Chris Kreider: Is he a possibility for the stretch run?

Chris Botta of the New York Times published an article yesterday stating that the Rangers may be interested in bringing in top prospect and Boston College star Chris Kreider for a stretch run and possibly the playoffs. Kreider’s last game, at the latest, would be April 7, and would give the Rangers enough time to get him signed and over to New York for some much needed scoring help.

Kreider has already chosen college over the Rangers for the sake of his development, and while he was wrongly ripped by many, it was the right decision. Kreider is dominating the college level, which he didn’t do last year. He is likely ready to make the jump to the pros, but that may mean a stint with the CT Whale in the AHL first.

If Kreider signs with the Rangers and plays one game with the Blueshirts, the Rangers would lose an entire year of control on his entry level deal. In the new cost-conscious NHL, salary controlled players are at a premium, so that would be a big gamble by the Rangers if they do so.

The more likely scenario is that Kreider signs an amateur tryout (ATO) with the CT Whale for their playoff run, and then signs his entry level deal in the summer. By going this route, he won’t burn a year of his entry level deal*. In doing so, Kreider would lose his NCAA eligibility.

*-I believe this to be the case, and I can’t find otherwise. Please correct me if I’m wrong here.

The rule of thumb with prospects is that the organization should allow a player to dominate a season at his current level before moving him up. The Rangers messed this up with both Michael Del Zotto and Evgeny Grachev, of which only Del Zotto appears to have turned the corner. They learned their lesson though, and took that route with Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin, and Ryan McDonagh.

Of that trio, only Hagelin signed an ATO with the CT Whale. If Kreider chooses that route, he can’t play in the NCAA anymore, and would be committed to the Rangers organization the following season.

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  • If Gordie and Jeff think this kid is ready, then that is all I really need to hear.

    Asssuming this report is accurate, this also eliminates any worry that Kreider is being moved at the deadline. Thank god!

  • you said Kreider stayed for his development, but it was written he was never offered a contract by Sather. He had no choice but to stay.

  • Dont understand why the kid who said he wanted to finish school would leave in April before the semester is done.

    Also, don’t really agree about Grachev. The kid put up 40g 80p in 60 games and won rookie of the year. It wasn’t like he struggled and they promoted him. Obviously looking back now it might not have been the best decision but can understand why it was made.

    • I think I agree with BS in Paris on this one. The semester doesn’t end until May. For a guy who has been taking summer classes and has shown how important his education is to him, I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t finish out his semester.

      Unless there is someway for him to do both at the same time, I would assume we wouldn’t see much of Kreider until training camp.

      • I meant it when I said I dont understand. Been a while since I was in college. Not sure if there is a way.

        But cant imagine he would just walk out of class to play a few games since he has said his education is important and he felt that college was better for his development than Hartford.

  • You are correct about the entry level deal Dave. If he plays one game for the Rangers, it takes a year off that deal. Paris and Bobby, I could be remembering this incorrectly, but I remember his decision to go back to school was a developmental one. I thought he and his agent felt he needed to play one more year in college (I believe he has one more year anyway, so if he signed next year he wouldn’t graduate either) before he went pro…

    • That could very well be the case. It does make me wonder why he would even both taking summer classes though. I guess we’ll find out in a few months.

  • Alot of guys return to finish out their degree after hockey. If you are on scholorship and can take the classes for free. Why wouldn’t you take as many as you can handle. If you are serious about college. Buy I can give you a Million reasons why you can always come back to finish out your degree. The school isn’t going anywhere.

    Kreider is the real deal, Boston will go deep into the NCAA tournament again this year. They always have a way of meeting up with the Fighting Sioux late in the season.

    Do you want to give up on 1 of his 3 years, for a handful of games? Maybe, I rather do this than trade him for anyone. Now can he jump right to the NHL and help this Ranger team this year? Not sure. I can see them treating him just like Hagelin, let him have his ATO with the Whale, let him help the Whale win the Calder Cup at the end of the year.

    We will have the space to sign a “Parise” type player come July if we need to. Then let “Parise” and Kreider join the TOP TEAM in the NHL.

    Lots of good years to come boys, even our Farm team is stocking up with NHL talent.

    Suit when was the last time both teams, NHL & AHL won the cup in the same year. Has that ever happened?

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