Musings: Busy Rangers Week Edition

It’s Thursday and that mean’s Musings. Following up on a pretty busy week in Ranger land, let’s get things going.

Ryan Callahan: New York Rangers captain. Sounds good doesn’t it? In another example of the organisation simply doing the right thing (they’ve been doing it for a while now) the Rangers have a home grown leader and one that is immensely easy to root for.

The most annoying part of Traverse City? I haven’t watched a single second of any game. I can’t get MSG coverage in the UK and for some odd reason highlight packages appear impossible to find. Anyone have any access to some?

Having said all that I have obviously followed the scores, the coverage on the blogs and have been impressed with what I have read. I love the fact this franchise of ours is blessed with serious talent and it’s now being seen in Rangers red, white and blue.

Christian Thomas – as good as advertised?

Tim Erixon I: is a great pick-up and is another example of the great work (in recent seasons) of Glen Sather. Yes, Mr Sather has a long way to go before being loved and it might take a Cup win in NY for him to get some fan-love but there’s no denying Sather has done well recently. Erixon Jr is further testament to the great foundation being set in New York.

Tim Erixon II: You just read the name of the Rangers rookie of the year 2011-2012.

Let’s play guess: How many players from the Traverse City roster do you all think will represent the Rangers this season? I think 3 will make their Rangers’ debuts this season with a possible fourth, dependant on how he starts his season with the Whale. The fourth? Blake Parlett. The three I’m confident of? Bourque, Hagelin and obviously Erixon.

Hate to say I told you so: I talked up Ryan Bourque a few weeks ago as a prospect that could sneak on to the Rangers roster despite not garnering the same attention as others. Well, he’s done nothing but impress thus far, going on reports. Another middle of the draft steal for NYR?

The Rangers kick off their regular season in 3 weeks and 1 day. Stockholm here we come!

2nd place is not bad. You have to learn how to lose as well as how to win. That may sound like I am rolling off clichés but it is a fact. The Rangers lost 5-2 in last night’s final game against Buffalo but it’s still a productive tournament for the Rangers who now know a lot more about many of their prospects. Bear in mind that the Sabres also had a lot of players dressed in the game that will be pro’s this season, including a few players that already played AHL last year. Indeed, one of their scorers had a 40 point AHL season last season.

Many, many positives to take but it’s tough to hear Andrew Yogan has injured his arm again. He was starting to cement his status as a solid prospect after recovering from his injury last season. Fingers crossed it won’t keep him out nearly as long this year.

Just a point on the Callahan captaincy: am I being cynical but do you think the Rangers held off stating the obvious because awarding Cally the captaincy before his new deal would have given him much more financial negotiating power? A bargaining chip like a captaincy is worth a lot if you ask me. Timing of the announcement was thought about a lot, clearly.

I have to say I agree with Jess Rubenstein over JT Miller. I think Miller will benefit from a bigger schedule in the OHL than playing half the amount of games in college. While North Dakota is well known for it’s hockey program Miller clearly will benefit from game after game after game.

I am unbelievably excited to see the Rangers in Stockholm next month. Not just because I’ll be there at the games (an obvious reason for the excitement) but because of the way this franchise approaches games whether it be the kids or the big boys stepping on to the ice. The work rate and the effort the team gives game in-game out is intoxicating. It’s hard not to love the way this team plays hockey.

I’m going to finish today’s Musings with a prediction. The Rangers play two games in Stockholm and I’m saying now, they come back to New York 2-0. They play two good teams but I really fancy the Rangers to win both games. Thoughts?

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  • Couple things…

    1. Do you get the NHL Network over there in the UK? If so, the games were showed on that.

    2. Christian Thomas – Close, but not quite as advertised.

    3. Got my Petr Prucha puck last weekend. Woot!

    • glad you got it buddy. Sorry it was slightly delayed. I’ll be following CT closely this year, think he had a ton of scrutiny at Traverse, shouldnt be as intense back in junior.

      We get the NHL network on line maybe? Havent really checked as I’ve never had to. If ESPN America don’t show Rangers games I can always get internet feeds , thus avoiding too much outlay!

      • Is NHL Center Ice an option for you? Thats what I have to use, being outside the MSG broadcast area.

        My only complaint about Center Ice is lack of HD broadcast.

        • I’m not as nuts on HD as some people are, its a luxury I dont need. Centre Ice is tempting for sure. Haven’t checked the international rates for a while

  • Christian Thomas looked excellent IMO. He was aggressive and had high-end offensive skills. It is clear though, that he needs another year to build up his body before making the jump.

    As far as you 4 guys to make the big club at some point, despite how well he played… I think that Parlett is way too far down the depth chart (barring a trade). Hagelin and Bourque will get looks, but there just isn’t room for them on the big club (barring trades). Both these guys are 3rd liners right now and we have way more than enough of them already. Though it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that one could push their way to the big club… forcing Glen to move/demote someone, I am pretty confident that they want these kids to grow in the AHL for a year. It is one thing to perform against a bunch of 18-20 year olds and another to go up against NHL-caliber players.

    Camp should be fun.

    • Zen, no one thought Girardi would do what he did. If injuries hit Parlett may get a look mid season… like I said, depends how he starts his season.

      Hagelin and Bourque could definitely push EC, Avery and maybe even Wolski out if those guys don’t bring it from day 1.

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