The Sin Bin – Final Tally

So with the offseason nearing the end, so to is The Sin Bin. We decided to wrap this up for the summer, since we will have more pressing issues to focus on as we near the start of the season. Besides, how many times could we possibly put Section 121 into The Sin Bin anyway? Hopefully next summer someone else will step up and out-stupefy him.

Just kidding we bro. You know we love ya!

The final best comment winner was Matt J, so he will again have a crack at a guest post. The quote…

I was thinking (moving the Isles) to maybe the Yukon territories. Maybe the team could travel by dog sled or something…

Headed to The Sin Bin for the worst comment (his second nod) is Harlem Blue.

The PUNK ASS Mayor never put Yankee or Citi Field up for public vote. It never would have past!

Harlem Blue beat Bruce Garrioch, who called me out on twitter, by a single vote! Bummer. Have no fear, I will get under Brucey Boys skin again ­čśë

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