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Why the Rangers Need To Cut Loose Wolski

The Rangers need to get rid of Wojtek Wolski one way or the other. His presence may not be that of a locker room cancer but his salary, tantalising ability and mere presence make him a distraction and a temptation for the coaching staff.

Wolski clearly cannot play consistently in Tortorella’s system. A few good shifts here and there are simply not enough for someone with his skill set and contract. Erik Christensen is in a similar position to Wolski but doesn’t possess the same cap issues that Wolski does. Christensen’s ability, but above all his cap hit, are what give him a regular stay of execution. Wolski doesn’t have that luxury.

If the Rangers don’t intend (and nor should they at this stage) to give Wolski an extended run in the side – in a position that befits his skill set – then they should look elsewhere within the organisation. Wolski clearly doesn’t have a future in the organisation so it would make sense to have a guy like Christensen be the extra man and perhaps audition players like Zuccarello and Audy-Marchessault who have been excelling in the minors and who may, or may not have a future with the big club.

The Rangers can afford to try out a few players on the roster because of their record, because of the quality goaltending and defense keeping them in practically every game and because many players aren’t making themselves indispensible up front.

If Zuccarello finally fails to convince he has a Rangers future or Audy-Marchessault looks more minor league than major league then by ridding themselves of Wolski it at least gives the club manoeuvrability within the salary cap. Whether they can get something in return for him (unlikely at this stage) or by demotion or releasing him, the Rangers need to let go of Wolski for a variety of reasons.

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  • Well for all intents and purposes he is gone at the end of the season.

    My bet is slats is holding on to him until trade deadline to see if he can pick up something in return. If not then he will waive WW and start auditions or if we trade for someone and need the cap space. Don’t forget cap hit is not the full cap hit come trade deadline so the need to demote him right now to have the space for a trade might not be necessary.

    • I would say because it wasn’t anticipated that Carl Hagelin would be so good. At least EC’s cap hit is only $750K, but I would not be surprised if he were waived to the AHL before their clear day.

      • I understand what you’re saying and I agree with you. but this has more to do with Wolstiff than other players. 3 teams that were starved for scoring gave up on him and he’s only 25. there’s reasons for that. to me the epitome of this player was when he held up to negate an icing call in the playoffs last year that resulted in a face-off deep in the rangers’ zone late in the game. he’s a soft stiff and it was about time Sather realized it during this past summer. to me, one of the few big mistakes Glen made this year. we could have used his cap $$ for better use. the other side says that he’s totally off the cap after this year so there’s that.

        • I cant think of any instance this season where we said ‘damn, wish we had more cap space’.

          Problem with the buyout was we would have a cap hit next year as well as opposed to just being done with it at the end of this season.

        • I agree with you Richter94. They should have dumped this guy before the season started and they should have signed Prospal. He would have cost a loT less and we all know he can still play and would have been a great mentor in the locker room.

          • Wolski help rid is of Rosey’s huge cap hit, and for that alone I am grateful. Buying him out this past summer would have been a waste capwise..he’s an RFA at years end and off the books..buying him out would have cost us more than the wait till season end approach.
            I’ve been calling him a waste since he arrived..he is a selfish, puck hog who only passes when he is in trouble and then it is a blind pass or to another player who is handcuffed by the pass. My hope is that someone will take him for a draft pick at the deadline, since his rediculous salary is done at seasons end..if not, even though I’d love to see his reaction to receiving the low qualifying offer next year, he needs to go. His refusal to go down the Conn. on a conditioning stint speaks volumes

          • jajajajajajaja right just love these beaten-up old over paid “clubhouse mentor” types Sather just about killed this franchise with for over 10 years. Any more bright suggestions?

  • He is only on the roster until wee need the cap space. There is no point of bringing anyone up from the minors unless they will have a spot on the roster. Wolski is merely taking up space(an expensive one) until they need it for someone else. I’m eagerly awaiting the announcement that he has been waived since that will mean we are making moves!

  • this guy have not even been given a chance he has been injurd all year 11:20 in ice time with 3rd and forth line players and has only played 9 games this year give this guy a chance he is not as bad as every one thinks 46 games as a rnger 22 points plus 3 points in 5 playoff games try him on the Power play along with strongman it could not make the pp any worse

    • He certainly has had a chance. He does not fit in with the Rangers philosophy of toughness, hitting and 2 way play. He stops playing as soon as he gets hit, which is why he has a few good shifts before disappearing. He has been totally consistent in this regard.

  • I concur with Opie. With WW’s injuries, he has not been given a chance this season at all. It does take some time to shake the rust off, and he has not been given that chance. Throughout WW’s career, he has ALWAYS been in the top third in the league, or better in all his seasons as a left wing. Before this season, he was a +20 for his career.(I know +/- is not a great stat.)
    Another thing, you would think a player like him would dissappear in the playoffs, but he has respectable playoff stats. I just say if we can, (An open roster spot / injury) he should get a legitimate chance.

    • no offense but this is the kind of “hoping” and “wishing” Rangers fans have had with this stiff. he’s very talented but has the fortitude and desire of soft oatmeal. he will never realize his potential (he already did when he had 65 pts) and I can’t wait for him and the other soft stiff EC off this team.

  • I agree that WW needs to be cut just so that he can get playing time. It isn’t even an issue of giving someone else a roster spot, because all of the forward spots are probably taken, as Torts has trotted out the same lineup for a while now, except for the two games Dubi missed while injured. Hagelin is waivers-exempt, but he has shown that he belongs in the NHL. The other waivers-exempt forward is Derek Stepan, but he isn’t going anywhere either.

  • Hagelin n Mitchell earned their spots. They took advantage of their opp. But this team could use,like every team can, a top 6 forward who can score up front. Can Wolski help get that? His exp contract helps.

  • WW has had his chance with this team, and every time out, he pulls the El Foldo when he gets hit. He has talent, wonderful shoot-out skills, but no balls. When you lose your gonads, you lose your chance to play!!!!!!!

  • Many people keep saying that WW does not fit into the Rangers system or the Torts coaching style.. kind of bogus thinking though! The coach has the challenge of bringing the best out of his players. Wolski has tremendous skill, fantastic vision, and exceptional passing. When has the coach used these? He has never been a hitter (obviously not a strength), so you would not use him in a 4th line capacity. You would expect Wolski to produce well with another fast playing, accurate shooter. I thought that Gaborik would have benefited from the kind of passing WW is capable of, and if you watched the preseason, that tag-team was hooking up on a lot of special offense! Why was that line never brought back? Wolski has had a nightmare season in regards to injury, but honestly, if you look at what he brings to the table (I mean, for pete’s sake, he had 18 pts in 18 games … in PHOENIX, where there is no offense!) he should he used to better fulfill his capacity. get him out there with Gabs for a bit and watch the light it up…

    • So you would move hagelin off that line? Where does hagelin go then? If you move him to another line then someone else has to sit. Who would you like that to be? Who on this team deserves less ice time so the 25 year old who has basically failed to make an impact on 3 teams get a “legitimate” chance? His roster spot is basically a dead spot that whoever is in it will receive zero playing time. That is why he is in it and not one of our prospects who need minutes to further their development.

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