Expect Avery To Be Waived When Wolski Is Activated

 Update 6:45pm: Per commenter Adam, he noted that only Staal is on LTIR, not Wolski. So the cap information here is irrelevant. Only roster space needs to be cleared. I still think Avery is the one to go, but it could be Erik Christensen as well.

The holiday roster freeze ends tomorrow, and the Rangers will have several moves to make to not only free up space for players returning from injury, but to free up the cap space that is required to activate those players. While most of the focus will be on the blue line –and rightfully so– there will be some movement among the forwards as well.

The roster move that is going to have major implications for the Rangers is the activation of Wojtek Wolski, who has been making significant progress on his sports hernia injury. He was skating earlier this month, and the rumors were that he could be back this week. That means his $3.8 million salary comes off LTIR, and the Rangers will need to clear space to get there.

The activation of Wolski also means that the Rangers will have 24 players on the roster, not including players on LTIR. The NHL roster limit is 23 players, so right there the Rangers have to make moves to get under that limit. Since there are 15 forwards on the roster right now, including Wolski, a forward will have to be demoted. To clear the cap space, only one roster move among the forwards needs to be made, and it’s the simple move of waiving Sean Avery (GASP!).

All sarcasm aside, waiving Avery is the only move that makes sense. It clears cap space and roster space for Wolski. It is the only move that can be made to clear enough room for Wolski. In fact, it may not be enough. Tim Erixon and his $1.75 million salary may also need to be returned to the CT Whale to make room.

Those two moves will leave the Rangers with 14 forwards and 6 defensemen on the roster. Now of course, it is going to be VERY interesting to see what the Rangers do to clear room for Marc Staal and his $3.975 million salary.

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  • Better question who would you trade Wolski for?

    We have alot of tradable talent? Wolski, Christensen, Avery, Dubinski, Zuccarello…. You would think their is going to be someone delt later in the season for a stronger playoff push? And later could become sooner, with all the extra’s we have hanging around.

  • Why don’t they just wave Wolski now? He’s not 4th line talent which is exactly where he’ll play if at all and I think we all know he’ll be spending his time in the press box. Why bother keeping his salary on the books for him to sit and watch. Don’t get me wrong I actually like Wolski and think if he didn’t get hurt again he would have made an impact (he had a great game against the Sharks before getting hurt), but why keep him here at this point? Insurance against injury?

  • Not buying out Wolstiff in August is coming back to haunt the team. For the life of me I cannot understand why he started the season here. Torts hates him due to his softness and I agree with Torts.

  • In terms of the salary cap, according to CapGeek, Wolski is not on the LTI (only Marc Staal is), and so it’s just roster space right now.

    As for when Marc Staal comes back, the Rangers could place Mike Sauer on the LTI, along with demoting Erixon and possibly waiving Woywitka.

    • Wow. When did they add that feature?

      So basically all the salary cap info in this post is wrong. Fantastic.

      Thanks for the heads up Adam.

      • For that feature, you have to scroll down to that line and hover over the question mark next to Projected Credits.

        The cap will come into play with Marc Staal though.


  • I agree with above, Avery plays better than several current 12 forwards. However, you would need to make a trade in order to capture that value. (Rupp in particular, but Dubinsky is the one that I have in mind)

    The ideal trade is for Ryan and a top 4 d ( I think Lydman). Rangers give Dubinsky Wolski Zucarello Christensen and 1 second tier prospect – Valtenko)

    This is a true win for both teams. It unclogs the Rangers roster and gives the Ducks some serviceable players.

    • As a Ranger fan since birth who also has Ducks season tickets, it’s an interesting deal but ultimately I’m not sure Anaheim would part with Bobby Ryan for that collection. Of course, Dubinsky is certainly better than he has performed this season and I do think Zuccarello can be an asset.

  • With the way the team is playing right now, Avery is irrelevant. I’d like to see him in there rather than Rupp who accomplishes nothing, doesn’t even hit. If I were the Islanders, I’d claim him off waivers both for his brand of hockey and to hurt the Rangers.. I will be sad when he goes, and I did join in the Avery chant at the Garden tonight, but in reality, he’s nothing but a distraction right now.

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