Musings On A Slow Week

It’s been a really slow week for us in the hockey world.  But, here are my random thoughts of the day, Ranger related and not.

  • I still find it amazing that Chris Drury is without a job.  You would think some team would take a chance on him at a cheaper salary to help teach youth.
  • The Devils and Islanders made a trade, with the Islanders getting a veteran with a gigantic cap hit in Brian Rolston, and the Devils getting to dump cap space in Trent Hunter.  The Devils then waived Hunter.  So the Devils essentially gave Rolston to the Islanders for free.  Talking about desperate to clear cap space.
  • The Devils also dumped Colin White, who signed on with the San Jose Sharks.  They really needed cap space to get Parise signed.
  • The Shea Weber arbitration saga was interesting to watch unfold.  The Preds submitted a $4.75 million claim in arbitration, and Weber $8.5 million.  The Preds smartly did not  bad mouth Weber in the hearing, and it appears their amount –a lowball amont– was just a negotiating tactic.  It was clear they wanted Weber back (ay $7.5 million).  It will be interesting to see how Ryan Suter and Pekka Rinne handle restricted free agency with the Preds next season.
  • The cap hit for J.T. Miller is in, and he will have a $1.275 million cap hit for his entry level deal.  He won’t be with the Rangers –or the Whale– any time soon though.  He will go to the OHL for at least a year.
  • Work note: I had three 30 minute meetings this morning, and all three ran for an hour.  I hate when that happens.
  • What’s next for the Rangers? Well, I don’t think that Wojtek Wolski will be bought out anymore.  I do think that they trade a forward, although I’m not sure if anyone they want to trade is actually trade material.  I mean, who wants Erik Christensen anyway?
  • In reference to above, someone on the roster is going to be headed to the AHL, and they won’t be pleased about it.  I personally think it will be Mats Zuccarello, unless he really impresses in camp.
  • The preseason battle for the AHL goalie spots is going to be interesting.  The Rangers have four unproven goalies all vying for spots.  Expect there to be a lot of movement in the goalie position between the ECHL and the AHL.
  • All this talk about Pavel Valentenko’s shot amuses me.  The kid has a cannon, that we know.  However, he needs work on his positioning and skating before he can be a viable NHL defenseman.  Let’s not all anoint him as the next Pronger.
  • Expectations.  Temper them.  Please.
  • Music note: Anyone have Spotify? It was introduced to me by a friend, and I have to admit, it’s awesome.

That’s it for today folks.

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  • * Drury was beyond terrible last season, so I am not surprised. He just couldn’t play. Given that, I do expect him to sign with someone eventually.
    * For some reason, I feel that EC might be valuable to a team looking for a top 6 forward, but can’t find/afford one. He can fill that role in spurts. And by valuable… I mean 5th/6th round pick valuable.
    * I don’t think there is much chance that Zuc makes this team. I actually think he has a better shot of being moved for a mid-round pick or prospect. His salary is a problem, given the cap situation.

  • “Well, I don’t think that Wojtek Wolski will be bought out anymore.”

    I don’t either, because unless I’m mistaken, their deadline to do so has passed.

  • Why don’t people give Zuccarrello a chance? 23 points in 42 games. I would want to see him on a line with Richards and Gaborik. He could put up some numbers on a line like that.

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