Rangers Re-Sign Chad Johnson

Per CapGeek, the Rangers have re-signed RFA goalie Chad Johnson to a one year, two way deal.  Johnson will make the league minimum of $525,000 at the NHL, and $85,000 at the AHL level.  Last season was an off year for Johnson after bouncing between the Rangers and the Wolfpack the year before and posting relatively solid numbers.  Last season Johnson split time in net, posting a 2.72 GAA and a .901 SV% in 40 games.  Johnson had a very slow start in net, but finished relatively strong to get his numbers back to respectability.

Many, including myself, did not expect Johnson to be back this year.  The Rangers have a lot of goalies signed in the system, with Johnson, Scott Stajcer, Jason Missiaen, and Cameron Talbot all inked for this upcoming season.  One thing is sure, there is going to be a lot of competition amongst these four for the AHL spots.  The “losers” of that competition will wind up in the ECHL.

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  1. This team needs to think about drafting a goalie soon. It time for them to start developing a talented young kid from scratch. All the guys in their system are major long-shots to ever make the NHL.

    1. Not a single player in the system is a likely NHL starter but both Johnson and Stajcer have the ability to make the NHL. and anyway, they’ve had Stajcer from scratch. But yeah… they need to draft another. Guaranteed in the next draft if you ask me.

      1. Yeah… in the next draft, if there is a decent goalie prospect after the first round, they really need to pick one. And not for a sake of doing so, but only if the team feels strongly about the player obviously. I feel that they have steered away from goalies due to Henrik, but it is time to get that top goalie prospect and let him develop IMO.

      2. I agree that Johnson can be a NHL starter and probably will be at some point.

        If I were a GM in need of a goalie, I would look to someone like Johnson before some of the other veterans out there.

  2. Scott Stajcer and Jason Missiaen will be in the ECHL or another league. They are too young to play in the AHL. Talbot and Johnson have both struggled in the AHL and are starting to get a little long in the tooth as well. Dov Grummet Morris who started over 20 games last year was outstanding and saved the teams season allowing them to make the playoffs with his consistent play. However Dov is going to be 30 and probably was considered not a goalie they could develop. If the Rangers want to look for a future goalie I dont think they have him yet.

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