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Was All The Redden Heartache Worth It?

Given all the criticism, cap difficulties and roster management issues that were among the fallout from that horrible Redden deal; were they all worth it if Glen Sather and the Rangers finally learned their lessons?

We’ve discussed many times over the past couple of years how Sather has actually performed admirably since the summer of Wade. Since that summer, Redden has provided the organisation with a highly praised mentor down on the farm – an unexpected bonus and certainly not the desired effect of his signing.

However what is most obvious since the day the Rangers signed an even then fading Redden is the absence of any further crazy deals. Yes, Boogaard’s deal was a little generous but at the time he was an organisational need. Yes, Mike Rupp’s may be a year too long (wait to see how that plays out first) and yes, Brad Richards’ deal is one of crazy length but the Rangers got the best free agent for a great cap hit, took advantage of CBA loop holes and paid less than other teams offered because the player wanted to come to New York.

The point here is that after all the (justified) media and fan mocking of the Rangers for the Redden deal the club has focussed on integrating youth into the line-up and kept on adding prospect depth to the franchise. The club has resisted any obscene acquisitions and has cut away veterans if their play didn’t deserve retention. Maybe Wade Redden’s deal gave the Rangers two things; a great mentor in the minors and a financial conscience? Who’d have thought it?

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  • Your missing other points here. Reddens deal has kept the Rangers from making other deals. His as well as many other misstakes have put them in a place where they cant afford to make more deals And thats a good thing.

    So its a hard thing to say they learned something at this point. We have to wait to see what they do with the money once he is gone.

    • they have had plenty of opportunities to make similar mistakes as the Redden deal, since that deal.
      Many players got one year deals (Fedotenko), other players got fair value (the RFA’s), players/veterans such as Drury were cast aside when they under-performed so you can definitely say they are learning.

  • I think it’s all a learning curve and that Redden being a good example on the younger players is a silver lining in what could have been (was?) disaster. People are always going to tear apart deals that GMs make, whether it is spending too much money or playing it too safe, and I think you’re dead on in spotting out that Redden’s contract was a lesson learned. The New York market is unforgiving and since Slats is changing his ways and making much smarter deals, honestly all I see is positive

      • Its called good coaching. You don’t pay a guy 6.5 million dollars to play in the AHL and be a mentor. The AHL has other mentors making like $200K. We are all just lucky Dolan was willing to pay this guy for playing in the minors.

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