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Alumni Game In Review

The Flyers/Rangers Alumni Game this afternoon was one of the unexpected highs of hockey for me this year. I got to watch some of my favorite Rangers growing up lace up the skates one last time. There won’t be many bullet points, but here they are nonetheless.

  • The game was very slow moving, but that’s expected considering these guys are all in their 50s. The only guy who looked fresh was Marc Recchi, despite his Stanley Cup hangover.
  • I loved watching the Gartner-Messier-Graves combination. What a thrill. I haven’t seen that since I was nine years old.
  • Brian Leetch, still my idol.
  • Darren Turcotte still has some speed, doesn’t he? Gartner too.
  • It was great seeing Beezer and Blackburn in net. I still feel bad for Blackburn and his shoulder injury. This kid had a great future, and took the reigns as an 18 year old. Sad that his shoulder injury happened.
  • Darius Kasparaitis looked good too, he threw a nice hit too.
  • Eric Lindros and John LeClair didn’t miss a beat, did they?
  • Roenick is still really fun to watch.
  • I wasn’t around when guys like Maloney, King, Greshner, Duguay, etc were around, but I’m sure watching those guys lace the skates up again was chilling for those that grew up watching them. Duguay’s hair is unreal.

The game was really fun to watch, even if it was an old man beer league game. If you missed it, be sure to catch it on re-runs.

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  • Having watched Maloney, Duguay, Greshner in my younger years, it was fun to see this game. It would have been nice to see Brad Park out there, but it wasn’t meant to be!

    There isn’t enough mustard to cover that hot dog , loud mouth, putz Roenick!

  • The ony part i did’nt like was te part where you can clearly see that the Rangers let them win. They could have had atleast two on the first goalie. And they clearly made Leforest look like an Allstar and even I could have scored on him in his prime lol

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