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Checking In on Evgeny Grachev

Evgeny Grachev was one of the most highly touted Rangers prospects until the club traded him to St. Louis this past June for a third round pick, used on Steven Fogarty. The organization was criticized for “giving up” on Grachev and trading him away for “so little.” We were one of the blogs curious about the trade. ┬áIt turned out that Grachev asked for a trade, and that the Rangers had been trying to unload him for a few months.

Fast forward to the preseason, and many were again criticizing the organization as Grachev got off to a hot start for the Blues. He scored two goals in the preseason opener, but was unable to find consistency. Following an up and down preseason, Grachev made the cut for the Blues. Unfortunately, Grachev couldn’t find any kind of offensive flow, and registered just two assists (no goals) in his first 17 games before going on IR with an eye injury.

Yesterday, Grachev was returned to Peoria of the AHL. Meanwhile, Steven Fogarty is lighting up the BCHL, with a line of 16-19-35 in 28 games. Of course it’s only been a few months, and Fogarty is still 4-5 years from the NHL. However, this is now the second club that Grachev has struggled with. Definitely worth noting that. Also worth noting is that the Rangers may have rushed Grachev when they signed him to a deal and moved him up to the AHL at such a young age.

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  • Grachev shoulda done another year of juniors. I think the rangers rushed him because they felt their prospect pool was weak at the time. He still has plenty of skills but is probably ruined now due to the coaching staff. He was really thrown to the wolves.

    • Just to play devils advocate, Grachev dominated the OHL. Why keep him there if he had nothing left to prove? Plus he had the size to handle men. I don’t think this definitely was the wrong move at the time.

  • I don’t get why people were so angry when they traded him, even before learning Grachev wanted out. I’m sure Sather consulted with Gordie and Schoenie before making a move.

    • I think people were just unhappy that a prospect with his accolades was traded for only a third rounder. At least at the time, I thought he was worth a little more than that, even with his struggles.

  • Watching Grachev skating, he seemed to lumber along, wasn’t very smooth. It may have been his size that gave you that impression, somewhat like Artie!

    When the trade was made I was sommewhat disappointed due to all the fanfare given to him early on. The more I saw him, the less I was impressed. Looking back now, the kid really doesn’t give the impression that he is husteling at all. One hates to sterio-type players, but some of the Eastern European players, Russians, either are great, or don’t put out. We had the trade with Columbus that really worked for us, Zerdev, what a joke. The Caps are in the same boat with Semin, just to name a few. Yes there are the Kovelchuks, and Ovechkins of the world, but for every one of them, there are two in the other catagory.

    Gordy Clark knows what he is doing, and he called it right with this kid!!!!!

    • In general, even the ones who succeed never play defense. That bothers me so much. I’m happy that in recent years, with the exception of a few players, the rangers have stayed away from eastern europeans. I like our mostly american/canadian build.

      • Well put. Though this narrative thread might be different, for nothing more than speculative reasons, had: I) Alexei Cherepanov lived; II) if he leaned more toward Datsuk’s responsible game than Semin’s disinterested float. (Think ex Ranger George McPhee would love to dump that $6M hit?)

        Both JT Miller and Fogarty, two of our top three picks in last year’s are Yanks. Miller hopefully gets a slot with our World Junior club in Calgary at the end of the month.

        By the by, Dale Wiese, blessed with noticeably less skill than Grachev has become a decent fourth-liner in Vancouver.

  • He had a 40-40 season in the OHL. Everything looked good the first year. Then he stopped progressing, his AHL numbers were flat for two years. Was he lazy, did he put in the work in the off season, I’m not sure. He did look slow on the ice, but had spurts of talent. He couldn’t score in the 9 game stretch he played for the Rangers. Some 3rd round picks work out, and many of them don’t. I don’t think we lost anything in the trade. It’s just disappointing, for a year we thought we might have a Malkin in the making, and we didn’t. Just a flash in the pan.
    Perhaps he should have put in the time like Artie did in the off season, and work on getting better. Instead he got passed by better prospects. The Whale are winning more without him, and so are the Rangers.

  • His not making it is between his ears. He has all the tallent in the world and great size.

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