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Rangers/Blackhawks recap

Well, every team is due a clunker once in a while.  The Rangers basically lost this game in the first ten minutes of the first period, allowing 4 goals to the Blackhawks, who held on for the win 4-2.  The win snaps a 9-game losing streak for the ‘Hawks and a 4-game win streak for the Rangers.  I’m not going to dwell too much one this one, better to throw it in the trash and move on.  Onto the bullets…

  • The Rangers were an absolute mess the first 10 minutes of the game.  It all started when Dan Girardi covered a puck in the crease about a minute into the game.  Jonathon Toews scored on the ensuing penalty shot.  Bad turnovers and generally lazy play bit the Blueshirts for 3 more goals during that time and found themselves down 4-0 after one.
  • After the 1st period, the Rangers started to play a little better.  They were still playing fairly sloppy and disorganized in the offensive and neutral zones, but had cleaned up their defensive play.  The ‘Hawks tried and tried to let the Rangers back into this one, but a combination of Corey Crawford, a brutal power play and some unfortunate bounces kept the Rangers at bay.
  • Speaking of that power play, good god.  0-7 and barely bothered to mount an attack.  Chicago threw a different penalty killing look at them; aggressively pressuring the point men before they could settle into the offensive zone and immediately collapsing when the Rangers did establish possession.  This kept the power play pretty toothless all evening.  Also, why in the world is John Mitchell getting PP time?
  • Toews is an absolute monster on both sides of the puck.
  • Chicago, for all it’s defensive ineptitude, is one dangerous offensive team.  They combine speedy forwards with tremendous passing.  This was the first time all season I saw our defense struggling to contain a team’s perimeter game.
  • Mike Rupp must have caught a bad case of stone hands before this one.
  • While I feel that The Suit’s assessment of Chicago’s goaltending is spot on, I must admit Corey Crawford played extremely well tonight.  He was square to the shooter and made himself big all game.
  • You have to feel for Marty Biron tonight.  Not only was he victimized by 3 breakaway goals and a 6’8” screen in the first ten minutes, The Garden decided to throw a Bronx Cheer his way.  ‘Cmon New York, you’re better than that.  Biron rebounded to actually have a very solid final 50 minutes.  He made several key saves that gave you false hope about a possible comeback.
  • While the officiating was consistently erratic for both teams, it was inexcusable that play was blown dead before Cally put the puck in.  It was clearly sitting loose on the goal line.
  • Like I said, just delete this one from the memory banks and get back to the Rangers hockey we all know and love.

Off until Sunday when the lowly Blue Jackets come to town.  How loud do you think the Rick Nash chatter will be this weekend?  Oh and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow at noon for the BSB Live Chat!

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  • Surprisingly, no any words on Biron ‘kept us in the game’ performance…. As usually, by Justin, has no clue what he is taking about. First, we lost game in first 4 min(not 10), and then Biron made key saves….. Listen to yourself man. We lost due to Torts put Biron last night and it wasn’t surprise of the result

    • That was barely english. If you’re going to insult me, at least make it legible. So what’s your plan exactly? Play Hank every game for the rest of the season? And the 4th goal, Hossa’s, was scored at the 9:38 mark of the first, which made the score 4-0.

    • Justin,

      I for one thought your post pretty well summed up the game. It was lost in the first 10 minutes, but the team overall rebounded, but could’t dig themselves out of that whole. Biron played clutch after the Hossa goal, and the offensive chances were there. Rangers just couldn’t finish many of them, and went 0-for-7 on the PP.

      Time to walk away from this one and start anew against Columbus.

    • I’m a little confused at this point too Sally. I though Biron played fairly well. It would have been tremendous if he would have been able to shut the door on 1 or 2 of those goals but, let’s face it, he’s not Hank (he shouldn’t feel bad, very few are). The ‘Hawks must have read my style analysis for Marty because they had the scouting report on Biron’s 5-hole.

  • we were due for a crappy game, and chicago was due for a win. Despite losing 9 in a row, the hawks are still a very good hockey team. if crawford starts playing like he did last year they will be dangerous. Still wouldve liked a W tho. the only reason this loss was bearable for me is because its rush week for my frat and i got hammered after.

  • Biron has 3 or 4 more games left as a Ranger. He does not play poorly, but it would helpful to the team concept if they had a backup that played the style if Hank. Moreover, the salary for Biron can get you a much better backup. Look at the price that Vukoun signed with Washington.

    Biron will get out for the remainder if the back to back games, so he needs to work on the 5 HOLE. All 4 pucks went between the wickets. Unacceptable.

    • I disagree completely Bobby. There is no reason two goalies should play the same style except for making it easier on the goalie coach. I would never use Hank as a model for young goalies to emulate, it’s simply too physically difficult to replicate his super wide stance and goal line style.

      Biron is one of the better backups in the league. Vokoun was the result of a market that collapsed, not market value. For 1.5m you aren’t getting much better than Biron, and by all accounts is a good teammate and has put up tremendous numbers this year. One bad period and all of a sudden he can’t be trusted anymore? And yes, you might have wanted those breakaways to be stopped by your starter, but he’s the backup and the defense shouldn’t have allowed them in the first place.

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