Avery Having Disciplinary Issues

Per Katie Strang, Sean Avery was scratched from last night’s Connecticut Whale game due to “disciplinary reasons.” This news comes after some nasty rumors regarding Avery ignoring fans (stress the “rumors” there…no real proof).

I had a quick conversation with Brian Ring, who covers the Whale, in October for Avery’s first stint and he noted that Avery was a likeable guy in the locker room, and was more in the Wade Redden mentor mold than he was the Patrick Rissmiller locker room cancer. That was a good sign, as it appeared that Avery had not taken his time in the AHL out on the kids there. Redden has been a class act, and Avery was following in his footsteps.

“Disciplinary reasons” can mean a lot of things both positive and negative. There’s not much to read into this, but it’s worth noting…especially for a player who has now been sent to the AHL twice in one season.