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Montreal/Boston Fans Brawl At The Bell

I’ll never understand why people fight at sporting events. If someone is bothering you why not just call security? It’s beyond stupid. Idiots like these never think about kids in the area, women, elderly, etc. ¬†So dumb.¬†Anyway, since it’s a slow day in Rangerland and we don’t have much else to post, here it is courtesy of Bruins Blog.

Be advised this is a pretty nasty fight, so if this sort of thing upsets you, don’t bother watching.

See if everyone dressed like The Suit they’d probably be able to avoid this crap. No one wants to spill beer on the Canali anyway…

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  • There used to be alot of fights at the garden years ago.I would have never brought kids there back then.I never had a fight at the garden.I had numerous situations at Shea.But really only had two fights.I met the one guy in the bathroom,pounded him and walked out.Another time I told this group of idiots to go out in the concession area.We made it to the hallway going to the concessions area.I mean if it is going to happen at least take it out of the seating area.But some people can’t handle their alcohol,and it ruins it for everybody.About 10 years ago I brougt my daughters 7and8 to a Ranger game and I had to sit on my hands with some of the idiots that have no respect for children.Like I said,some people just can’t handle their alcohol.

    • Indeed, it usually comes back to alcohol. The NFL has done a good job with their whole “text security your section #” thing, but unfortunately you just can’t adequately police everyone. It’s a shame stuff like this happens at all.

      • We used to go to concerts and they served alcohol.Most concerts don’t now.It ruins it for the people who drink responsibly.When I was a kid I drank and got stupid but then I grew up.Grew up is the key words.If your old enough to drink,you should be responsible.Some people don’t want to grow up.I can’t understand why any one old enough to drink in these days would get drunk when they have to drive.With the laws and punishment now,I would not drink unless I had a ride.The NFL had to do something because the tailgaters were starting to drink at 8am.I used to see people passed out before the game and wind up sleeping in the car for the game.Alcohol abuse is a serious problem at sporting events and concerts.

  • I’ll tell you what,that one guy got some beating.Another guy kicking him while he was fighting one guy.Cheap shit in public and on camera.Hopefully the guy doing the kicking will get his up and comings.I used to get jumped alot because people didn’t want to fight me one on one,so I have no respect for that person doing the kicking.Hope he has his day.

  • Back to hockey,some night for Sid the kid.Guess he didn’t lose a step.Not good for us next week.I don’t particularly like the guy but good to see him back.Just would be alot happier if he plays like shit against us.

  • I watched the game last night, Cindy is up to his usual diving crap again. As great a talent as he is, he is a cu*t, that is the only way to describe him, and the garbage he pulls.

  • That fight was pretty classless.

    If your going to go after someone go one on one. That gang brawling stuff just shows how weak and childish some people can be.

    Oh and once someone is down. You stop. You don’t kick them while they are on the floor.

  • Seeing the brave quebeqois going at it 3 on 1 and the slow security response, wouldn’t be surprised if bruins fans dish some out next game in Boston to the habs fans.

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