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What A Focussed Sean Avery Means

A successful Sean Avery makes the Rangers much deeper and it’s possibly in everyone’s interest that it happens. That sentence is a fact and believe it or not it’s probably in the prospect’s vying with Avery’s interest too. Why? Competition breeds performance and Avery is a competitor. It’s hard to imagine Avery will give up his roster spot without a fight.

An on-form Avery can be moved around the line up to create favourable match-ups. We know what he can bring this team when he’s on his game (the sand paper, the hustle, the added skill) but it’s the fact he can play effectively on any kind of line whether it be a scoring or checking one that makes him especially useful.

The fact he enters this year’s camp playing for both his immediate and long term future (if there’s even one to play for) should be a good thing. It should act as motivation for Avery and he’s better when there’s a carrot being dangled and this carrot is no Vogue intern-ship. If day one is anything to go by (though in all honesty it’s far, far too early to draw any kind of picture of how camp will go) then Avery’s impressive performance bodes well.

Imagine a fourth line of Avery – Boyle – Prust or even Avery – Christensen – Rupp. There are a million combinations that you could list as a potential fourth line and having guys like Avery and Rupp that far down the line-up highlight the potential depth the Rangers could have. Avery against most team’s fourth lines represents a mismatch in favour of the Rangers – providing he’s focussed and makes the team. How Avery goes through training camp is definitely a subplot to watch.

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  • Sadly, odds favor that Avery will give it 110% during training camp and then somewhere throughout the season, his dedication will wane. He is a seasoned, professional, hockey player who, at 31 years old, hasn’t learned to give a solid effort throughout an entire season. It is all too often hit or miss with Avery, and he usually does not respond until some form of reduced ice time or benching takes place. I wish it weren’t the case, but the past two seasons suggest otherwise.

    • Why can’t he be waived? He doesn’t have a NMC. I think it is more like… do you really want him playing for the Whale after being waived? It is a tough situation, because nobody would touch him in a trade. He really has to make the team in a way or things will be uncomfortable.

  • dont even want to see christensens name mentioned with our team this year.alot of other players can replace that waist of space.

  • It’s all well and good that you see Avery on the third and fourth lines. But, given all the factors you site (speed, skill level, hustle, grit)Avery should be given a legitimate shot at the first line. Avery distracting the oppositon while Richards and Gaborik put the biscuit in the basket is a scenario I want to see. Sadly, I somehow doubt that Torts has the forebearance to allow that to happen.

  • Good question, if he is waived, and another team claims him, does that mean we assume Dallas’ responsibility with his salary? will have to pay all $4M? Is there some break down between the three teams? Dallas, NY, and ??

    • If he is claimed after being put on waivers by the rangers it’s Dallas (who originally put him on re-entry) and third team who share salary and cap hit. If he is claimed from re-entry waivers by the third team, it’s the rangers and third team sharing cap hit and salary, while dallas is off the hook.

  • I thought the Avery Steps and Tank line meshed well together early last year. I like to see them played together as a 3rd line.

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