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Breaking down the Rick Nash rumor

There have been tweets abound about how Columbus Blue Jackets’ General Manager Scott Howson has been at the past two Rangers games. It has been inferred that the Rangers may be after one of Rick Nash or Jeff Carter. We here have started a series called Breaking Down The Rumor, and these tweets have given us an opportunity to look at both Nash and Carter. In separate posts of course. First, we lead off with Nash.

Nash is Columbus’ franchise player, and a great talent. That much we know. What we also know is that Nash is expensive, and not just in what it would cost to acquire him. Nash is making $7.8 million per season (cap hit) until the end of the 2017-2018 season, when he will be 34 years old. Taking a step back, is paying $7.8 million a year for a guy who averages 34 goals a year worth it?

Yes, he may have hit 40 goals twice, but he averages 34 goals a year. He has one season where he didn’t crack 30, and is on pace for another this year. Food for thought.

Looking at the price to acquire him, it is going to be astronomical. Bruce Garrioch stated that the Jackets would ask for Brandon Dubinsky, Chris Kreider, and a first round pick as a start. Naturally, that is a lot to ask for. Dubinsky is the obvious guy that would need to be included, as his $4.2 million cap hit through 2015 would go a long way in helping the Rangers absorb Nash’s cap hit.

Kreider is the guy that most people get hung up on when including him in a trade for pretty much anyone. Many consider him to be untouchable, but we’ve already broken down why no one is ever untouchable. Basically, what the Jackets are asking for in exchange for their franchise player is a good, young roster player, a top prospect, and a first round pick. Steep, but fair.

Are the Rangers better when replacing Dubinsky with Nash? Absolutely. But, with Nash’s extra $3.6 million in salary, and the expiring CBA, the Rangers are likely cautious to take on that much salary. Brandon Prust and Michael Del Zotto need to be re-signed this year, the year after the expiring CBA.

But next year isn’t the issue, it’s the year after. Derek Stepan, Artem Anisimov, Carl Hagelin, Ryan McDonagh, and Mike Sauer all need to be re-signed after the 2013-2014 season. Those guys will not come cheap, and that $3 million will mean a lot to the Rangers.

Nash makes the Rangers even better, but it would definitely partially sacrifice some of the future. Plus, do you really think Columbus will trade their franchise player, and the only reason why people come to see the Blue Jackets? I doubt it. But, to be fair, if it’s Dubi/Kreider/1st, in my opinion, I’d take a pretty long look at the deal. Again, it’s steep, but relatively fair.

*Here is the rest of our Trade Deadline coverage.

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  • Nash is expensive in terms of cap hit and expensive in term of what you have to give up.

    I know there is not a lot of love here for Carter but it is quite possible you might not have to give up any roster player to land him nor dump salary next year to fit him under the cap.

    WW, Thomas, V-Tank, MZA, 1st should be more than enough.

    Then you could have a leftside of Carter-AA-Dubi-Haggs this year and next. When cap becomes an issue you can trade Dubi and recoup the prospects/picks you gave up to land Carter.

    If the new CBA outlaws those front loaded deals you will never get a chance to land a player of Carters talent at that kind of cap hit.

    Just something to think about.

      • Well for one they want him out.

        Second I dont think there are many teams willing to take on him and that contract on so demand is low.

        Third they gave up a young roster player a 1st and 3rd to land him and one would assume they understand the reality of not getting back exactly what they paid for him.

        They know they will most likely have to take back salary in a deal so that is WW. MZA + Thomas could be seen as close enough return to Voracek. Vtank as the 3rd yet more developed and ready to play next year. And then you have a 1st for a 1st.

        Im not saying that is the exact deal, just that it could be workeed that you don’t have to give up a significant roster player nor one of our top ranked prospects.

          • Dave,

            Blueshirt’s initial comment addressed the substance of the Nash post…Nash is too expensive.

            He then moved on to talk about Carter. No one has to read it, nor engage. But, he has every right to deviate from your thread topic.

            I enjoy your posts and read the blog daily, but when you start dictating what your readers can talk about in the “Reader Comments” section, you’re gonna lose alot of allies. Just some food for thought.

          • I didnt think I deviated off topic too far since the original post mentioned Carter as well.

            Whatever. just don’t understand why he posted a question for me to follow up then tells me I am off topic.

        • I don’t want to wander too far off-topic here, but I agree with Dave. Columbus might be regretting the Carter trade at this point, but there is no reason just to dump him. WW and MZA have little trade value at best and negative trade value (looking at you Wojtek) at worst.

          There are teams with cap space and a need for offense that might be willing to give Columbus a half-way decent return on Carter and although he’s overpaid and lazy, Columbus should not be looking at a straight salary dump for him.

  • If it takes Dubi, Krieder and a 1 to get Nash you do this. IF it takes that plus a Haglin or Stepan. You dont.

    • It just might include Stepan or Haggs in addition to those mentioned when you need to resign RFA and dont have the cap room to do it.

  • Thank Jehovah this is only rumor.

    Carter plays for no one but himself. Small wonder Philly, and now CBJ have already given up on him and his obvious, if irregularly displayed skill set.

    Rick Nash was once an animal. No longer. Why, when this club has bought into playing for one another, shaping a tight-collegial culture would you kick to the curb one of our key young forwards; and reflexively begin to poke holes in that locker-room and beyond?

    I do appreciate your analysis, though.

  • Love Nash. I think he would be a great fit identity-wise, but damn that’s a lot of cap space.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. I think Kreider is legit and will provide excellent value on an entry level deal. If Kreider is included, I’ll pass.

    • I agree with you Suit, and I love me some Rick Nash. I just can’t get pass this notion that if a single contributing player leaves the dressing room, the entire house of cards that is team chemistry will irreparably collapse.

  • You guys do a great job of turning casual fans into hardcore fans. Great post ideals. I like saur but I think he can be moved. Stralman is here to stay he looks better every game Haven’t seen or heard much about him but mcilrath could be trade bait considering we have two of the best dmen in the NHL giradi and staal and other good prospects. Nash could always be traded in the offseason

    • I’m really excited to see what McIlrath could bring to the table in a couple years. Judging from all the suspensions, he might need to learn where the line is between hard-nosed and dirty. Stralman has played well, but in my opinion, he’s not a long-term solution.

      And don’t forget about McDonagh when talking about our top d-men!

  • That is my fear too Justin. No one really understands chemistry. It’s there or it’s not and this team has it in spades.

    • I agree Sally. I mean if Dubi or AA was to be traded, does that mean all of a sudden the chemistry is gone? It’s a business, and these guys understand that. I love what has been built so far, but the term “core” has been spread a little thin in my opinion.

  • Nash is the captain of the CBJ, I doubt he will upset any chemistry the team has. Problem with trading Dubi is that he’s having an off year, last year he put in 24 and lead the team in scoring. If he can find his scoring touch you have a watered down, less-expensive Nash for almost half the price. Either way, tough call…

    • Just wTched a highlight clip of Nash Granted it is highlights but he is dirty on the ice Nothing close to what dubi has done. Does Nash kill penalties and back check? I know that parise does which is great about most of are players. ZP will prob get the same money/cap hit as nash

      • I agree about Parise’s cap hit. As far as Dubi, yeah, he’s far from Nash’s league but he’s also getting paid about 1/2 of Nash’s salary and he’s a stud on the PK. Not saying I’d miss him much but I also dont believe this year is a true indicator of what Dubi is.

        • You see it in all sports guys have breakout years in contract years. It seems rarely you find guys like cally who keep improving after payday. Wasn’t sold on cally getting the C but he has gone above and beyond. Hank got my preseason vote for captain.

          • The contract year thing is comical but in Dubi’s case he had 54 points last year, 44, and 40 the prior years which makes this year all the more bizarre. I think Cally just keeps getting better and better, though I’m sure having Richards centering him doesnt hurt either.

  • If you don’t do Garrioch’s proposed Nash deal, then you need your head examined. Nash was a beast and most assuredly still is. He plays on a terrible team and puts up incredible numbers. Can you imagine if you put Gaborik and/or Richards with him? He is an absolute stud and you cannot pass up the opportunity if the price is right. I love concept of Krieder but he might not even become half the player Nash is. And by keeping faith in Krieder, you might be passing up CUPs to do so.

    And you don’t worry about salary cap ramifications in 2 years. It is silly to think that far in advance. Half the players on the team might not even be around by then. Next season is fine as neither Prust or MDZ will get a large raise.

    Lastly, do you really think that anything will mess with the chemistry in the room. This team is a rock and nothing is going to change that. Have faith!

    None of this matters, because I don’t believe Nash is going anywhere, but if you have the chance to get stud with such dominant offensive skills … and in his prime, you got to do it if the price is right. Especially if it puts you over the top in terms of vying for the CUP.

    • A rebuilding team such as the cbj would really benefit with d prospects heading back their way. Does Boston look stupid trading Joe thorton to the sharks?

  • The guy is on pace for a horrible season…and his play without the puck is suspect.

    I think the asking price is less than what everyone says.

    Dubi, zucc, and a pick. At most. Otherwise. Stay on target.

  • I think Nash is exactly what we need,scoring ,scoring, scoring.He will help our power play,just with his skill level,I would do this deal in a second ,and never look back…

  • nash would be great but i still love dubi and hagelin is going to be great and i cant see sather trading kreider.look for sather to make a ryan smith or shane doan deal at the deadline

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