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Les Habitants défait!

French just kind of rolls off your tongues doesn’t it? I think it does. It’s the best language to swear in. “Nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d’enculer ta mère. It’s like wiping your arse with silk. I love it.”

If you can place that quote, silk tie for you!

Anywho, the Rangers defeated the Canadiens in a very exciting back and forth game. Below are some key takeaways…

  • Boy the Canadiens played some undisciplined hockey tonight. Earlier today I wrote in the game preview that we weren’t likely to see a lot of 5-on-5 play tonight thanks in part to how these two teams typically play each other and how the refs always seem to over handle these games. Luckily for Rangers fans, the Canadiens were for once on the other side of the equation.
  • PK Subban taking that dumb penalty late in the 3rd period pretty much sealed the deal. If I was a Habs fan, I would have been furious. The last thing you ever want is one of your top defensemen in the box when you’re down by a goal, especially that late in the game. The kid has a ton of skill no doubt, but one has to question his maturity level given some of the boneheaded decisions he makes.
  • When Sauer got a game misconduct (which was BS by the way), I was thinking that Del Zotto is going to need to step it up big time tonight. Well he answered the call and played over 27 minutes, plus he scored a beautiful goal off the rush. He wasn’t perfect, but MDZ did everything you could ask of him and lately he’s starting to prove last season was a hiccup in his overall development.
  • We preached patience with MDZ over and over this past summer despite a lot of people (you know who you are) begging for him to be traded or to see Tenko start in his place. MDZ is coming along nicely, and you have to give props to Torts for sticking with this kid and giving him important minutes. I think it’s really doing wonders for his confidence.
  • I know people wanted to see more of Sean Avery tonight and trust me,  he will get his turn. Tonight though the Rangers were on special teams most of the game and you don’t put a guy who had 174 penalty minutes last season on your power play. It’s counter productive.
  • Speaking of special teams…the Rangers play a very aggressive 2-1-2 system, yet they collapse to the net and are very conservative on the penalty kill. The Canadiens play a defensive trapping system, but they send guys to pressure the defensemen and attack on the penalty kill. Shouldn’t these tactics be switched? Weird.
  • Finally, don’t boo any national anthem. All that proves is that you have a low T.M.I.

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  • Matrix and I understand every word 😉

    We don’t match well against speed so to get a W was a good thing.

  • I was a strong advocate for MDZ starting the season in the AHL. Glad to see him quickly demonstrate this year will not be a repeat of last season. MDZ sustaining this level of play (he could just as well continue to get better too), along with Richards and Gaborik hitting stride, would be three significant assets the team did not have last season. Very nice.

  • A win is a win, and I’ll take last nights win, and run like heck. Going up 3 zip, I felt real comfortable, then got worried when the Habs came within a goal of evening the score.

    As I posted this week, the fact that the young guys on D are getting all the playing time will work out well long term for the team, it’s also working out well short term, as last night showed us. MDZ is coming along nicely, and as long as he consentrates on the game, and leaves the distractions of the big city off the ice, he’ll be a force.

    Love Calli, pound for pound, he is one of the toughest cookies to play the game. Can you see Druery coming to the defense of Dubi, as Calli did last night, this is why Ryan was giveen the C, he has the heart of a lion. Now if we can get Dubi on the scoreboard, that would take the pressure off of him big time.

  • I thought our meltdown had a little something to do with not having sauer. That’s what happens when eminger and woywitka play more minutes. Also I thought mdz stepped up nicely for sauer. I really cant wait to see how much this team improves when staal gets back in the lineup.

  • Anyone else think that unsportsmanlike on Subban at the end was BS? Seriously, since when is giving the goalie a snow shower a penalty? Shanahan should suspend those refs for making that stupid call.

    • It’s a new penalty they are trying to implement this season. Its a scumbag move, but should it be penalized? I don’t know. It is what it is and players have to be cognizant they are going to get called for it.

  • Does this count as another win that people will add to the Avery argument where they compare the Rangers record with him in the lineup to without? That record is Avery lovers favorite go-to stat whenever his roster spot is brought up. When in reality, there are plenty of games where he had ZERO impact.

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