Musings: Becky Gets a Guest Post

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you’ve surely come across Becky at some point.  A little background, Becky is one of my closest friends, and I more or less taught her how to be a Ranger fan in college.  In December 2008, she told me that I should start a blog so that she can get a more detailed view of things, and the end result was Blue Seat Blogs.  Another end result was a relatively unhealthy Twitter relationship between her and Chris, but that’s a whole different story.

Anyway, it’s good to get someone else’s point of view in the musings, as I’m sure you all know how me, Chris, and Suit feel about any given situation with the Rangers.  So without further ado, here is a female’s perspective in this week’s musings:

I’m very excited to be writing the musings this week from a different point of view. I’m a relatively new hockey fan whose experience before 2008 was playing NHL on Sega with my brothers circa the early 90s and exactly two Islanders games at the Coliseum. I also haven’t written sports since my college paper junior year which was (yikes) five years ago, so bear with me:

  • I cannot wait to be back in the Garden. I know that opening overseas is great for the NHL and everything, but I am literally craving the blue seats. Nothing beats the atmosphere up there.
  • I also cannot wait for the first regular season game against the Flyers. Everything about that organization screams class. Do you guys think this is becoming the main rivalry? Even more than the Devils, Islanders, or Penguins?
  • Has anyone else noticed that Jagr has not aged at all? I want his dermatologist’s number. At 39, he looks younger than Malkin at 25.
  • I’m really proud of the Rangers (even Avery!) on Monday after the Sestito hit. Bickel – who is likely going back to Hartford – immediately stuck up for Deveaux, and did a damn good job of it. Something about starting a brawl to protect your teammate really rings well with me, and is something that the Rangers have been missing.  More actions like that will leave that whole Carcillo/Gaborik thing behind us.
  • Random, but can’t Jets and Giants fans just get along? Please? We don’t need this city divided over a sport we play in different conferences.
  • How about Sather guaranteeing a Cup? Nice swag Slats.
  • For any female readers looking to get a new jersey this season, the women’s fit is sick. Highly recommended. Now to decide between Boyle and Girardi…
  • The Shanahan vids are amazing, and not just for their high unintentional comedic value. What he’s doing by handing out hefty suspensions for dirty hits in the preseason will hopefully set the tone for the regular season. I like that it’s only affecting clearly dirty plays, and not just the game – so I guess I disagree with Fatty.
  • Hope you guys enjoyed! If my ramblings are entertaining, feel free to follow me on Twitter… or feel free to yell at me there. 8 more days, let’s go Rangers!

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  • Love Shanny. Go for Boyle. No to Jets = Giants and yay for hockey. But I had a car accident today so not-yay to that. And Dave, it’s very healthy thank you.
    …. Oh and love GlenS!

  • Everything about the Flyers screams class? That is laughable for the league leaders in hitting players into the boards from behind. And backstabbing their captain after a long term contract. And Simmonds looks like the next immature jerk.

  • Anyway, are we placing a betting line on the Shanny vids? I’m thinking over/under 49.5 of these videos before he just gets on camera and says “Come on dude…really? WTF were you thinking? 20 GAMES!”

    • No way. Shanny is the consummate professional. I really have a weird love for those videos – I feel so at ease and like the world is justified whenever I watch, like Shanny is still watching over the hockey world from his suit instead of his sweater

      • It’s a level of transparency we’ve been neglected up until now. That’s why it has reverberated through the hockey world.

        But even professionals have breaking points…I wonder if it will be before or after Matt Cooke’s 18th suspension.

  • Becky for your first post you get a A plus. But as for Shanny and how he handled the name calling He gets an F- And he showed that he is just another classless office puppet for the NHL.

    Say Im wrong here but just like with Camble. Shanny will show all of you what I allready see.

  • great musings becky. yay. hope we see another one. here’s an almost musings-length reply.

    for my money the isles and devils will always be a bigger rivalry than the flyers (even if the isles have to move some day? whole other story, but yes i think even then). so i understand the nhl’s reasons for it but it irks me that they are playing up the rivalry between the two. on the other hand i feel that the flyers are the most despicable team in the nhl and maybe in all of n. american pro sports but i’d still feel that way if i lived in phoenix and went to jobing arena for ‘yotes games 43 times a year. but i don’t feel a special rivalry in my heart any more than i do for the penguins, or old patrick division “rivals” the capitals or the flames (i’m going way back here now), or even the bruins whom as a new yorker i am genetically predisposed to hate because they are from boston but whom i nonetheless respect as a club. i think the relationship the rangers have with the islanders and devils is very special. the flyers on the other hand can be hated equally by everyone. its too bad nobody would care about a rangers-islanders winter classic or even probably rangers-devils is not highly marketable, i dunno not really my department but i can’t see that getting much traction.

    don’t hate on jets-giants. the mets and yankees still play in difference conferences right? you can’t take the subway series away from mets fans, half the time it’s really all they have left to look forward to – kind of like how the islanders must have felt about ranger games for the past decade or so?

    ps some – uh, probably all – of us picked up on your otherwise well-veiled sarcasm about the classy flyers, so don’t give up! 🙂 wait to see instead if scott c makes an appearance in the Sin Bin, which i assume is about to return based on the blowout voting results. why is it even still open? call it, Dave.

    • Thanks for the compliment! It means a lot.. Speaking as a Mets fan, I feel like the Subway Series doesn’t even mean a thing anymore, just because they’re so terrible. That’s also how I feel about Rangers-Isles, but I know that’s just my opinion.
      I think that my favorite quote of the day so far will definitely have to be “the flyers on the other hand can be hated equally by everyone” – I actually laughed out loud at my desk, so thank you

    • The number one reason that makes the Filthydelphia fans so despicable and classless is what took place on November 8, 2001 at the Garden which was the first Flyers/Rangers game after Septmeber 11, 2001;

      A large group of Flyers fans got together and made up orange T-shirts with the number 88 (Lindros) on the back depicted just like the twin towers (long and slender) with a large circle around them and a line through it. Also, below the picture was a caption in nice cursive font with the date and a negative quotation (this was the first Ranger/Flyer game at the garden since Lindros became a Ranger). Clearly, a riot almost broke out as one by one, these Flyer fans revealed their creation around the arena and were promptly met with physical assault by Rangers fans and Garden personell alike. This was probably the one of the most intense things I have ever witnessed at the Garden (sadly, trumps the ’94 Cup). I didn’t know whether to jump into the fray or just sit there and cry. I was utterly stupified.

      So, less then a month after September 11, 2001, well over one hundred Flyer fans thought is was a great idea to show up in NY and flaunt these custom shirts clearly using the somber themes from that day which are now our whole country’s symbols of rememberance and grieving.

      I know sports rivalary is one thing, but to go to those lengths to antagonize others regarding an event of such magnitude not against just our city, but the whole nation is just disjusting.

  • Flyers, Class, WTF?

    FLyers and Rangers, maybe a rivalry? WTF?

    Sweetie, go wear that new sick fitting girl jersey to a phiily game. Maybe those stupid A$$es apreciate your calling them Classy!


    • I can’t believe I’m responding, but here goes (and itemized too.. I’m in a good mood):

      a) that was sarcasm. Apparently I need to stop with the sarcastic comments because they’re upsetting people.
      b) Rangers/Flyers rivalry, why not?
      c) if I wore one of my Rangers jerseys to Philadelphia, I’d definitely get my butt kicked
      d) *Philly, *appreciate
      e) I still like you because you obviously hate Philly as much as I do.
      f) promise I’m a Rangers fan, though I did grow up liking the Wings too

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