. Marty hasn’t been great the past 2 games (the game before that was a shutout at Tor.), but wasn’t exactly coughing up softies against Chi, and got burned by the boards in the Devils game. Marty has been more than we could have expected.

    Would Hank have stopped a couple of those breakaways? Yes, probably. But we are losing the forest for the trees with this type of viewpoint. The season is 82 games long and the Rangers need to make sure Hank’s workload is managed properly. What matters more, one out of conference game loss in the middle of a 4-game winning streak, or a franchise goalie running out of gas in the most crucial time of the year?

    I get that Hank has spoiled us to what goaltending performances should look like, but good god, have some sense of perspective when setting expectations for our backup goaltender.

  2. I agree that it’s hard to argue with the results of the trades in 94 but no one will ever convince me that Gartner should have been shipped out for Anderson. Smith gave the real reason in the article. No, not that Anderson was a proven playoff performer, but that he was Messier’s buddy. Maybe that intangible fact made the difference, who knows? Anderson had 3 goals and 3 assists in 23 games in the 94 playoffs. In the same season Gartner had 5 goals and 6 assists in 18 playoff games. I realize that over the length of their careers Anderson had a much better points-per-game average in the playoffs and that deadline deals are a gamble. That said, I’d still have a real hard time believing that we’d be going on 72 years without a Cup had Gartner remained a Ranger. And as for the statement that Smith wasn’t messing with the core of the team, Gartner had 28 goals and 52 points in 71 games with the Rangers that season and three 40+ goal seasons prior to that. Those numbers don’t constitute a “core” guy? I’ll admit to bias since he was my favorite player and the only one for whom I’ve ever shelled out the bucks to buy a customized pro jersey. It just seemed to me that he deserved to get his name on the Cup that year.

    1. I don’t disagree with you at all John, but from what I’ve read and heard through the years, I think Mess wanted to be the unquivacable leader in that locker room, no questions asked.

      Mess and Smith wanted guys who would play their role and not try to stretch themselves. If you read between the lines, with Gartner out of the picture Mess could have the roster built to his specs and own that locker room.

  3. Only trade the Rangers should make is for Vukoun. He is on a one year contract and does not want to stat in DC. Biron and Zucarello for Vukoun

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