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BSB Turns Three…Well, This Past Weekend…We Are Late With This

On December 3, 2008, the URL was purchased, and this blog began. In three short years, we have grown from just myself writing to about 100 hits a day, to a team of great writers that has the opportunity to have their posts read by over 3,000 people per day. The blog runs like clockwork, and I have to thank Chris and Suit for being there to help me out with the upkeep.

It’s funny, because we are so busy with our jobs, personal lives, and social lives that all of us forgot that on Saturday was the third “birthday” of this blog. In the past year, we’ve signed on with YardBarker, which has been tremendous in getting our stuff syndicated with, and We signed up for syndication with Before It’s News, which has been great in getting our stuff out to Google and the other search engines. Since signing on with BIN, our traffic from search engines has more than quadrupled.

Our traffic increased by 100% from this time last year to now, which speaks volumes of all of you. Not only do you all keep coming back to read the ramblings of the three of us, but you tell your friends to read, and for that we are forever thankful. You guys are the best readers, and it’s great to see some of the comments evolve from “WTF?!?!” to “Wow, that’s a great point.” Some of our posts are ideas that we get from some conversations had in the comments or on Twitter, and for that, we say thank you. Thank you for reading our stuff, and then for spreading it around the interwebs, specifically the hockey systems posts.

Our goal here has always been to have fun with the blog, but we also aim to educate on hockey systems, the business of the game, and remaining level-headed. In my (not-so) humble opinion, I think that we here have the best writers for just that. I know that Chris and Suit are incredibly knowledgeable, and really know both the game and the subtleties of the behind the scenes action. Very rarely do our emotions get the best of us, even if we are fans and have grown to like specific players (my Prucha jersey still gets worn to games).

So here’s to another three years, and then some more. Thank you all for supporting us.